5 Best Gyms in St. Paul, MN

Best Gyms in St. Paul

Below is a list of the top and leading Gyms in St. Paul. To help you find the best Gyms located near you in St. Paul, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

St. Paul’s Best Gyms: 

The top-rated Gyms in St. Paul, MN are:

  • 5 Minute Fitness Gym – Modern training equipment, including free weights, obstacles, and instructional DVDs
  • Statera Fitness – connects small-town gyms and big-box fitness centers
  • The Power House: Highland Park – work with outside groups to meet their performance and wellness objectives
  • Element Gym – Provide others in the sector with entrepreneurial and educational opportunities
  • Los Campeones Gym St. Paul – members not only get fantastic workouts, but they also become a part of their community

5 Minute Fitness GymGyms in St. Paul

5 Minute Fitness Gym, You are a community member, not just a member. They consider goals to be accomplished when your goals are met. Because they are aware that choosing to join a gym might be challenging, their staff works hard to foster a welcoming, amiable, and educational environment. Your home away from home will be 5 Minute Fitness Gym, as many of their devoted members can already attest.

Any lifestyle can be accommodated by the variety of fitness classes, class times, and gym hours they provide. At 5 Minute Fitness Gym, you’ll have access to everything you need to reach your fitness objectives. Modern training equipment, including free weights, obstacles, and instructional DVDs, may be found in their distinctive facility. They take great pride in keeping both their surroundings and equipment clean.

Products/ Services:

Fitness Center, Personal Training, Tae Kwon Do, & More


Address: 263 Front Ave, St Paul, MN 55117
Phone: (651) 504-5496
Website: www.5minutefitness.club


”Greg is an amazing trainer, truly cares about his clients and their success and works to ensure the members of his gym, at every fitness level, feel comfortable and that they belong to the 5 Minute Fitness community.” – Alex H.

Statera FitnessTop Gyms in St. Paul

Statera Fitness connects small-town gyms and big-box fitness centers. They are a surprisingly diversified neighborhood health and fitness facility that is locally owned. Burnout and boredom won’t ever get the better of you. No matter where you are in your personal path, you will find it simple to connect with others at Statera who hold the same views on fitness.

It might be difficult to maintain your exercise regimen year-round, especially in Minnesota. When we only have a select few great days. The facility where Statera is housed is spotless, light-filled, and spacious, so they may fling the doors open. Say goodbye to exercise spaces without windows. Statera, which means “fresh air,” does just that.

Products/ Services:

Fitness, Classes, Health Guidance


Address: 1025 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55104
Phone: (651) 225-4737
Website: www.staterafitness.com


”Great to have such a fully furnished Gym with people who are also incredibly knowledgeable about proper technique. If you are looking for a great local Gym and/or some great training this is your place.” – James B.

The Power House: Highland ParkGyms St. Paul

The Power House: Highland Park, they are a family-run gym with a close-knit staff that is passionate about what they do. The Power House was founded in 2013 by Max and Jill Lipset with the intention of providing a setting where people may become their healthiest and best selves and enabling excellent coaches to pursue careers in the field.

The Power House’s goal is to work with outside groups to meet their performance and wellness objectives while also offering results-based fitness programs to people of all ages, skills, and backgrounds. They have three goals. first, to train the top career trainers in the fitness industry. Secondly, to advance the shift in healthcare from illness to wellness and enhance public health. Third, to create a committed and diverse community that dares greatly to become the champions of their lives.

Products/ Services:

Crossfit, Private Training, Team Training, Youth Training, Nutrition


Address: 617 Snelling Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116
Phone: (651) 699-4864
Website: www.tphmn.com


”The Power House provides great workouts in a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Each WOD pushes you to challenge yourself under the guidance of professional coaches who keep you safe and help you feel successful no matter your fitness level. I joined Power House about a year ago and am continually impressed by the kindness, professionalism, and expertise of the owners and coaches. It is great to be a part of this community.” – Chrissy M.

Element GymGood Gyms in St. Paul

Element Gym, the company’s goal is to serve the community by acting as a resource. Being a trailblazer in the fitness sector is their goal. They aim to demonstrate to others that it is possible to achieve both financial success and community service. In order to retain a professional presence, provide others in the sector with entrepreneurial and educational opportunities, and have a healthy company and bottom line, they want to continue to set the benchmark for how to establish, grow, and sustain community resources.

With its audacious posture, readiness to contribute, and resistance to inequality, the element continues to stand for community unity. The social enterprise Element Gym is delighted to be.

Products/ Services:

Membership, Programs, Classes, Training


Address: 655 Fairview Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104
Phone: (888) 415-6626
Website: www.elementgym.org


”The most amazing gym for boxing, kickboxing, lifting, and more. A wholesome community of individuals who are all committed to helping create the best version of you. I have been coming here for a few years now, and even when I take time off, I am always welcomed back by the trainers. Cannot recommend this place enough for anyone who is new to boxing or has been boxing their whole life.” – Sam K.

Los Campeones Gym St. PaulOne of the best Gyms in St. Paul

Los Campeones Gym St. Paul is the sole remaining independently operated gym in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metro area. Their Minneapolis gym is full of history and character and has been a mainstay of exercise and health for more than thirty years. At Los Campeones, members not only get fantastic workouts, but they also become a part of their community.

Their staff members and personal trainers actively participate in sports including powerlifting, Olympic lifting, strongman, and bodybuilding. The environment is one of the key factors in their success and why people adore Los Campeones. The facilities and equipment are fantastic, but the atmosphere and energy are unmatched. Members of their gyms come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share one trait, they’re here to strengthen themselves and make every effort.

Products/ Services:

Memberships, Salon, Physical Therapy, Shop, & More


Address: 155 Eaton St, St Paul, MN 55107
Phone: (651) 340-6947
Website: www.loscampeonesgym.com


”Solid gym overall. Locker rooms could use a few more showers other than that it’s great.” – Jack K.