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5 Best Naturopathy in Pittsburgh, PA

Below is a list of the top and leading Naturopathy in Pittsburgh. To help you find the best Naturopathy located near you in Pittsburgh, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Pittsburgh’s Best Naturopathy: 

The top-rated Naturopathy in Pittsburgh, PA are:

  • Valerie Donaldson MD  – continues to teach her team and collect her own research data
  • Dr. David Lobur – adores dealing with patients through functional medicine and takes tremendous satisfaction
  • A Natural Side Of Wellness – helped hundreds of people transform and realize their goals
  • Trillium Natural Medicine, LLC – incorporates medicinal foods, nutritional assistance, hydrotherapy, acupuncture
  • Dr Joy Sturgill ND – specializes in using Naturopathic, Functional, and Bio-energetic medicine along with compassionate care

Valerie Donaldson MDNaturopathy in Pittsburgh

Valerie Donaldson MD, is the Regenerative Medicine Center’s (RMC) Founder and Medical Director. She received her medical degree from Rush University and is board-certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine, anti-aging medicine, functional medicine, and stem cell therapy. She wrote research papers on the impact of Incubation Techniques on the Traumatic Cervical Spine and the use of lab data in the Emergency Room while working as an attending physician at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital Emergency Department.

Dr. Donaldson takes satisfaction in being a pioneer in several fields of medicine. Dr. Donaldson created a tailored concierge service to provide patients with direct access to her and her colleagues. She continues to teach her team and collect her own research data in order to provide more options for patients.

Products/ Services:

Naturopathy, Pellet Therapy, Erectile Dysfunction, & More


Address: 17 Brilliant Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Phone: (412) 767-9890
Website: www.regenerativemc.com


”I have been seeing Dr. Donaldson for over 10 years. Her knowledge and care have kept me healthy and on a path for continued improvement in my well-being. She has a wealth of evidence-based information to share in consultations and articles she writes. I also recommend her services to my clients who also share their successful experiences with her! I highly recommend Dr. Donaldson.” – Sanna C.

Dr. David LoburTop Naturopathy in Pittsburgh

Dr. David Lobur his own health improved drastically as a result of a 25-pound weight loss on a Paleo-style diet, prioritization of restful sleep, concentrated stress reduction strategies, and re-energized purpose and focus. By May 2015, he was treating his own functional medicine patients and had joined forces with Dr. Franne Berez at Squirrel Hill Family Wellness Center, which he was thrilled to purchase in March 2018.

He adores dealing with patients through functional medicine and takes tremendous satisfaction and joy in the excursions he embarks on with them. He is thrilled about the future of the practice at Pittsburgh Center for Functional Medicine, and he can’t wait to see what new adventures await him in his personal life.

Products/ Services:

Naturopathy, Infrared Himalayan Salt Sauna, IV Nutritional Therapy, Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath


Address: 3830 S Water St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: (412) 422-5433
Website: www.drlobur.com/meet-dr-lobur


”Our son started having focal seizures at the age of 22 months. With Dr Lobur’s help, we were able to completely stop the seizures with diet and supplements and never needed anti-seizure meds. I’m grateful for the care we’ve received and the ability to stop the seizures at the root cause instead of hiding them with medication. Thank you Dr Lobur for helping our little boy live happy and healthy.” – Christen I.

A Natural Side Of WellnessNaturopathy Pittsburgh

A Natural Side Of Wellness is a pioneer in the field of mind-body holistic breakthrough and the inventor of the S.E.A. (Superconsciousness Elevating Awareness) transformative method. She is an expert at changing people’s mindsets and subliminal ideas so they can believe in their true selves. Through her life experiences and the lessons she has learned from her mentors over the past 30 years, she is on the cutting edge of promoting physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

In order to help people stop doubting their aspirations for another year, she has helped hundreds of people transform and realize their goals. Her fundamental values as an intuitive are that we should never stop learning and developing, find passion in everything we do, and always have confidence in ourselves.

Products/ Services:



Phone: (412) 327-9216
Website: www.anaturalsideofwellness.com


”Meeting and working with Mary Ann has been game-changing. Finally, I understand my body and energy. Realizing how I felt and being able to work on shifting my energy has been very expansive for me—shifting my perspective. My better understanding of my body, mind, and stomach connection has helped me heal my long-term stomach issues.” – Kristen A.

Trillium Natural Medicine, LLCGood Naturopathy in Pittsburgh

Trillium Natural Medicine, LLC is a form of integrative medicine that combines traditional and contemporary techniques and applies them in accordance with the principles of naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine. Their strategy is personalized for each patient and targets physical, mental, and emotional balance because each patient is different and health exists on many levels.

They think it’s crucial to assist and encourage each patient as they create a way of life that truly nourishes their entire being. In the treatment of patients of all ages, they incorporate medicinal foods, nutritional assistance, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, functional medicine lab tests, and mind-body techniques.

Products/ Services:

Naturopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Child Care, Acupuncture, & More


Address: 3043 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone: (412) 571-9355
Website: www.trilliumnatural.com


”Dr Tighe is wonderful. I went for an initial fertility consult and it aligns with the recommendations and was well worth the investment. Her knowledge in this subject is extensive and her confidence in the process really rubs off. I’ve been going weekly for acupuncture and noticed the effects right away. I’ve been to one other acupuncturist and didn’t really feel anything. I highly recommend Dr. Tighe.” – Michelle M.

Dr Joy Sturgill NDOne of the best Naturopathy in Pittsburgh

Dr Joy Sturgill ND specializes in using Naturopathic, Functional, and Bio-energetic medicine along with compassionate care to assist adults, children, and even pets in locating the source of their health issues. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re sick of feeling ill and run down, are searching for drug alternatives, have been ignored by conventional medicine, or have not experienced success with other holistic practitioners.

Dr. Joy graduated from Chatham College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in international business, French, and piano. She then spent a few years working in project management, first for The Carnegie and later for a language management company. Dr. Joy became aware of the shortcomings of a wholly traditional medical model and was introduced to alternatives as a result of her mother’s experience with ovarian cancer.

Products/ Services:

Naturopathic Consultations, Food Sensitivities, Women’s Health Issues, & More


Address: 5432 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Phone: (412) 921-8329
Website: www.drjoysturgill.com


”After many failed attempts trying to get my cholesterol down with statins, I went to see Joy, that was almost 14 years ago. Today I am in the best health ever because of her knowledge and compassion. I haven’t taken an aspirin or antibiotic in all these years. Instead, I take all-natural supplements. When everyone was struggling for weeks with the flu a few months back I called Joy and within 3 days I was completely over it. I put my health and complete trust in Joy. She’s absolutely amazing.” – Clara M.