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5 Best Interior Designers in New York

If you are considering redesigning the interior of your home, then you want to make sure that you have access to the best interior designers in New York. Your home needs to be a place of solace – a place where you feel comfortable.

A lot of this stems from the quality of your home’s design – the colour, texture, furniture and setting. If you want your home to be open, welcoming and spacious, make sure you get in touch with a high-quality designer.

Here are 5 top interior designers in New York:

  1. Cintia Dixon – one of New York’s favorite interior designer
  2. Robin Baron – enthusiastic personality and expertise
  3. Shawn Henderson – interiors that truly feel like home
  4. Betty Wasserman – award-winning interior designer
  5. Vicente Wolf – influential designer, speaker & book author

1. Cintia Dixon – Tlina Design

Cintia Dixon
Cintia Dixon, Tlina Design

Website: www.tlinadesign.com
Phone: (212) 722-6337

Cintia Dixon is one of the most accomplished interior designers in New York. Having attained a Bachelor’s in Hospitality while studying in Brazil, Cintia nabbed a great job at a hotel resort in Salvador. In this position, Cintia worked as an event coordinator. After this, Dixon formed Tlina Design, a New York-based boutique interior design firm.

As the principal designer, Cintia works across a wide variety of interior design areas, including custom staging, space planning of private homes and interior design for modern corporate spaces. The company is committed to offering customers a range of services, while ensuring that they always listen to their client’s needs and requirements. Cintia’s passion for interior design was formed in her early childhood. Having grown up in Salvador, Cintia developed an intense love for Brazilian heritage and its cultural traditions. She learnt how to blend colours, style and genre, which became a very important part of her work as an interior designer.

Cintia’s promise is that her firm will always bring a high level of customer service and commitment to each project, no matter the scale or complexity. At the end of the day, Tlina Design is all about building fresh, new interior spaces where families and friends can create long-lasting memories.

2. Robin Baron – Robin Baron Design

Robin Baron – Robin Baron Design
Robin Baron, Robin Baron Design

Website: www.robinbarondesign.com
Phone: (212) 262-1110

Robin Baron is a celebrity interior designer, along with a lifestyle expert and home-furnishings designer. For her, great design isn’t so much about exact symmetry – it’s about balance. Robin brings an abundance of enthusiasm and expertise to everything she does. Through this, she hopes to create homes that are balanced, warm, welcoming, and above all else, fabulous.

Robin’s career began in the fashion industry, during which time she transformed her fashion firm into an interior design company. Her design team manage projects from the planning stage all the way through to the final stages, including the finishing touches on furnishings and colours. Because of her expertise and the high-esteem she is held with in the industry, Robin has even completed interior design work for well-known celebrities, such as film and television actors.

To back it all up, Robin is affiliated with many industry wide organisations, including the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), the Interior Design Society (IDS), the Beacon Group and the Women President’s Organisation (WPO).

3. Shawn Henderson – Shawn Henderson Interior Design

Shawn Henderson – Shawn Henderson Interior Design
Shawn Henderson, Shawn Henderson Interior Design

Website: www.shawnhenderson.com
Phone: (212) 253-8473

Shawn Henderson is another highly-acclaimed interior designer in the heart of New York. His firm create interiors that are sophisticated, friendly, warm and inviting. His work is dedicated to ensuring that all clients are inspired by their homes, whether it be through rich and relaxed tones, or ambient, seamless contrasts. Your interior should reflect the spirit of your home.

Shawn’s early life had a big part in shaping his passion for interior design. Growing up in upstate New York, his family owned a local tavern. As a result, his family life was all about creating welcoming environments. Shawn’s work is framed around his commitment to integrity and practicality. His firm prefer to work with sustainable materials, using products that are genuine and honestly made.

Shawn’s creative process begins with listening to clients. Once the key ideas have been documented, a conceptual design can begin to take hold. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it can’t be reborn or reclaimed through a rearrangement. Using these building principles has helped Shawn Henderson Interior Design to become one of the most accomplished agencies in New York.

4. Betty Wasserman – Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors

best New York interior designers
Betty Wasserman, one of the best New York interior designers

Website: www.bettywasserman.com
Phone: (212) 352-8476

Betty Wasserman is an award-winning interior designer and one of the best in New York. Betty launched her interior design firm way back in 1996, having spent 10 years as a private art dealer. Betty’s firm is widely renowned for their commitment to Hampton beach houses and Loft Spaces, bring a warm, minimalist approach to their interior design efforts.

With so much experience in the industry, Betty has developed an effective approach to handling different projects and clients. She always listens to what her clients want and need, embracing the needs of each property. Betty possesses a masterful eye for artistic detail, galvanised from her earlier career as an art dealer. Indeed, her keen eye and superior knowledge of craftmanship ensures that her interior design work is always top notch. Additionally, her family’s background in New York business dealings means that her work is punctuated with grace, efficiency and tight execution.

5. Vicente Wolf – Vicente Wolf Associates

Vicente Wolf
Vicente Wolf, one of the best interior designers in New York

Website: www.vicentewolf.com

Vicente Wolf has been at the top of the interior design game for years. For over 45 years, the world has grown accustomed to his inspired work in commercial, personal and residential buildings. Vicente blends modern designs with the past, thereby ensuring that his work is both ground-breaking and authentic. If you want your home to be designed by some of the best designers in the world, Vincente’s firm is the one to call.

Vicente has designed a wide variety of homes for some of the most famous names in the celebrity world. In fact, his client roster consists of Preston Bailey, Bryan Cranston, Ralph Pucci and Julianna Margulies. When it comes to commercial designs, Vicente has brought his customary Wolf flair to some of the most beautiful public spaces in the world. Indeed, Vicente has been involved in interior work at the MGM Grand, the Wynn Hotel Casinos, Manhattan House in New York City and the Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey.


So, if you want some of the best interior designers in New York City working on your residential or commercial project, you should certainly consider some of the names of this list. While their involvement won’t come cheap, you can rest assured that they will bring a heightened level of class and sophistication to your property.