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5 Best Magicians in Lincoln Park, IL

Below is a list of the top and leading Magicians in Lincoln Park. To help you find the best Magicians located near you in Lincoln Park, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Lincoln Park’s Best Magicians: 

The top-rated Magicians in Lincoln Park, IL are:

  • Chicago Magician – Amazing Tim Adamz – captivating portal into the enchanting world of magic
  • Card Magic – company dedicated to transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences
  • Trickery – offers an enchanting blend of charisma and extraordinary skills
  • The Magic Penthouse – prominent name in the realm of magic
  • Magic By Randy – Chicago – premier provider of corporate magical acts

Chicago Magician – Amazing Tim Adamz

5 Best Magicians in Lincoln Park

Chicago Magician – Amazing Tim Adamz is a captivating portal into the enchanting world of magic. With a passion for charisma and a flair for the extraordinary, they have emerged as a leading source for all things magical. Moreover, they are a go-to destination for magic enthusiasts and curious minds.

They offer a spellbinding array of magical experiences. From captivating stage performances to intimate close-up magic. Additionally, they are adept in various forms of magic, ranging from mind-bending illusions to sleight-of-hand mastery.

Products/ Services:

stage performances, close-up magic, mind-bending illusions, sleight-of-hand mastery


Address: 1958 W Newport Ave, Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 426-5352
Website: amazingadamz.com


”Tim was the perfect addition to our sons 5th birthday party. He kept the kids engaged and made the birthday boy feel like the star of the show!” – Gia Forney

Card Magic

Magicians in Lincoln Park, IL

Card Magic is a company dedicated to transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. With a passion for illusion and a commitment to mesmerizing performances, they bring a touch of magic to every event.

Their services extend beyond the stage, encompassing workshops and tutorials for aspiring magicians. Moreover, they offer customized magic sets, ensuring the enchantment never fades. Furthermore, they perform in either a corporate gathering or an intimate celebration.

Products/ Services:

magic sets, corporate gathering, intimate celebration, workshops, tutorials


Address: 4842 N Talman Ave #2, Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 744-7470
Website: cardmagic.info


”Rob was great!!! We really enjoyed his magic and were amazed at his talent. We are still wondering how he did it! If you see him on the streets of Chicago stop and watch you won’t regret it!!!” – Laurie Metoyer


Best Magicians in Lincoln Park, IL

Trickery offers an enchanting blend of charisma and extraordinary skills. Drawing in both avid magic enthusiasts and the merely curious, Trickery Chicago is a captivating portal into the wonders of illusion. Trickery Chicago is the go-to destination for a magical experience like no other.

Additionally, they offer an enchanting array of magical experiences, from captivating stage performances that leave audiences spellbound to intimate close-up magic that defies explanation. Their mastery extends across various forms of magic, from mind-bending illusions to the seamless execution of sleight-of-hand tricks.

Products/ Services:

stage performance, close-up magic, mind-bending illusion, sleight-of-hand tricks


Address: 3453 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL
Phone: (312) 566-8061
Website: trickerychicago.com


“Funny, amazing and jaw dropping. We were blown away by several of the magic tricks and laughed constantly. The show offers a little magic shop as well so you can take home a few magic tricks of your own. Small Intimate so every trick can be easily seen, crowd participation is always fun. Must see” – Sabrina Opalinski

The Magic Penthouse

Best Magicians in Lincoln Park

The Magic Penthouse is a prominent name in the realm of magic. They invite you to a world of wonder and awe. With a passion for the extraordinary and a commitment to leaving audiences spellbound. For those seeking an unforgettable encounter with the charisma of magic, they are the ultimate destination.

Moreover, they specialize in delivering captivating, magical experiences. They encompass a diverse range of magic, from grand stage performances to up-close and personal encounters with the impossible. Additionally, they focus on mind-bending illusions and flawless sleight-of-hand.

Products/ Services:

magician, stage performance


Address: 505 N State St, Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 706-1780
Website:  magicpenthouse.com


”This is a really fun event especially if you are looking for something unique. Magic was great and up close. Only complaint was the appetizers. I think if they want to accomplish their goal of an upscale cocktail party then they should have servers roaming the room with heavy apps.” – Brad Benshop

Magic By Randy – Chicago

5 Magicians in Lincoln Park

Magic By Randy – Chicago is a premier provider of corporate magical acts. They are known to be one of the best entertainers in Chicago. They can perform numerous magical acts for various events. Furthermore, they have performed for many Fortune 500 companies. They are also available to entertain park districts, libraries, and schools. The team has performed at small to very large public gatherings.

They provide magical acts that can capture the attention of people of all ages. Moreover, they offer emceeing and announcing services. They are also available for improvisational theater, emceeing, and announcing.

Products/ Services:

magician, announcing, emceeing


Address: 831 Indian Rd, Glenview, IL 60025, United States
Phone: (847) 721-6262
Website: magicbyrandy.com


”Great all around! We had Randy for my son’s 5th birthday (about 20 kids) and it was a total hit. Kids had a blast. Adults had fun too. Randy was so easy to work with, and on top of show engaged with both kids and adults while everyone was mingling before the show. We had a great time and highly recommend!” – Lauren Berry