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5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Aurora, CO

Below is a list of the top and leading Mexican Restaurants in Aurora. To help you find the best Mexican Restaurants located near you in Aurora, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Aurora’s Best Mexican Restaurants:

The top rated Mexican Restaurants in Aurora, CO are:

  • Tacos Selene Aurora – building a profitable and flourishing business
  • Ajuua Mexican Restaurant – gives you the most authentic and accurate picture of Mexican cuisine
  • La Cueva Restaurant – genuine Mexican food throughout Aurora and metro Denver
  • El Camaron Loco, Inc. – takes pride in its extensive menu of seafood dishes
  • El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant – is a genuine Mexican restaurant

Tacos Selene AuroraMexican Restaurants in Aurora

Tacos Selene Aurora began in the early 2000s when Enedino and Carmen Gonzalez made the risky decision to go after their food truck ownership ambition. In 2002, Tacos Selene moved into the Aurora Autozone that had previously housed Tacos Selene for 16 years. The Gonzalez Family searched for a brick-and-mortar location for many years, but nothing seemed to work out until 2010 when they discovered the spot at the intersection of 6th and Chambers.

With the intention of building a profitable and flourishing business, this facility eventually took the place of the food truck and became the family’s exclusive focus. In Littleton, they opened their second Tacos Selene store in 2018; their third site will open in 2022.


Mexican Restaurant


Address: 15343 E 6th Ave, Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: (303) 343-7879
Website: www.tacosselenecolorado.com


“All that matters is how delicious their food is. The Al pastor tacos were outstanding and I tried 4 different tacos. You order at the counter and then sit with the number they give you. Service is very fast and the food is excellent. I’ll be back.” – Anthony D.

Ajuua Mexican RestaurantTop Mexican Restaurants in Aurora

Ajuua Mexican Restaurant, the Garcia family, who founded Ajuua, has a rich history in Mexican cooking. Father and son Liberato and Ricardo Garcia had a goal of bringing the genuine flavor of Mexico to the table after working in various different places early on.

In order to give you the most authentic and accurate picture of Mexican cuisine, Ajuua was created as a result. Since then, Ajuua has grown but has remained a part of the family, never losing sight of the end aim. Ajuua aims to bring Mexico to you while taking no shortcuts and staying loyal to its roots.


Mexican Restaurant, Menu, Delivery, Catering


Address: 14150 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: (720) 747-0764
Website: www.www.ajuua.com


“Food is good and the ambiance was so unique. We went there on a cold evening and we were welcomed with chips n salsa. Started with jalapeño poppers which are ok n ended with a nice meal.” – Vyshnavi S.

La Cueva RestaurantMexican Restaurants Aurora

La Cueva Restaurant is a landmark well-known for its community involvement as well as its delicious, genuine Mexican food throughout Aurora and metro Denver. The best Mexican food in Aurora is served at La Cueva, a family-owned establishment that was founded in 1974. Fresh ingredients are the secret to La Cueva’s delicious Mexican cuisine, which is made to feel like “coming home for dinner” to its patrons.

Since 1974, Nabor Nuez and his son Alfonso Nuez, who is currently the proprietor of La Cueva, have been making freshly prepared, handcrafted tortillas that are ready to be ordered. The homemade tortillas are a staple of the menu at La Cueva and a rare and delectable treat for anyone who likes Mexican cuisine.


Mexican Restaurant, Menu, Order Online, Margaritas, & More


Address: 9742 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010
Phone: (303) 367-1422
Website: www.lacuevacolfax.com


“I’m in my 30s and all my life I have been coming all the way across town from Littleton for the best green chili, burritos, tacos, and beans. A smothered plate of green w pork is a perfect choice. The family here is amazing. Fanny n Patricia is amazing. Everything works. Great place for a date night.” – Trevor S.

El Camaron Loco, Inc.Good Mexican Restaurants in Aurora

El Camaron Loco, Inc., the father of the present proprietors, Señor Roberto Rojo (Q.E.P.D. ), started it in the year 2000. He started a food cart on 8th and Federal in Denver, and in 2002, with the aid of his kids and the determination to expand, they opened the first restaurant. The first sit-in restaurant is located at 775 Federal Boulevard in Denver.

“They will keep building their business, one step at a time and they will never give up consistency or faith in God,” Señor Rojo constantly assured his children. El Camaron Loco takes pride in its extensive menu of seafood dishes, all of which were expertly and uniquely prepared by the restaurant’s founders. More than 80 authentic dishes are available at El Camaron Loco.


Mexican Restaurant, Menu


Address: 513 Havana St, Aurora, CO 80010
Phone: (303) 326-6644
Website: www.elcamaronlococolorado.com


“The smothered burritos are so incredibly delicious. By far the best Mexican food I’ve had in Denver. Their margaritas are also amazing, with a salty Tajin rim. The food came fast and the staff was quite friendly. Can’t wait to come back.” – Banner G.

El Chubby’s Mexican RestaurantOne of the best Mexican Restaurants in Aurora

El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant is a genuine Mexican restaurant serving up freshly prepared food that tastes as though it were produced in your own kitchen. They have lived at 1191 S. Since 1990, they have been happy to live in Abilene. They owe a great deal of their success to their devoted customers who have been with them since the beginning.

They are a family-run company that offers quick and fresh food. Their green chili is freshly cooked every day, and they make beans in the pot just the way mom used to. Their Hot Green Chili is their specialty, but their new Trademark dish is Carne Asada Fries. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they serve genuine Mexican cuisine.


Mexican Food, Menu, & More


Address: 1191 S Abilene St, Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: (303) 755-1414
Website: www.elchubbys.com


“Love it as always go eat there if you’re in Aurora looking for good Mexican food plus spicy green chili.” – Rick B.