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5 best mental health coaching services on the Florida coast🥇

Mental health coaching can benefit anyone looking to improve their mood and wellbeing, whether they have a mental illness or not. If you are looking for support with anxiety, depression, or simply want to feel more in control and satisfied with your life, look no further than these five providers based on the Florida coast, US.

There are a number of barriers to accessing mental health support, from a lack of financial resources to struggling to find the right therapist. Thankfully, you have options for overcoming these barriers. Low-cost or pro bono therapy sessions are available, and the internet provides a myriad of counselling directories and reviews in order to better help you find the right expert for you.

We rounded up five of the top mental health coaching services on the Florida coast to make your search that little bit easier. Have a look at each website to find the one that is most suitable for your needs.

5 Top Mental Health Coaching Services

Here are the best mental health coaching services on the Florida coast:

  • Ghost Consult
  • Palm Beach Counselling and Behavioural Health
  • Michael Moore Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching
  • Amy Menke Licensed Mental Health Counsellor & Life Coach
  • Florida Mental Health Practitioners

#1. Ghost Consult

Richard Todd
Richard Todd

Website: ghostconsult.com

Ghost Consult is a clear cut above the rest when it comes to mental health coaching services. This company demonstrates an unmatched progressive response to modern mental health needs. Ghost Consult initiates corporate mental health and wellness programs, tailored private coaching for working professionals, and offers free first-time sessions for military veteran clients. Ghost Consult is founded and operated by Richard C. Todd III, a former US Army Infantryman and Registered Nurse holding an active and unrestricted license under good standing with the Florida Board of Nursing.

Ghost Consult raises the bar with their team of licensed healthcare providers, and close-knit collaboration with their physician collaborator. This company is a no-brainer if you need professional and personalized mental health coaching services.

#2. Florida Mental Health Practitioners

Florida Mental Health Practitioners
Dr. Yolanda Gonzalez, PsyD, LMHC

Website: fmhpllc.com

Florida Mental Health Practitioners are a Miami-based psychology practice specialising in evidence-based treatments for learning disabilities, immigration mental health evaluations, testing and evaluation, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, anxiety and behavioural issues. They also offer couples counselling and family therapy, as well as support with grief counselling and perinatal, postnatal and postpartum depression.

One of the benefits of this provider is that they are able to provide mental health counselling over the phone, in person or even online. This makes them highly convenient and affordable. They ensure to tailor their services to each individual and provide compassionate, thoughtful care. Overall, they are an excellent choice for those looking for psychological testing or counselling for themselves and their family.

#3. Michael Moore Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching


Website: michaelmooremsw.com

Michael Moore Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching is a holistic counselling practice located in Orlando, Florida. Michael offers individual, couples, family, group and trauma counselling as well as life coaching and career coaching.

Michael has over 30 years of experience in the counselling industry, and is a registered clinical social work intern. He ensures to use the most up-to-date counselling techniques and tailors them to meet the needs of each client.

Michael’s philosophy is that every person is unique and therefore requires a unique approach to counselling. He ensures to treat each client with dignity, respect and patience. He works with clients to help them better understand their past and how this affects their current experiences – their emotions, thoughts and behaviours. He then helps them develop their strengths and create the life they want.

#4. Amy Menke Licensed Mental Health Counsellor & Life Coach


Website: amymenke.com

Amy Menke is a licenced mental health counsellor and life coach based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is an expert in relationship counselling, parenting and academic coaching, anxiety & depression, and dealing with illness & grief. She offers individual, couples or group sessions.

Life coaching can help you succeed at school, university or work by helping you discover your interests and goals and learning how to do well at them. Alternatively, if you want to combat stress, improve your mood and/or relationships, or deal with a mental health issue, her counselling services can help.

#5. Palm Beach Counselling and Behavioural Health

Palm Beach Counselling and Behavioural Health

Website: pbcbheals.com

Palm Beach Counselling and Behavioural Health are an all-in-one licenced psychology and psychiatry practice with a focus on outpatient therapy for couples, individuals (children and adults) and families. They work with people of all ages and provide an extensive list of services, including cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic relational therapy, support with substance abuse, couples counselling and family therapy.

They assist with a range of mental health issues such as depression and behavioural problems, and are able to refer you to an on-site psychiatrist to prescribe medication where appropriate. Social workers are also available.


There are many mental health coaching providers available on the Florida coast. Each one offers unique benefits. To find the right professional for you, make the most of the free consultations on offer and get to know each counsellor. You may also want to ask whether they accept your insurance provider, as well as whether they offer discounted or pro bono services.