5 Best Home Decor Shops in South Africa

Best Home Decor Shops in South Africa

Home decor is the craft of creating your home look amiable. It describes the artistic pieces utilized to create a home more delightful and visibly attractive.

There are many types and home furnishings, wall decorations and pieces of furniture are the first when it comes to home decor. Here are the 5 best home decor shops that help you create your home to look appealing.

Top Rated and Best Home Decor Stores:

#1 Mystic GirlTop rated Home Decor Shops in South Africa

Mystic Girl curates fashion accessories and home decor for the free-spirited woman, empowering Judy Leo to express her authenticity and realize her inner beauty. Selectively incorporating boho elements, sacred geometry, and crystals, every piece is carefully chosen to add a vibrant touch of magic to any area it adorns.

Mystic Girl is founded on the belief that life is full of magic. With their thought-through collection of home decor and jewelry pieces, Mystic Girl’s goal is to inspire you to tap into your personal power, to harness it.

#2 Pilgrimage LivingspacesHome Decor Shops in South Africa

Pilgrimage Livingspaces are treasure hunters, looking for unique artisanal furniture and homeware, crafted with skill, tradition, and lots of love, holding memories from the adventures that make them smile and hold hearts. Pilgrimage Livingspaces value and support individual craftsmanship and artistic integrity over mass production.

Each of their pieces holds its own story which they hope will reflect into the places where they find a home. They offer shipping and delivery.

#3 Classic Home DecorHome Decor Shops South Africa

Classic Home Decor is a furniture and decor store based in South Africa in the heart of Johannesburg. It started with a passion for modern interior design pieces. We strive to supply our customers with great home fashion. Classic Home Decor has a vast variety of furnishing options and has the perfect pieces for every room.

They also stock a range of appliances for your home. Just one stop for all your furnishing needs.

#4 India Ink Home DecorGood Home Decor Shops in South Africa

India Ink Home Decor travel to India to find treasure. Jane Middleton of Ink India goes down narrow alleyways and winding backstreets, through the clutter and the hooting and the fumes into bustling markets and hole-in-the-wall shops piled high with fabrics and blankets and tablecloths and trinkets, dusty and gleaming and gorgeous.

It’s hot and it’s tiring but Jane look and touch and she haggle and bargain and then Jane bring it all back and put it out for you to come and take your pick.

#5 OKHA Design & InteriorsOne of the best Home Decor Shops in South Africa

OKHA Design & Interiors is an interior design studio. They are creators of progressive, elegant furniture and lighting, as well as artisanal objects and contemporary floor art. Their design is inspired by an enquiring contemporary aesthetic and timeless classicism, with a deep respect for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship.

OKHA Design & Interiors aim to be at the forefront of discerning modern living and offer a fully comprehensive and bespoke interior design service. Their desire is to continuously explore and refine its aesthetic to better communicate intimate and characterful narratives through the art of design.