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5 Best Maternity Hospitals in Houston 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Maternity Hospitals in Houston. To help you find the best Maternity Hospitals located near you in Houston, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Houston’s Best Maternity Hospitals:

The top-rated Maternity Hospitals in Houston are:

  • St. Joseph Medical Center – a steward family hospital in Houston.
  • The Woman’s Hospital of Texas – a woman-first approach to healthcare.
  • Houston Methodist – a childbirth center at Willowbrook.
  • Texas Children’s Hospital – provides women, mothers, and babies with a full continuum of high-quality, expert health care.
  • Memorial Hermann – women’s health and maternity experts in Houston.

St. Joseph Medical Center

5 Best Maternity Hospitals in Houston

St. Joseph Medical Center provides full-range maternity services ranging from newborn care classes, maternal-fetal medicine, to lactation consultations. The amazing staff at St. Joseph Women’s Center are not just experienced specialists in maternity and child care but are ready and willing to assist any patient in preparing for one of the most important phases in their life. The center delivers approximately 4,000 infants annually and has been a source of one of the best women’s care services for literally over a century. If you are in need of women’s healthcare, St. Joseph’s Medical Center’s Women’s Center should be your safe haven for you and your child.

Maternity care, imaging services, surgical services, emergency care, breast care, heart care

Address: 1401 St. Joseph Parkway Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (713) 757-1000
Website: sjmctx.org

My nurses did an amazing job taking care of me. Communicated everything, kept my pain under control. Very good experience. Exceptional care. – John Hunter

The Woman’s Hospital of Texas

The Best Maternity Hospitals in Houston

The Woman’s Hospital of Texas is the first facility in Texas that specializes in women’s and infant’s healthcare. Their staff provides amazing care and service, specifically obstetrics, gynecology, breast health, imaging, pediatrics, maternity care, and more. The Woman’s Hospital is also a member of the HCA Houston Healthcare, considered as one of the top healthcare providers in the state. Their team of medical specialists is highly capable of providing patients with the best women and infant care that is recognized state-wide.

Maternity, breast care, gynecology, imaging, labor and delivery, newborn care

Address: 7600 Fannin Houston, TX 77054
Phone: (713) 790-1234
Website: womanshospital.com

The hospital logistics for entry are very organized. Contact-less registration was a breeze. The staff was great. – Jeanine Wilder

Houston Methodist

Best Maternity Hospitals in Houston

Houston Methodist is made up of a top academic hospital and six community hospitals that serve that Greater Houston area. Every hospital is operated by an experienced staff that is committed to providing the best healthcare available in Houston. Their flagship, the Houston Methodist Hospital consistently places as one of the best hospitals in the country. HMH’s Childbirth Center located at West Hospital is considered as one of the best options for women who are in need of health and medical care for maternity and child care. They have board-certified OB-GYN doctors alongside the hospitals’ highly-trained nurses on duty.

Gynecology, pregnancy and childbirth, mammograms and breast screenings, pelvic health

Address: 18500 Katy Fwy Floor 4, Houston, TX 77094
Phone: (832) 522-4200
Website: houstonmethodist.org

I had both of my babies here and ended up having to come back after my second child for complications. The staff here is amazing and the facilities are great. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else if you live anywhere nearby! – A. Tim

Texas Children’s Hospital

Houston Best Maternity Hospitals

Texas Children’s Hospital offers a safe and comfortable environment for patients seeking maternity and OB/GYN care. They are a modest but prominent private practice that has up-to-date modern medical technology. The center is widely known as a place that focuses on unique and personalized treatments for its patients that is efficient and effective. Every patient feels at home the moment they step into Texas Children’s Hospital, thanks to their experienced, effective, and caring staff. If you want a highly personalized and effective approach to healthcare offered by trusted and reliable medical professionals, Texas Children’s Hospital should be on your shortlist.

Obstetric services, Gynecology services

Address: 6651 Main Street Houston, TX 77030
Phone: (713) 335-0335
Website: texaschildrens.org

The best customer service and Hospital. Especially my doctor Leong-kee. I highly recommend this hospital to follow up during pregnancy. – Daniah Alrawaf

Memorial Hermann

Houston's Best Maternity Hospitals

Memorial Hermann is the biggest non-profit healthcare provider in Southeast Texas. The medical center has a community of sixteen hospitals offering specialized care and programs. These hospitals are conveniently located across the Greater Houston area. Their women’s health and maternity division is considered as one of the best and most effective healthcare systems in Houston that specifically cares for women alongside childcare. They have a vast collection of labor and delivery patient resources so you can prepare yourself and your family before the big day arrives.

Women’s health and maternity

Address: 9250 Pinecroft Dr, Shenandoah, TX 77380
Phone: (713) 897-2300
Website: memorialhermann.org

I had my daughter here about 5 months ago and I had the best experience the whole time. I was staying here the nurses were great the only call obgyn was great everyone was nice caring and very helpful. – Sara Martinez