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5 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools🥇

As many companies embrace digital marketing as an integral part of marketing strategy, LinkedIn is among the best platforms. The network has close to 700 million users. Considering its analytic tools and ease in precise targeting, LinkedIn is an effective lead generation platform.

Previously, this platform was seen as a network of connecting employers with employees. However, times have changed, and companies appreciate LinkedIn as an essential social media tool for creating brand awareness, forming partnerships, and generating leads.

The high number of users can seem overwhelming as you try to target your audience. Consistently following the right groups, connecting with relevant people, or liking the right pages can be an uphill battle. That is where LinkedIn automation tools come in. They make the work easier, more productive, and more effective when used correctly. But which are the best automation tools?

Here are the best LinkedIn automation tools currently on the market:

  1. Kennected

Website: kennected.org
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There is a reason this tool is at the top of our list and currently the best one you can find on the internet! Kennected helps you to increase your reach and as well generate leads for your business in an automated way. The tool does this by following the most relevant groups and hashtags to keep your company abreast of current trends so that you never fall behind the curb.

Kennected also helps to create converting connects and follow the right content. Because LinkedIn rewards activity, this tool keeps your audience engaged. The tool personalizes target engagement to help your audience identify with your brand. You can rest assured you will increase lead generation through LinkedIn by leveraging Kennected’s powerful automation features.

  1. Dux-Soup

Website: www.dux-soup.com

This Google Chrome extension allows you to interact with your LinkedIn audience like a real person would. Apart from liking and following automatically, Dux-Soup can endorse your skills and send personalized images as well.

The tool is essential in the management of potential clients. It helps you to find potential clients and you can interact with them through InMail if they are not part of your connections. Dux-Soup records your previous engagement and it can easily take action based on that. When running campaigns, this tool comes in handy because it helps to create relevant target groups to increase you rate of conversion.

  1. Linked Helper

Website: https://linkedhelper.com

As the name suggests, if you need any assistance on LinkedIn, this is a must-have tool for your business. The tool can like, join, comment, and connect with your audience to increase engagement. Another bonus about this tool is its compatibility with other automation tools like Recruiter and Sales Navigator.

The tool sends invites to connect with 2nd and 3rd tier connections that are relevant to your brand. Apart from that, you can also use it to engage with your 1st tier connections through personalized messaging. You can exclude or include any connections in your list with ease. In case you need any information about your target, Linked Helper can help in data collection as well.

  1. LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

LinkedIn Automation Tools

Website: https://business.linkedin.com

This is a LinkedIn premium tool that helps you to make the most out of your LinkedIn campaigns. This robust analytics tool helps you in constructing and optimizing the most effective ads, sponsored content, and lead generation campaigns. You can collect information about your audience such as their name, email, position, employer + more.

The information generated through LinkedIn Lead Gen Form helps you to create targeted campaigns, and to accurately calculate the cost per lead. Consequently, the tool helps you to reduce your expenses and increase the effectiveness of sponsored ads.

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn leed generation tool

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/premium/

Another tool offered directly by LinkedIn, Sales Navigator creates meaningful engagement between buyers and sellers. It helps you to manage and analyze the effectiveness of your sales campaign. Since the tool is directly sales-oriented, it is ideal for quickly pushing your brand.

Although it does not guarantee an increase in revenue, you can be sure if used right, this tool will give your competitors a run for their money. LinkedIn Sales Navigator identifies prospects and works towards encouraging them to make a purchase decision. The tool also comes in handy for the sales team in determining the best target audience for your goods and/or services.

These are some of the best LinkedIn automation tools which you can use to generate leads. Most are compatible with others to create a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing approach. Kennected stands out from the rest because of its proven effectiveness and value for money. If you want a high ROI on your LinkedIn lead generation, you should consider using the platform.

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