5 Best Hypnotherapy in Portland, OR

Best Hypnotherapy in Portland

Below is a list of the top and leading Hypnotherapy in Portland. To help you find the best Hypnotherapy located near you in Portland, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Portland’s Best Hypnotherapy:

The top rated Hypnotherapy in Portland, OR are:

  • Loving Kindness Hypnosis – is owned by Laney Coulter
  • TeaScape Massage & Teahouse – offers a wide scope of modalities and skillsets
  • PDX HYPNOSIS – has Scott Duvall and he is a certified consulting Hypnotist
  • Clinical Hypnosis Portland – has Cornelia Taubmann, a Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Lexi Parrott – supported a large number of clients

Loving Kindness Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy in Portland

Loving Kindness Hypnosis is owned by Laney Coulter. She is Master Hypnotist, with several certifications. She combines her experience and innate knowledge of human nature to help her clients reach success through hypnosis. She creates a relaxed and safe place, where she works with her clients to come up with the best remedies for their life.


Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, The Dance of Anger, Fertility, Healthy Sleep


Address: 811 NW 20th Ave., Portland, OR 97209
Phone: 503-289-3614
Website: www.lovingkindnesshypnosis.com


“I’ve had a couple of sessions with Laney so far and it’s been fantastic! I was struck by what a great listener she is, it’s like a superpower! I’d never considered hypnotherapy before and had no idea what to expect. Laney immediately put me at ease and thoroughly explained the process. I meditate fairly regularly and this experience was like meditation squared. I saw an immediate benefit and came to a few realizations that have helped me move forward more effectively in my life. I hope you make an appointment with Laney ASAP, she will help you!.” – Amanda E.

TeaScape Massage & Teahouse

Top Hypnotherapy in Portland

TeaScape Massage & Teahouse offers a wide scope of modalities and skillsets. Their flexible, integrative techniques, allow for customization to your body’s specific requirements. They value producing long-term relationships with their clients to ensure thorough concern and consideration.


Hypnosis Services, Ashiatsu, CranioSacral, Structural Integration,


Address: 1413 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
Phone: 503-841-6460
Website: www.teascapepdx.com


“Teascape is a comfortable, pleasing establishment, people are very friendly and professional. My massage was excellent and extra care focused on areas of chronic pain. I will definitely return in the future..” – Beth S.


Hypnotherapy Portland

PDX HYPNOSIS has Scott Duvall and he is a certified consulting Hypnotist. His goal is to combine the transformational properties of hypnotherapy with the worldwide law of cause and effect. What they give the most and strongest awareness to manifests into their experiences of life, what you think or believe becomes their reality.


Weight Management, Stop Smoking Tobacco and Marijuana, Self Esteem and Confidence, Shyness, Public Speaking


Address: 2025 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97215
Phone: 503-238-4428
Website: www.pdxhypnosis.com


“It’s been some time, and I’m going back to him very soon. But Scott Duvall, and his hypnotherapy really helped me out. I went in for a vague issue “discipline” and my coworkers, and management noticed a tremendous difference. I recommend Scott Duvall if you have any issues, you feel you need help with..” – Aaron H.

Clinical Hypnosis Portland

Good Hypnotherapy in Portland

Clinical Hypnosis Portland has Cornelia Taubmann, a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She learned the significance of a multimodal method to therapy. In many cases, profound and lasting changes do not happen until the body and unconscious mind are engaged.


Fears and Phobias, Stress Management, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Sleep Problems


Address: 1110 SE Alder St #301, Portland, OR 97214
Phone: 503-380-6710
Website: www.clinicalhypnosispdx.com


“I saw Cornelia because of severe chronic sleep problems. She made it easy to relax, I found her methods to be very effective, practical, hence engaging. Significant improvements have occurred during the weeks of my visits, I regained focus, had no more headaches, and finally slept longer and better..” – Ade O.

Lexi Parrott

One of the Best Hypnotherapy in Portland

Lexi Parrott is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She supported a large number of clients in successfully addressing a vast array of issues. Her practice is client-centered and mentally inclined with a focus on interactive processes that empower her clients as they work towards their goals. It is her heartfelt yearning to introduce her clients to the richness of their deeper mind – that is wise, inventive, creative, and almost magical in its ability to animate their goals, dreams, and affection for life.


Sleep Disturbance, Escape Addictions and Bad Habits, Past-Life Exploration


Address: 1962 NW Kearney St #301, Portland, OR 97209
Phone: 503-267-9353
Website: www.lexiparrotthypnotherapy.com


“I’ve seen Lexi about 8ish times in the last two years and think her service is more effective than any other Counseling, treatment, medication, or therapy I’ve received in the past 14 years. Every time we dive into some aspect of my subconscious that’s blocking me from living my fullest. Through working with her I have healed major trauma and given my subconscious space for rewiring that impacts my day-to-day. We’ve removed blocks to empower me to believe in my creativity, my gifts, my divine purpose, my internal navigation system, and take back my power to love myself with all of my beings. I am forever grateful for Lexi and look up to her not only as my Hypnotherapist and Energy Worker but as a mentor, guide, role model, and teacher. She is a true Healer and gift to this world. I recommend her to everyone.” – Madeline S.