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5 Best Hiking Trails in Nashville, TN

Below is a list of the top and leading Hiking Trails in Nashville. To help you find the best Hiking Trails located near you in Nashville, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Nashville’s Best Hiking Trails:

The top rated Hiking Trails in Nashville, TN are:

  • Radnor Lake State Park – ideal for nature lovers
  • Richland Creek Greenway – McCabe Trailhead – provides an outdoor experience
  • Shelby Bottoms Nature Center & Greenway – the park expands to over 1200 acres
  • Harpeth River State Park – Hidden Lake – famous for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and hiking
  • Percy Warner Park – perfect for picnic shelters, dog parks, scenic roadways and overlooks, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, equestrian center,

Radnor Lake State ParkHiking Trails in Nashville

Radnor Lake State Park is a 1,368-acre park and is guarded as a Class II Natural Area. It is special due to the plenitude of wildlife viewing opportunities, environmental education programs, hiking opportunities, and its location in an urban area. The park is day-use only and the 7.75-miles of the trail are literally used for hiking, photography, and wildlife observation. Pets, jogging, and bicycles are only allowed on the Otter Creek Road trail. The Lake Trail is convenient for people with all-terrain wheelchairs. The park is ideal for nature lovers to observe owls, herons, and waterfowl as well as many species of amphibians, reptiles, and mammals such as mink and otter.

Hundreds of species of wildflowers, mosses, fungi, ferns, and other plants, as well as trees, shrubs, and vines, add to the natural environmental diversity of the area. Several ranger-led programs are planned across the year including canoe floats, wildflower walks, astronomy night hikes, nature hikes, programs on snakes, off-trail land attainment hikes, and birds of prey.


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Address: 1160 Otter Creek Rd, Nashville, TN 37220
Phone: (615) 373-3467
Website: www.tnstateparks.com/radnor-lake


“Radnor Lake Park has beautifully wooded trails that are so well-kept. In my opinion, this park is great to visit in the fall when all of the colors are present in the trees. Parking isn’t so bad early in the week. It is hard to find a spot to park on the weekend, but sometimes you get lucky and arrive when someone is leaving. If you end up having to wait, it is well worth it.” – Kenneth G.

Richland Creek Greenway – McCabe TrailheadTop Hiking Trails in Nashville

Richland Creek Greenway – McCabe Trailhead, The Richland Creek Greenway heads out Richland Creek, a recuperating urban stream located in Sylvan Park and the Nations. The greenway provides an outdoor experience that connects the neighborhoods of Sylvan Park and Cherokee Park. The wandering trail and scenic creek crossings also connect users with shopping centers, entertainment areas, and schools. McCabe Park: 4.1 miles of paved trail connecting McCabe Park and the Sylvan Park community with shopping centers along White Bridge Pike and Harding Roade, and Nashville State Community College.

Rail history enthusiasts will want to stop at the White Bridge Road trailhead, where this is a historical landmark for Dutchman’s Curve, the site of the Great Train Wreck of 1918, one of the worst rail mishaps in the country’s history.


Dinner by the Bridge, Richland Creek Run, Hiking


Address: 4617 Sloan Rd, Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: (615) 862-8400
Website: www.greenwaysfornashville.org/individual-maps


“Great place to run, walk, walk your dog, bike, or take your kids to play. We took our dogs down to the creek to play and cool off. Great location.” – Angie V.

Shelby Bottoms Nature Center & GreenwayHiking Trails Nashville

Shelby Bottoms Nature Center & Greenway is a 300-acre all-purpose park just two miles from Downtown Nashville along the Cumberland River. Comprising Shelby Bottom Natural Area, the park expands to over 1200 acres. The land that is now Shelby Park (and a large portion of historic East Nashville) was used to belong by James Shaw, who sold the property to David Shelby in 1788. In 1818, David Shelby bestowed the land to his two sons, Dr. John Shelby and Anthony Shelby as a Christmas present. Before the day was over Dr. John Shelby bought his brother’s half for $2,500.

Dr. John Shelby became a mainstay of the community that was then believed the city of Edgefield (East Nashville). Several locations carry his names such as Shelby Street, Shelby Park, and Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, which is now a portion of Metro Parks’ Greenway system.


Shelby Park Attractions, Events, Hiking


Address: 1900 Shelby Bottoms Greenway, Nashville, TN 37206
Phone: (615) 862-8539
Website: www.nashville.gov/shelby-park


“Percy has the best quality trails in the Nashville area so far.” – Robert H.

Harpeth River State Park – Hidden LakeGood Hiking Trails in Nashville

Harpeth River State Park – Hidden Lake is an elongate park that manages nine river access sites along 40 river miles. Sites include several natural, archaeological and historic areas. The park is famous for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and hiking. Canoe entrance areas are located at all sites (excluding archeological areas). The Harpeth River is a Class I river. It is suitable for beginners to advanced paddlers. Visitors can bring their personal canoe or kayak. Rentals and trip details are available from local outfitters in and around Kingston Springs. Accessible sites close for safety during high water. Many of the lands around the Harpeth River is private property.

Hidden Lake is a naturalist’s paradise showing hiking trails, majestic bluffs, and abundant wildlife. A one-mile trail ramble around and through a wildflower meadow. Another trail provides a half-mile hike through the forest and along with a majestic trick to a small lake with a one-mile spur trail ascending to the top of a ridge where the remnant of an old marble dance floor are all that remain of a 1940’s resort.


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Address: 7851 McCrory Ln, Nashville, TN 37221
Phone: (615) 952-2099
Website: www.tnstateparks.com/harpeth-river


“Cool place for family outings, hiking, and walking your pets.” – Michael B.

Percy Warner ParkOne of the best Hiking Trails in Nashville

Percy Warner Park is administered by the Metro Nashville Parks and Recreation Department. The Warner Parks are one of the largest municipally governed parks in Tennessee and together span more than 3,100 acres of forest and field, 9 miles from downtown Nashville. In the vicinity of a million people visit the Warner Parks annually to take advantage of the Nature Center, picnic shelters, dog parks, scenic roadways and overlooks, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, equestrian center, horse trails, cross country running courses, golf courses, and athletic fields. Warner Parks is also a significant historical community resource listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


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Address: 50 Vaughn Rd, Nashville, TN 37221
Phone: (615) 862-8555
Website: www.nashville.gov/warner-parks


“One of Nashville’s prized possessions. A secret that many are not aware of. A beautiful piece of paradise that can never be destroyed by greedy people.” – Ken J.