5 Best Immigration Attorney in Long Beach, CA

Best Immigration Attorney in Long Beach

Below is a list of the top and leading Immigration Attorney in Long Beach. To help you find the best Immigration Attorney located near you in Long Beach, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Long Beach’s Best Immigration Attorney:

The top rated Immigration Attorney in Long Beach, CA are:

  • Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner – specializes in immigration and nationality law for over 30 years
  • The Law Office of Janis Peterson-Lord – provides legal services for visas and citizenship processes
  • Andres Ortiz Law – has been one of the top immigration lawyers in Long Beach since 2017
  • Han Law Group – has special expertise to represent clients in all aspects of immigration law
  • Vogler Law Offices, PC – provides legal services for family law, immigration law, and tax law

Law Offices of Brian D. LernerImmigration Attorney in Long Beach

Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner have aided clients in immigration law for over 30 years. Only immigration and nationality laws are something they do. Their work has allowed many families to remain together over the years. They can give a free initial consultation with one of the skilled immigration and deportation lawyers because of their experience. They can identify how to assist you, regardless of your immigration position.

Furthermore, they work with clients on down payments as well as monthly payments so that you can benefit from the expertise of the California Immigration Lawyer. Indeed, they have the top immigration lawyer in California who assists clients from all over the United States.


Asylum, Deportation, Visas, Employment, Family, Citizenship


Address: 3233 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803
Phone: (562) 495-0554
Website: www.californiaimmigration.us


“I am totally happy with my Naturalization process, as choosing Law offices of attorney Brian Lerner. Highly recommend this law firm in Naturalization proceeding to be a United States citizen. Attorneys here are very knowledgable.” – Terry L.

The Law Office of Janis Peterson-LordTop Immigration Attorney in Long Beach

The Law Office of Janis Peterson-Lord represents a variety of individuals seeking assistance with immigration issues. They’ve been serving families and immigrant workers for over 20 years. Janis Peterson-Lord, its founder, is dedicated to assisting clients in understanding and resolving immigration difficulties and processes. They were able to give great service over the years because of her leadership. They endeavor to provide you with continuing personal service as your legal services provider.

You can immediately contact your attorney, ensuring a hassle-free customer experience. When it comes to immigration matters, they focus on quality and quickness to address your concerns. They have a capable team that will work with you throughout the process.


Family-Based Adjustment of Status, Family-Based Immigrant Visa Consular Processing, Fiancé Visas, Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals & DACA Renewals, Nonimmigrant Status, US Citizenship


Address: 1383 Redondo Ave Suite Two, Long Beach, CA 90804
Phone: (562) 494-1010
Website: www.longbeachimmigrationlawfirm.com


“I hired Janis to assist with a visa for my wife. She did an amazing job of informing me of the correct paperwork, documents, and items that we needed to be prepared for. One of the best things she did was to respond within 24 hours with any question or ideas that came to mind. She is kind, friendly, and thoughtful. I would highly recommend Janis for your immigration process.” – Roman R.

Andres Ortiz LawImmigration Attorney Long Beach

Andres Ortiz Law has represented noncitizens and their families in Southern California since 2017. Mr. Ortiz was an elementary school teacher with a Master of Education from the University of Notre Dame’s famed ACE Program. When one of his favorite student mothers was held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers while taking her children to school, Mr. Ortiz saw the tragic impact of the country’s immigration system on good, respectable families. His life was permanently changed. As a result of his student experience, Mr. Ortiz was inspired to attend law school with the objective of becoming an immigration attorney.


Removal Proceedings, Immigration Appeals, Immigration Bond Hearings, Family-Based Adjustment Of Status, Inadmissibility Waivers, Asylum


Address: 4201 Long Beach Blvd Suite 326, Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone: (657) 243-3768
Website: www.andresortizlaw.com


“Andres Ortiz law firm helped me with my adjustment status. The service I received was outstanding. From the initial consultation, the lawyer gave me a projected time for my interview and I have to say his predicament was accurate. I can honestly stand behind his word as he honestly knows what he is doing. Thank you to the knowledgeable and professional team he has. If you are looking for representation in an immigration case the search is over you have found your guy.” – Rayy R.

Han Law GroupGood Immigration Attorney in Long Beach

Han Law Group is uniquely qualified to represent clients in all areas of immigration law. No case is too minor for this firm, and they are known for their aggressive and imaginative representation on behalf of their clients. They are equipped to represent clients in every state and country throughout the world since immigration law is a federal law. Susan S. Han Law Group, APC is now truly a global firm. They have successfully represented clients before USCIS, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and different US embassies around the world.

Ms. Susan S. Han has a background in both immigration and criminal law. Since 1998, Ms. Han has successfully represented hundreds of clients in immigration matters. She has extensive experience in all areas of immigration law. Ms. Han graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing. She got her Juris Doctor from Southwestern University School of Law, where she was also awarded the American Jurisprudence Award in Constitutional Law. Ms. Han also worked as an adjunct lecturer at California State University, Los Angeles, where she taught Immigration Law to the paralegal program.


Family-Based & Employment-Based Green Cards, Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals, Temporary Protected Status, Work Visas, Investment Visas, Fiancé Visas, Deportation, Asylum, Citizenship, Naturalization, and Appeals


Address: 4201 Long Beach Blvd Suite 326, Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone: (657) 243-3768
Website: www.greencard911.com


“I would love to express my appreciation for Susan’s hard work on my journey of becoming a permanent resident! She is very knowledgeable and always responds to emails in a timely manner! Susan accompanied me to my green card interview and I got approved! I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs support in any immigration case! I could not have had a better experience! Thank you so much Susan for all of your help.” – Marta T.

Vogler Law Offices, PCOne of the best Immigration Attorney in Long Beach

Vogler Law Offices, PC provides the highest degree of legal assistance and representation. They are ideally positioned to assist clients in the United States and Brazil because of their concentration on business, family, and immigration issues. Michael J. Vogler is an accomplished attorney and legal consultant who is admitted to practice in all state and federal courts in California. Michael can give exceptional legal advice and representation to both US and Brazilian clients, focusing on family law, immigration, estate planning, entertainment, and international business law. Whatever legal situation you’re dealing with, Michael can assist you in achieving your objectives and ensuring that your needs are met.

With their combined knowledge and experience, they can assist you in achieving your objectives while navigating any legal obstacles that may arise. They are able to be available to all of the customers whenever they need them because of their commitment to giving personalized, one-on-one attention to each case. They understand that trustworthy legal guidance is hard to come by, but they like to think that the practice is the exception.


U.S. & Brazilian Business And Tax Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Estate Planning


Address: 5320 2nd St UNIT 10, Long Beach, CA 90803
Phone: (626) 714-2566
Website: www.voglerlawoffices.com


“Michel and Ana, congratulations on your professionalism. I was able to accompany a great Victorian American court in the case of a couple of Brazilian friends. I saw how much they were dedicated to doing their best and keeping them calm. As a law student, it would be a dream to be able to work with you one day.” – Marcelo A.