12 Best Golf Pages to Follow on Instagram


Golf is a popular and one of the oldest sports around in the world. Contrary to the popular misconception that this is a game of retired people, it is not specific to any age group. People of all ages – toddlers to 80 years or beyond love it equally. If you are up for some sunshine on your shoulders while hanging out with friends and want some challenge then golf is the perfect game for you. However, to make it more fun, make sure to have a golf-loving company around you.

To keep you pumped and refreshed, the golf courses are created to incorporate natural surroundings. They are not just beautiful but are designed like a green natural meadow in the middle of a beach or a desert, like an oasis to add to your enjoyment and make you feel alive.

Golf has many health benefits too like all the other sports, and it hardly feels like an exercise which is the best thing about it. Moreover, you can have a great outing with your loved ones playing golf in lush green meadows while also enjoying nature. It is the perfect family sport for sporting enthusiasts.

Recently due to the pandemic, all outdoor activities have been limited. If you are a golf lover and finding it difficult to keep up with the game, there are some ways to connect with the game even while sitting indoors during the Covid-19 lockdowns regardless of where you are in the world.

Thanks to technology and the social media world, one of the ways are to connect with some of the most popular and insightful golf pages available on social media, Instagram in particular.

So without wasting time, let’s have a look at the 10 best golf Instagram profiles from around the world:

12 best Instagram Pages to follow for Golf Lovers

1. @Golferfeelings


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A post shared by Golfer Feelings (@golferfeelings)

@golferfeelings is number 1 on our list of golf-loving Instagram profiles. It is not just another average golf profile but a dedicated community for golf lovers. Although the profile is fairly new, it has achieved 106k followers in a quick time for being a passionate golf community. From personal experiences, tips, tricks to fun golf things, it posts everything from pictures to videos related to golf. The community is very active and loves engaging with its followers.

Their motto is “Golf isn’t a sport but a lifestyle.” Another great and unique feature of Golferfeelings is that they also advertise and promote golf-related stuff on their profile, so if you want some promotion or advertise for anything golf-related, you can do it unlike, the other golf communities.

The best part?

They have another community by the name of @golferpassion. You can engage with the community members, ask questions on anything related to golf to add to your knowledge through @golferfeelings.

It is always adding more features to facilitate the followers in unique ways. Don’t wait and follow @golferfeelings if golf is more than just a game for you!

Check it out: https://www.instagram.com/golferfeelings/

2. Patrick Koenig @PJKoenig


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A post shared by Patrick Koenig (@pjkoenig)

Patrick Koenig is a famous name in the golf industry around the world. He is known for his extraordinary talent and skills. He loves the game so much that he quit his sales day job and went for a year of RV tour across the United States just to play golf in the different golf courses. He played in about 405 golf courses and also raised funds while doing work for First Tee of Greater Seattle.

His personality and photos with whacky descriptions would entertain you while staying at home during the quarantine phase.

3. No Laying Up @NoLayingUp


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A post shared by No Laying Up (@nolayingup)

No Laying Up has recently become a brand of its own related to golf content on the planet.

Soly, Tron, Randy, DJ, and Neil, are the four people running the community from Florida. They post a series of podcasts, merchandise, and videos to keep the followers engaged and entertained.

Tourist Sauce, Wild World of Golf, and Strapped are some of the popular podcasts featuring current and past PGA tours.

4. LinksGems @LinksGems


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A post shared by Jon Cavalier (@linksgems)

LinksGems belongs to Jon Cavalier, an attorney based in Philadelphia. He is on a tour most of the time playing in different unimaginable golf courses from around the World.

You would also find dogs in his photos regularly as they love hanging out with him while he enjoys the sport. They are more like his golf-loving friends!

5. Tom Coyne @coynewriter


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A post shared by Tom Coyne (@coynewriter)

Tom Coyne is famous for playing all the links courses in Ireland in one season. He became the subject of “A Course Called Ireland.” He has also written different books such as “Paper Tiger”,” Gentleman’s Game,” and a “Course called Scotland.

He is also working on another title, ” Course called America,” but without walking across the entire country in one season this time.

