5 Best Mediators in Tucson, AZ

5 Best Mediators in Tucson, AZ

Below is a list of the top and leading Mediators in Tucson, AZ. To help you find the best Mediators located near you in Tucson, AZ, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Tucson, AZ’s Best Mediators:

The top-rated Mediators in Tucson, AZ are:

  • Pathways Paralegal and Mediation – affordable legal services for individuals and businesses.
  • Cornelio Mediation – intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation and more.
  • Liberty Audette, and Manzi – one of the best small firms in America in 2020.
  • The Law Office of Peter Axelrod – collaborative divorce, mediation, and family law in Tucson.
  • Law Offices of Dennis A. Rosen – 100% committed to providing the best possible legal services and prompt responses to your concerns.

Pathways Paralegal and Mediation

5 Best Mediators in Tucson, AZ

Pathways Paralegal and Mediation is a law firm that offers mediation, paralegal, and other legal services in Tucson. Their mediators are among the best and most experienced in the state of Arizona. Pathways Paralegal and Mediation offer the best services for people who think their matter is too simple or small for an attorney. Their motto is “Law for All”, providing excellent but affordable services to those in need of a mediator. The mediators of Pathways are experienced and professional, having the right training and certifications to properly help you with your concerns regarding mediation. These mediators will also always go above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are met and the situation resolved.

Mediation services, paralegal services

Address: 1830 E. Broadway Blvd. #124-253 Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: (520) 203-7763
Website: pathwaysparalegal.com

I’m extremely pleased with the way Pathways handled our transaction. It was accurate and professional. Alison was responsive and communicated well with us. I’m glad we found her and would highly recommend her services. – Peggy Basubas

Cornelio Mediation

The Best Mediators in Tucson, AZ

Cornelio Mediation is led and managed by top attorney Carmine Cornelio and is one of Tucson’s best firms for mediation. This law firm specializes in mediation and settlements and has an extensive history of being able to help individuals process mediation with years of experience. Cornelio Mediation is also the go-to firm for matters of domestic, probate, and civil cases. The former judge has since retired and has solely focused on mediation since 2017. Since then, he and his firm has helped countless individuals with their team of amazing mediators that will go above and beyond for any client. So, if you are looking for a competent mediator, Cornelio Mediation has some of the best mediators led by one of the best attorneys/judges.

Mediation services, arbitration services, neutral evaluation services, virtual mediation services

Address: Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: (520) 591-7236
Website: corneliomediation.com

Judge Cornelio exhibited a high level of skill, resourcefulness, and creativity in crafting settlement conditions and terms within the parameters of acceptability to multiple parties, each with divergent claims and interests. I highly recommend Judge Cornelio. – Hayes Soloway

Liberty Audette, and Manzi

Best Mediators in Tucson, AZ

Liberty Audette and Manzi offer a comprehensive set of legal services aimed at family law. This law firm specializes in mediation, divorce, and other family law matters. Liberty, Audette, and Manzi have some of the best mediators in the state of Arizona with years of experience under their belts. These mediators have the experience and knowledge needed to properly help clients process their concerns so that both parties come out satisfied. They will go above and beyond to make sure the situation is settled as peacefully and as amicably as possible. So, if you are looking for mediators you can depend on, Liberty, Audette, and Manzi is one of the best firms to check out in Tucson.

Mediation, divorce, child support, child custody, LGBT, family law

Address: 1590 E Grant Rd., Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: (520) 322-9003
Website: divorcemediationtucson.com

We hired Lauren Audette and she was absolutely outstanding! She is transparent, compassionate, prompt, and always delivered high-caliber skills and insights. She is the epitome of an excellent attorney! We highly recommend hiring her for any family matter. – Laurel Elders

The Law Office of Peter Axelrod

Tucson, AZ Best Mediators

The Law Office of Peter Axelrod offers some of the best mediation services in Tucson and is led by one of the top mediators in the state. This law firm is led and managed by one of the most experienced, dedicated, and compassionate attorneys in Tucson. The Law Office of Peter Axelrod provides a more personal and compassionate service compared to other firms. Peter Axelrod is one of the best mediators in town and has an extensive history that can back up the firm’s status as one of the best mediation firms. Their team of mediators is committed to making sure they put their client’s interests first so that they can provide excellent services. So, if you are looking for a competent and compassionate mediator, The Law Office of Peter Axelrod is a great option in Tucson.

Divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, divorce, spousal maintenance, child support, pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, post-decree modification

Address: 177 North Church Avenue Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: (520) 622-6075
Website: peteraxelrodlaw.com

We consulted with Peter during the mediation of our divorce. Peter took what could have been a difficult process and made it Very Easy and Stress-Free. I highly recommend Peter to anyone in need of any help. – Kim Christner

Law Offices of Dennis A. Rosen

Tucson, AZ's Best Mediators

Law Offices of Dennis A. Rosen provides a commitment to clients unlike any other. This law firm specializes in mediation and every legal service that comes with it. The Law Offices of Dennis A. Rosen offers clients excellent legal services and fast responses to their concerns. Their team of passionate and top-tier mediators and law experts will go above and beyond to make sure a client is satisfied and get to a good place with their case. This law firm’s practice spans decades of experience making them one of the top mediation experts in the state of Arizona. So, if you want an experienced and expert mediator to handle your concern, the Law Offices of Dennis A. Rosen is a great option that you can look into in Tucson.

Mediation services, second opinions, problem-solving, other legal services

Address: 1670 E. River Road Suite 124 Tucson AZ 85718
Phone: (520) 319-9191
Website: drosenlaw.com

Dennis is one of the smartest people I have ever met! He has handled several different issues for me and we have outstanding results! – Rick Westfall