5 Best HR Outsourcing Agencies Abroad

Best HR Outsourcing Agencies Abroad

HR outsourcing is an agreement between an employer and an outside third-party contributor by which the employer transfers the management of, and duty for, certain HR responsibilities to the outside provider. It is a procedure in which a company uses the services of a third party to take care of its HR duties.

It is includes hiring companies to manage workers’ functions. If you need an HR outsourcing agency, below are the top-rated agencies abroad.

Top Rated and Best Outsourcing Agencies Abroad:

#1 LiberteTop rated HR Outsourcing Agencies Abroad

Liberte is a consulting agency based in Singapore, that offers practical and tailored solutions to suit its client’s strategic and operational HR goals. With a dedicated and experienced team from start to end, you can be certain of business continuity. They believe that freedom for many companies means being able to reimagine their business during market ebbs and flows.

Often these changes occur so quickly that there isn’t time to chart new strategies as they’re still weighed down by day-to-day HR administration. For most, if not all companies, this puts a strain on resources and at its worst, creates inefficiencies and dissatisfaction among staff, sending businesses into a tailspin. Liberte’s expertise in payroll and HR administration outsourcing relieves your internal team so you focus on strategy.

#2 REN AI GroupHR Outsourcing Agencies Abroad

REN AI Group is dedicated to becoming a trusted partner to its clients. When it comes to finding careers success, they firmly believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why they take a consultative and meticulous approach that connects their clients and candidates with the right opportunities and career possibilities. Ren Ai Group hires a meticulous screening process to shortlist best-fit candidates for you, whether you are hiring permanent, temporary, or contract staff.

Their HR specialist will manage and prepare the signing of the agreement with your outsourced temp or contract employees parking with them, arrayed with your current employment practices and preferred contractual benefits. Ren Ai Group also helps ex-pats to attain work visas in Singapore. Their expertise regarding employment work visas will help you to apply and get your work visa as soon as possible.

#3 HR Guru Pte LtdBest HR Outsourcing Agencies Abroad

HR Guru Pte Ltd provides online, on-demand professional human resource advice, expert consultation, and customized solutions for even the most complex HR challenges and people problems. They work with individuals, professionals, and businesses, offering career services, HR advice, and coaching, consulting and outsourcing, and talent acquisition. Their services are customizable, scalable, and relevant to your precise needs.

They are a team of HR experts and independent professionals who possess a wide range of HR function skills and deep knowledge and understanding of today’s complex HR challenges. Together they are cultivating a growing network of HR professionals, HR consultants, and service providers, forming a critical mass of HR expertise which is raising the bar for standard practices and human resource consultancy in the HR industry.

#4 SG PayrollGood HR Outsourcing Agencies Abroad

SG Payroll specializes in meeting fundamental to sophisticated payroll and HR administration needs of businesses in Singapore. Whether it is managing the payroll of your entire workforce or the confidential data of your management team, their dedicated experts based in Singapore is on hand to provide specialized consultation and support.

By outsourcing your payroll and HR administration to SG Payroll, your team is able to focus on optimizing workforce efficiency and productivity rather than managing existing HR operations. You can be certain of professional advice, absolute confidentiality, and a commitment to uncompromising integrity from them.

#5 Outsourced HR SolutionOne of the best HR Outsourcing Agencies Abroad

Outsourced HR Solution has offices on the Gold Coast Australia and Clark Philippines and provides skilled workers that live and work in the Philippines so Australian and New Zealand companies can expand their operations and build teams offshore. Outsourcing enables companies to outsource back-end-office functions offshore to the Philippines, providing great savings on office space and salaries which increases profits.

Often referred to as virtual assistants, your overseas staff take care of your administrative tasks so you can place more energy on generating sales and revenue. The Philippines has thousands of seasoned professionals and university graduates looking for employment with an international company, which makes Outsourced HR Solution your perfect partner.