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5 Best Mortgage Brokers in Pittsburgh, PA

Below is a list of the top and leading Mortgage Brokers in Pittsburgh. To help you find the best Mortgage Brokers located near you in Pittsburgh, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Pittsburgh’s Best Mortgage Brokers:

The top rated Mortgage Brokers in Pittsburgh, PA are:

  • AJM Mortgage Inc. – was established by David Simon and Todd Stainbrook
  • Forest Hills Mortgage – provides you with the best financing option
  • Reliance First Capital – is to assist current and potential homeowners in receiving the appropriate mortgage for their unique financial objectives
  • Patriot Lending Services – is to offer home loans to their customers
  • Federated Mortgage Corporation – has been assisting individuals since 1999

AJM Mortgage Inc.Mortgage Brokers in Pittsburgh

AJM Mortgage Inc. was established in January 2004 by David Simon and Todd Stainbrook. Both Todd and David had over ten years of success in the mortgage business prior to founding AJM Mortgage. AJM Mortgage has aided countless homeowners in realizing their goals. The specialized mortgage specialists at AJM manufacture unique mortgages. You can analyze the various mortgage solutions you have available and evaluate your options with the assistance of AJM Mortgage professionals.

You’ll discover that with careful mortgage planning, you can enjoy significant savings over the course of your loan. They provide borrowers with unmatched mortgage lender customer service by determining their unique needs and meeting them. Since AJM Mortgage has cultivated partnerships with numerous wholesale lenders, they can provide excellent rates in addition to first-rate service.


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Address5915 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: 412-257-6005
Website: www.ajmmortgage.com


“David with AJM Mortgage was absolutely amazing to work with. David made our house-buying process as smooth as possible. I highly recommend AJM Mortgage! We used a VA loan which David was very familiar with, which was very nice as this was our second time buying a home and our first lender was not a pleasant experience.”

Forest Hills MortgageTop Mortgage Brokers in Pittsburgh

Forest Hills Mortgage has been a result of a mix of continually giving the greatest products, competitive pricing, and, most importantly, exceptional customer service. They take pleasure in providing honest and ethical service to their customers. So that they can provide you with the best financing option, they want to get to know you.

They take pride in having contributed to the funding of countless loans that allowed Americans to discover, maintain, and afford their ideal houses. They are a 20-year-old independent mortgage broker now providing services to clients in FL and PA. They are a family-run home-based business that specializes in high volume, low margin transactions, enabling them to offer the lowest rates and fees on the market. Their service is also excellent.


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Address: 5825 Darlington Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Phone: 412-302-1919
Website: www.foresthillsmortgage.com


“Matt has been extremely helpful throughout the loan process. He was available to answer my questions educate me on the process, and look out for my best interests. I highly recommend Matt.”

Reliance First CapitalMortgage Brokers Pittsburgh

Reliance First Capital is to assist current and potential homeowners in receiving the appropriate mortgage for their unique financial objectives. They accomplish this by creating home loan packages specifically to meet the requirements and circumstances of each of their clients. They are a Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, and approved lender.

Reliance First Capital, a direct lender, has the tools necessary to offer the appropriate programs, quick approvals, quick closings, and, most importantly, deliver your money. Therefore, whether you’re refinancing your current mortgage or buying a new home, the committed team of mortgage professionals at Reliance First Capital will design a custom plan that supports your goals. Numerous home loan schemes are available, including FHA, conventional, VA, Jumbo, and others.


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Address: 681 Andersen Dr Suite 500, Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone: 877-735-3545
Website: www.reliancefirst.com


“Audrey Elizabeth Morrell is simply amazing! She made the process of becoming a homeowner so easy. She is very prompt, precise, and knowledgeable about her job at hand. There wasn’t a question I asked that she couldn’t give me an answer to right away and I absolutely love that. Not to mention the home-buying process went quickly! Audrey got us to the closing table in under 30 days! Thank you so much for helping us!”

Patriot Lending ServicesGood Mortgage Brokers in Pittsburgh

Patriot Lending Services aims to provide its clients with competent, honest, and ethical service. Their objective is to offer home loans to their customers at the lowest possible interest rates and closing expenses. Patriot Lending Services is committed to making the loan application and approval process enjoyable.

They employ cutting-edge technology to give you the resources you need to identify the loan that is ideal for you, obtain responses to your mortgage-related inquiries, and complete the mortgage application process. They will work to assuage your “loan-process anxiety” and assist you in identifying the loan that best suits your particular requirements. Their objective is to create a great loan experience by combining their knowledge of the mortgage loan business with their dedication to you.


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Address: 1081 Greentree Rd Second Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone: 412-429-1550
Website: www.patriotlending.com


“Everything through this whole process of buying the house was extremely easy and smooth. Any questions I had were answered immediately. Roxy King and Alicia Calabrace were very helpful to my fiancé and me. They made it as stress-free as possible for us. I would 100% recommend to anyone looking.” – Kenny H.

Federated Mortgage CorporationOne of the best Mortgage Brokers in Pittsburgh

Federated Mortgage Corporation has been assisting individuals since 1999 in achieving their dream of home ownership. Between them, their mortgage originators have decades of experience. Throughout the mortgage application procedure, they will serve as your personal financial counselor because they are aware of the best course of action. Their staff members have years of expertise, are reliable, and are experts in the mortgage sector.

They are a business that appreciates the automation that technology can offer. To help their employees work more effectively and provide greater service to you, they have put in place a number of programs. They want the procedure to go as quickly, easily, and smoothly as possible. The best part is that their loan officers walk you through the procedure step-by-step.


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Address: 1301 Grandview Ave Suite #100, Pittsburgh, PA 15211
Phone: 877-533-2784
Website: www.fedmc.com


“A really wonderful experience working with Federated Mortgage! I am a first-time homeowner, and Bill Jr. and Justin were there with me every step of the way, answering my many questions, and responding promptly to all my requests. I really appreciated more than anything their patience and willingness to chat over the phone or email about every single question and concern I had. Would definitely recommend for anyone in the Pittsburgh area!” – Anna D.