5 Best IT Support in Milwaukee, WI

Best IT Support in Milwaukee

Below is a list of the top and leading IT Support Stores in Milwaukee. To help you find the best IT Support located near you in Milwaukee, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Milwaukee’s Best IT Support: 

The top-rated IT Support in Milwaukee, WI are:

  • Datum Consulting – an all-in-one company for the perfect IT consultation and service experience
  • Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. – has been serving the community with reliable IT services for more than 12 years
  • PC Lan Services – offers the local’s favorite IT support company for over 7 years
  • BCS IS|IT – privately owned company that recently celebrated over 97 successful years
  • Stamm Technologies – provides Milwaukee with enthusiasm and cutting-edge services

Datum Consulting

all-in-one IT Support in Milwaukee

Datum Consulting is an all-in-one company for the perfect IT consultation and services experience. The company aims to offer a profitable technology solution with an affordable selection. They are experts in giving out the best solutions for every situation they handle. Furthermore, their company is greatly invested in having all IT solutions and products in one place.

They offer IT support services with all sorts of services and specializations. Moreover, their services include optimization and improvement of ROI. They also present each service with the utmost attention. In addition, they offer their clients a team of specialized staff with years of experience.

Products/ Services:

IT support, web support


Address: 2025 N Summit Ave UNIT 109, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: (414) 431-8726
Website: datum-consulting.com


”Datum has provided excellent IT solutions for our office. They made transferring from our former provider seamless and continue to impress us with amazing customer services and support.” – Peter Gonzalez

Technology Resource Advisors, Inc.

reliable IT Support in Milwaukee

Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. has been serving the community with reliable IT services for more than 12 years. Its staff is ecstatic to welcome clients to an eccentric selection of their services and products. Furthermore, they pride themselves on creating the best customer experience with every project they complete. They have a dedicated team tailoring the services according to the business goals.

There are various services and products they offer to their clients. Their specialties include cybersecurity, management, and maintenance. Moreover,  they attend promptly to troubles and alterations that clients want.

Products/ Services:

computer support, maintenance, IT support


Address: 320 E Buffalo St #703, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone:  (414) 276-3300
Website: technologyresourceadvisors.com


”I work there and they are assisting many schools in the Milwaukee area with their I.T. needs” – Damon Graham

PC Lan Services

preferred IT Support in Milwaukee

PC Lan Services is the local’s favorite IT support company for over 7 years. They connect and advise their customers with every product they offer. They aim to answer every client within 15 minutes or less. Furthermore, the company is attentive to the service preferences of its customers. They help their customers to have the finest customer service.

They offer to develop a plan ensuring that they can cater to all the needs of their customers.  Moreover, they have flexible services from one-one plans to an all-in-one plan. There are also services perfect for computer maintenance. In addition, they have reliable computer installation services.

Products/ Services:

computer maintenance, IT support


Address: 735 N Water St #1230, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone:  (414) 988-7600
Website: pclan.com


”PC Lan installed our building with Wi-Fi with professionalism the entire way through. These guys are very knowledgeable and have a great amount of integrity for you as the customer. That to me speaks very loud!” – Connie Phipps


full service IT Support in Milwaukee

BCS IS|IT is a full-service IT company that caters to all its clients with honesty. They select every product they display with the current trends in the industry. Furthermore, they help clients choose the best services offered at competitive retail prices. There are attentive and accommodating staff assisting their customers through the whole session.

They provide a full selection of IT services from IT support to management. They also offer budgeting services and assistance. Moreover, they offer to help clients achieve their targeted outputs. In addition, they offer comprehensive web planning services.

Products/ Services:

consultation, IT support, maintenance


Address: 250 E Wisconsin Ave #1800, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: (414) 817-2034
Website: bcsisit.com


“I’ve used BCS on several occasions to assist with IT related purchases and projects. The BCS sales team is quick and attentive. They really care about our needs and the take the time to understand what our needs are before making a recommendation.” – Jeff Pike

Stamm Technologies

affordable IT Support in Milwaukee

Stamm Technologies provides Milwaukee with enthusiastic and cutting-edge services. They provide services created by years of experience in the industry. Furthermore, their team of friendly and lively staff helps clients debug and know what should be done. They aim to give their clients an unforgettable experience with every project.

They have an amazing selection of personally created services fit for every situation. There are also more than 5 services to choose from. Moreover, they offer Mac and Microsoft support. In addition, they have affordable and reliable computer program supplies to choose from.

Products/ Services:

computer support, cybersecurity, IT support


Address: 1207 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone:  (414) 263-4260
Website: stammtech.com


“They did a full migration of our office last year to Office 365, and it was seamless. The cloud migration from our previous system was absolutely necessary. This has been a great transition for us for our day to day operations. ” – Heather Erlandson