If you are a golf lover and love to read, he is the man to follow. You would surely love the interesting insights and his historical anecdotes.

6. Tyler Rae @TylerRaeDesign


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A post shared by Tyler Rae (@tylerraedesign)

Tyler Rae was recently featured in Golf Digest. He is an upcoming golf course architect and his work includes Barton Hills CC, Cedar Rapid CC & Beverly CC.

Tyler is a rising golf star who loves mixing new and old golf techniques that produce great results. If you are up for some insights into building great golf courses then he is the person to follow!

7. Beautiful Golf Courses @BeautifulGolfCourses

Beautiful Golf Courses lives up to its profile name by sharing amazing images of beautiful Golf Courses from around the world. The profile features some of the best gold images from around the world to keep you entertained.

These golf courses would not only entertain you but would also make you feel connected to the game during the lockdown as if you are standing there hitting golf balls from there. This is an amazing feeling for any golf lover!

8. Golf In Your State @GolfInYourState

If you have ever wanted to go on a golf course tour, then this is the profile to follow. Run by Matt Cardis, he is holed in his van touring some of the incredible golf hangouts in the country. One of the popular ones is located in Sweetens Cove.

Matt is also an environmentalist and loves doing charity work on the side. He raises funds for green golf-related eco-friendly projects while playing golf. This brings the golfers together to raise funds for his project the golf wall.

Just follow his profile and have fun watching him driving his trusty van roll into your neighborhood!

9. ShaneBacon @ShaneBacon


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A post shared by Shane Bacon (@shanebacon)

Who doesn’t know Shane Bacon? After all, he is the lead announcer for Fox’s golf coverage of all the popular golf events in the United States. In addition to being an announcer, he is a good player of his standards, competing in amateur golf events. He even got through the local qualification for the US Open once!

Shane’s refreshing and exciting insights on the game would keep you hooked to his profile for more while feeling his love for the game!

10. Golfers Journal @GolfersJournal

Golfers Journal describes golf as the sport in its purest form. They share the perfect photos across the profile truly depicting its worth. The images share endless stories of history and people share their love for the amazing game of golf!

The Golfers Journal stays unadulterated and authentic in this day and age of photo editing tools such as photoshop etc. Don’t forget to follow and support them to truly enjoy unedited and unfiltered images from around the world all centering golf!

11. Zac Blair @Zachary_Blai

Zac Blair is one of the most obsessed golfers in the world. He loves sharing an endless stream of content playing golf daily with his followers. Currently, he is working on launching a golf course of his own. He is also a PGA Tour player and his club hosts a semi-annual golf tournament known as “The Ringer. ”

Zac is always pushing the boundaries of possibilities in golf while making it a more accessible, friendly, and fun game for all.

12. PGA Memes @pgamemes


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A post shared by PGA Memes (@pgamemes)

Pgamemes is one of the most entertaining golf Instagram accounts. If you want a good laugh or an insight into the lovely game of golf, then this is the account to follow. It features everything from funny memes, players’ experiences, and golf courses from the industry!


These 12 are the best golf Instagram accounts to follow for Golf Lovers across the world. Although all these pages post golf-related tips, tricks, and funny jokes regularly to engage with their fans, @golferfeelings tops the list of all fresh profiles for being an amazing golf community.

It doesn’t share golf information but helps you turn your passion into a lifestyle. There is an advertisement option also available for users interested in promoting anything golf-related.

@golferfeelings is a must-follow for all golf lovers as it guarantees fun and entertainment during the lockdowns and quarantine periods in the pandemic stricken world. It would also help you grow as a golf lover whether you are a fan or an amateur who loves to play the game as much as watching it.

You would surely feel as if you have not missed out on anything related to golf even during the off-season by becoming a part of @golferfeelings!

Follow and share your passion for the game with like-minded individuals like yourself. You would not just connect with the game but may find a bunch of golf-loving friends while promoting, commenting, or simply sharing the photos and videos across your profile.

Have fun and happy Instagramming golf content related to your favorite players, golf courses, PGA tours, and tournaments from all around the world via @golferfeelings!