5 Best Hiking Trails in Baltimore, MD

Best Hiking Trails in Baltimore, MD

Below is a list of the top and leading Hiking Trails in Baltimore. To help you find the best Hiking Trails located near you in Baltimore, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Baltimore’s Best Hiking Trails: 

The top-rated Hiking Trails in Baltimore, MD are:

  • Gwynns Falls Trail –  unique urban and biking trail with amazing scenes
  • Cascade Falls Trail – offers a broad with a family-friendly hiking trail fit for large groups
  • Double Rock Park –  features vast green sights with glorious pavilions dotting the trail
  • Druid Hill Park – one of the largest public parks with a great hiking trail
  • Carrie Murray Nature Center – a hub for nature connection for all nature lovers

Gwynns Falls Trail

safe Hiking Trails in Baltimore, MD

Gwynns Falls Trail is a unique urban and biking trail with amazing scenes. They are in a partnership organization committed to maintain, improve and promote their hiking trails. Furthermore, their site opens doors to local families. The trail is another door into a historic greenway stream valley. In addition, the staff attending the course ensures the safety of every person.

The trail has an ample space that offers various enjoyments and activities to enjoy for every outing. Moreover, the trails provide activities like cultural walks, hiking trails, and biking trails. They have community festivals and environmental education activities.

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Address: Gwynn Oak Ave, Baltimore, MD 21207
Phone: (410) 396-0440
Website: gwynnsfallstrail.org


”I loved this 🏞️ park and trial when I was a child and it was always the go to place for family reunions and church cookouts and summer camp mini field trips. It would be nice; however, if we could help Baltimore County or City ( depending on the county and city lines) keep the park and trails clean by cleaning up the ground a little. So we can help Gwynns Falls Trail remind a beautiful jewel in our community. We have a major historical event associated with the Park 🏞️. It’s our history.” – Debony Angel Girl

Cascade Falls Trail

family-friendly Hiking Trails in Baltimore, MD

Cascade Falls Trail offers a family-friendly hiking trail fit for small and large groups. This hiking trail is a fun challenge for various families and teenagers looking for a new way of having fun. In addition, they have working staff attending visitors at every stop across the trail. Furthermore, the trail hosts well-marked trails and challenging hills. The trail is also home to a clear stream.

It is a memorable, fun, and dynamic hiking trail that is fit for every starter to a professional hiker. Moreover, their trail features natural forests, bird watching, and hiking. They also have local wildlife present.

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Address: Elkridge, MD 21075, United States
Phone: (410) 396-3835
Website: alltrails.com


”The view and atmosphere is so worth the drive. There is a fee of $3 per person upon entry. I will say please download the map of the trail beforehand since you may have connectivity issues. There is so much to see and very nice places to take great photos. I will say, better markers of the trails could be improved especially if people have knee or mobility issues and cannot handle steep incline or deep terrains. There was one part of the trail we took which was very scary getting down, which at some point I had to sit and slide down on my bottom to get down safely.” – La-Kia Kommeren

Double Rock Park

dynamic Hiking Trails in Baltimore, MD

Double Rock Park features vast green sights with glorious pavilions dotting the trail. The park is home to various animals that are a must-see while doing the hiking trail. The staff interactively guides the hikers around the trail. Furthermore, they make sure that it is safe for everyone to do. In addition, the trails provide the thrill of adventure in every step taken from start to end.

Their dynamic activities and services open the door to memorable and precious memories. They have three pavilions, a playground, and a sightseeing area for large groups. Moreover, there are wooden benches and fun hiking trails fit for hikers and bikers.

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Address: 8211 Glen Rd, Parkville, MD 21234
Phone: (410) 887-5300
Website: prcparkvillerec.org


”This park has really great hikes/paths and is beautiful. My favorite part so far of what we have explored is the waterfall / creek feature, especially if you find unusual rock formations interesting, like I do. They also have picnic tables and a playground. It’s a great area to bring young kids or people of any ages who like nature.” – Deena Englander

Druid Hill Park

fun Hiking Trails in Baltimore, MD

Druid Hill Park is one of the largest public parks with a great hiking trail. It is a local favorite for all outdoor activities. It is an ideal area for family activities and school activities to take place. Furthermore, they provide activities like biking, running, and walking visits. Their park is well-maintained and well-protected. They also feature a view of the woodland areas of the park.

Their park provides a fine selection of their personally selected amenities. This includes an urban park, playgrounds, and tennis courts. In addition, they have a pool, greenhouses, and the infamous Jones Falls Trail.

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Address: 900 Druid Park Lake Dr, Baltimore, MD 21217
Phone: (410) 396-7900
Website: bcrp.baltimorecity.gov


”One of the great parks in Baltimore, just beautiful with lots to do. Hike, bike, frisbee, basketball, or just hang out. The US CycloCross event was also super cool to see and the Zoo is right there as well.there’s so much over here in this park. i found the 3rd oldest zoo in America, a zen garden, a cemetery, a mini city, a farmer’s market, an art show, and soooooo much more. this park is a gem in Bmore! ” – Ashton Menefee

Carrie Murray Nature Center

affordable Hiking Trails in Baltimore, MD

Carrie Murray Nature Center is a hub for nature connection for all nature lovers. The facility is owned and operated by the BCRP, being the most prominent urban old-growth forest. Moreover, the center has served over 30,000 visitors every year. To add, they welcome school groups, faith-based groups, and recreation centers. There are fun and friendly staff that welcomes their clients.

Throughout the year, they are available for field trips and outreach programs with unique activities. Furthermore, their activities include summer camps, public programs, and special events. In addition, they feature a fun hiking trail fit for hands-on hiking training.

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Address: 1901 Ridgetop Rd, Baltimore, MD 21207
Phone: (410) 396-0808
Website: carriemurraynaturecenter.org


”We love this place! The most beautiful, family-friendly trails and an inviting nature center with caring and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend it!The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. A hidden gem. Will go back many times. The trails were easy to walk and loved art in the park” – Tina Spence