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5 Best Gem Blogs Worldwide

Gemstones are fascinating objects that are known for their beauty and also for the spiritual properties that they hold. While this is a niche industry, there is still much to be discussed and many interesting facts to be revealed. These 5 blogs are the best in the world for providing readers with advice, information, and more, about the gemstones that they love most.

Top Rated Gemstones Blogs Worldwide:

#1 Gemstoneuniverse

Gemstoneuniverse - Best Gem Blog
The Legend Guruji Shrii Arnav examining a precious specimen at a Prestigious Auction House

Gemstoneuniverse is a highly popular gem blog that has an engaged audience of readers worldwide. Using the expertise of certified gemologists, they provide advice, observations, industry news, and more on the blog. Whether you are an industry professional or simply an admirer of these precious stones, the blog is a thrilling read that is sure to fascinate you each and every day.

The gemstone industry is known for being a fairly secretive one; Gemstoneuniverse is the best gem blog worldwide for providing the latest industry updates. For this reason it is our number one pick of gem blog.

Led by the legendary acclaimed Spiritual Guru, Mentor and the Father of Indian Astro Gemology- Guruji Shrii Arnav you are sure to discover hidden precious Gems on the Gemstoneuniverse Blog.

#2 Gem Gossip

Gem Gossip - Best Gemstones Blog

Gem Gossip is run by gemologist Danielle Miele and is the go-to place to find information on the best jewelry and gemstones to collect. Miele has long been passionate about the world of gems and eventually dedicated her life to sharing her love for these gorgeous items with others.

As a gemologist, Danielle Miele spends much of her life scouring markets and more for gems that catch her eye. Her journey is very exciting to follow and the personal touch that she adds to her blog pieces is what makes her one of the best authors of a gem blog worldwide.

#3 Gemstone Buzz

gemstones for peace

Gemstone Buzz is an excellent gem blog to visit if you are looking for both basic information about the different types of gemstones and more in depth information. There is also plenty of industry news to read about as a professional.

When looking to become educated on gemstones, it is crucial that you are getting your information from a reputable source. Gemstone Buzz is a reliable source of information that has attracted readers from around the globe. If you want a well-rounded understanding of the different kinds of gemstones, then look no further than this highly informative blog.

#4 Spirals of Light

Best Gemstones Blog

Spirals of Light provides regularly updated information on different kinds of gemstones and their healing abilities. As a jewelry store itself, Spirals of Light knows a thing or two about gemstones. They provide advice on the types of jewelry to get and also on the meaning of this jewelry.

For over 30 years, the owner of Spirals of Light has been collecting and selling crystals and gemstones. They have spent many years curating an in depth knowledge of these stones and also experiencing their effects first hand. This personal relationship with the gemstones discussed is what makes Spirals of Light one of the best gem blogs worldwide.

#5 GemsNY Blog

Best Gemstone Blog

GemsNY Blog is a gem blog with an emphasis on helping you understand which gemstones are best to buy for different people and occasions. Whether you are looking to find out more about a birthstone or are searching for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, the GemsNY Blog can provide you with some much needed clarity.

As the provider of some of the finest jewelry, GemsNY want everyone to know exactly what they are buying. Their years of experience in dealing with gemstones and crystals allows them to craft highly informative blog pieces. This is why the GemsNY blog rounds out our list of the best gem blogs worldwide.