5 Best Leisure Centres in Oklahoma City, OK

Best Leisure Centres in Oklahoma City

Below is a list of the top and leading Leisure Centres in Oklahoma City. To help you find the best Leisure Centres located near you in Oklahoma City, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Oklahoma City’s Best Leisure Centres:

The top rated Leisure Centres in Oklahoma City, OK are:

  • Planet Fitness offering a top-quality fitness encounter at an inexpensive price
  • 10GYM dedicated to taking suitable, obtainable, inexpensive fitness center capabilities
  • Life Time – operates everything guests want to make the good lifestyle
  • Orangetheory Fitness – provides licensed and authorized personal trainers
  • CrossFit HomeBase Centralutilizes functional movements that make guests stronger for their everyday life

Planet FitnessLeisure Centres in Oklahoma City

Planet Fitness is offering a top-quality fitness encounter at an inexpensive price. They create an environment where guests can relax, go at their own pace, and do their own thing without ever having to worry about being judged. They obtained a membership choice created for guests. All Planet Fitness members can relish unlimited accessibility to their home club and the assist of their friendly, well-informed staff whenever they need it.

Members can make the most out of their fitness experience with their small group training sessions, personalized exercise programs, and certified trainers.


Gym, PF Mobile App, Training Session, Personalized Exercise Programs, Membership Benefits


Address: 2936 SW 59th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73119,
Phone: (405) 605-8150
Website: www.planetfitness.com


“I like PF. Clean friendly environment. Joined because of the good promotion they were offering. Really easy setup. Plan on staying for a long time.” – Bruce C.

10GYM Top Leisure Centres in Oklahoma City

10GYM is dedicated to taking suitable, obtainable, inexpensive fitness center capabilities with several spots promoting approval for all. Their goal is to assist visitors to be successful by offering a full-service fitness center with a non-intimidating environment. They are offering the good things accessible in the fitness business, granting them a mass of options. Anybody who operates at 10GYM finds making their fellows experience good about themselves and the developments they create each time they move within their clubs.

At their several spots, guests can see cardio machines, strength training choices, personal training, group training, and many more.


Amenities, Group Fitness, Membership 


Address: 6209 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73132
Phone: (405) 728-3600
Website: www.10gym.com


“Been going here for years. Awesome gym, always clean. Norm and Kenna are great. Very friendly staff. Always happy, smiling and happy to be there and help whenever needed.” – Casandra C.

Life Time Fitness OKCLeisure Centres Oklahoma City

Life Time operates everything guests want to make the good lifestyle they adore from stimulating areas to unending chances and support. They offer membership options to give them the flexibility and support they need to keep moving. They can experience leading classes and programs, inspiring spaces, and an incredible community. Guests can experience unlimited access to Alpha, GTX, and other group training programs. In addition, Life Time Digital and Apple Fitness+ are added to each membership.

Life Time enforced broad safety action and cleaning conventions in agreement with government guidelines.


Membership, Classes, Programs


Address: 2563 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Phone: (405) 832-5200
Website: www.lifetime.life


“I decided to get a day pass today as a skeptic to see if the membership price was worth it, or if it was overpriced. I will say it is worth it. You’re not just paying for a gym membership only. You are paying for a one-stop-shop lifestyle change. You’re paying for a healthy Cafe, childcare, group classes, chiropractor, massage therapist, multiple full tennis courts, in and outdoor pools, wet and dry saunas, all the hygiene products you could want, and everything a normal gym would offer machine wise plus some, and you feel rejuvenated when you leave. It won me over.” – Cameron M.

Orangetheory FitnessGood Leisure Centres in Oklahoma City

Orangetheory Fitness is a total-body group fitness that blends scientific discipline, training, and technology to satisfy the utmost outcome from the inner out. It’s intended to charge guests’ assimilation for more caloric afterburn, more outcomes, and more assurance, all to give more life. Because the effort they carry out in the studio will make all the dissimilarity out there in their world.

Orangetheory’s free online At Home workouts will remain for those people who are not capable to come back to the studio just yet. They have licensed and authorized personal trainers who will be there to motivate and give guests choices to drive past their boundaries.


Personal Trainer, Membership, World-class Coaches


Address: 12220 N MacArthur Blvd Suite E, Oklahoma City, OK 73162
Phone: (405) 878-8060
Website: www.orangetheory.com


“Great place to workout. They push me to my limits, so I can get the best results. I love the efficiency of working hard for an hour and continuing to burn calories for the next 36 hours.” – Jan O.

CrossFit HomeBase CentralOne of the best Leisure Centres in Oklahoma City

CrossFit HomeBase Central utilizes functional movements that make guests stronger for their everyday life inside and outside of the gym while creating different workouts every day to keep things exciting. The high-intensity nature of their specialty workouts is that it produces the most ideal response for their body–both for their appearance and performance. Their creative and fun programming pulls the best of the best from all fields of athletics: endurance, speed training, kettlebells, gymnastics, Olympic and power weightlifting, etc.

Their programs offer a supporting, non-intimidating atmosphere that builds every member to feel they are part of their group.


Personal Traning, Crossfit, Beginners Program


Address: 825 NW 85th St STE D, Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Phone: (405) 370-2311
Website: www.crossfithomebasecentral.com


“Best gym ever! Such a great community vibe and the people are so friendly. The coaches really push you to be better and they’re so knowledgeable. I’m loving my results I can’t get enough of this place! We just got done doing a 6-week challenge and it really gave me that push to start the new year off right with some healthy habits.” – Lizzy B.