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5 Best Funeral Homes in Atlanta, GA

Below is a list of the top and leading Funeral Homes in Atlanta. To help you find the best Funeral Homes located near you in Atlanta, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Atlanta’s Best Funeral Homes: 

The top-rated Funeral Homes in Atlanta, GA are:

  • Murray Brothers Funeral Home Cascade Chapel –  connects with every client through funeral services
  • Carl M Williams Funeral Directors – work with inspiration for every family
  • Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home –  full-service funeral home providing individualized funeral services
  • Pollard & Moore Funeral Home, Inc. – has been honoring families for over 50 years
  • Alfonso Dawson Mortuary, Inc. – offers peace and healing through superior service

Murray Brothers Funeral Home Cascade Chapel

affordable Funeral Homes in Atlanta, GA

Murray Brothers Funeral Home Cascade Chapel connects with every client through comprehensive funeral services. The funeral home accommodates all families and their loved ones with open arms. Furthermore, they aim to assist their clients with care and attention to funeral plannings. Also, they have over 5 years of experience in funerals and obituary plannings. They are also a dedicated funeral home respectfully serving their clients.

They offer a large variety of funeral services that is available for all clients. Moreover, this includes sending flowers, planting trees, and even obituary services. Additionally, they never forget to add in graveside services.

Products/ Services:

flower arrangement, funeral home, graveside


Address: 1199 Utoy Springs Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30331
Phone: (404) 349-3000
Website: mbfh.com


“Murray Brothers is not just a funeral home, they are truly family. I had the pleasure of working with Allie. As a person overwhelmed with grief and never putting on a funeral, Allie guided me through every pitfall and solved most problems before they even happened. She was literally on call night and day to ensure deadlines were met. I will never be able to thank Allie for guaranteeing my aunt was laid to rest in a graceful manner but to simply say thank you.” – Sade Stanton

Carl M Williams Funeral Directors

caring Funeral Homes in Atlanta, GA

Carl M Williams Funeral Directors work with inspiration for every family. The trust and confidence given by their clients are their motivation to work efficiently. Moreover, they have the highest professional standard of service in the area. They are a family-owned business promising care and reliable service. They understand the value of having a proper funeral service. Also, they never forget to thank every family after every service.

The staff readily offers various services from funeral services, greaving services, and sending flowers. Also, they have their Peace of Mind in Planning ahead program that pre-arranges funeral services. They are also happy to give free consultations.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 492 Larkin St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313
Phone: (404) 522-8454
Website: carlmwilliams.com


”Carl Williams was very professional and kind during our time of grievance. They laid everything out as far as the packages/pricing, day of services, and expectations between parties go so that everyone understood the plan. He made sure that our home-going celebration for our mother went smoothly and was rememberable.” – Ikeriah May

Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home

Funeral Homes in Atlanta, GA

Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home is a full-service funeral home providing individualized funeral services. They proudly show a home-like funeral setting to aid every client. Additionally, every location across the funeral home is creatively designed with care. Furthermore, they are exceptional in making guests feel comfortable at a time where they are uneasy. To add, they have exceptional personal service which sets them apart in a highly competitive industry.

Their staff is happy to help with flower arrangements for all their client’s loved ones. Also, their services include funeral parlors, mortuary services, and flower cars. They also add innovative features like doves and black hearses.

Products/ Services:

funeral home, flower car, funeral cars


Address: 1003 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404) 758-1731
Website: williewatkins.com


”Outstanding service from beginning to end. I could write a whole page dedicated to my experience. Highly recommend. Brought joy to our family at the most painful time. That means more to a grieving family than you will ever know.” – Krista Callwood

Pollard & Moore Funeral Home, Inc.

honorable Funeral Homes in Atlanta, GA

Pollard & Moore Funeral Home, Inc. has been honoring families for over 50 years. The funeral home is locally owned and operated. It strives to give dedicated and dignified services to all of its clients. They are a cooperative funeral home that assists every family that needs their services. Furthermore, they give out their professional advice while planning and tailoring services. Their creative staff also provides reliable and honest customer service.

They offer a wide selection of affordable and reliable options. This includes funeral facility services, obituary planning, and flower services. They also have funeral services that can be customized according to their client’s wishes.

Products/ Services:

funeral home, obituary services


Address: 827 Pollard Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30315
Phone: (404) 688-7073
Website: pollardfuneralhomeinc.com


”They are a Pillar of The community! Very well respected and sought after for providing the best for your family loved ones!Always a friendly staff” –Loretta Gay

Alfonso Dawson Mortuary, Inc.

reliable Funeral Homes in Atlanta, GA

Alfonso Dawson Mortuary, Inc. offers peace and healing through superior service. With over 50 years of experience, they lighten the burden of every greaving family. Furthermore, they are a full-service funeral home offering traditional and creative funeral services. They are happy to assist families 24/7. They give their full attention from planning to the event proper. Additionally, they provide complete funeral services that are dedicated to meeting every family’s funeral need.

They offer an affordable selection of services and there are funeral planners that are happy to help. Their services include mortuaries, obituary services, and funeral live streaming for every family. They also offer pre-planning services.

Products/ Services:

funeral home, death certificate


Address: 3000 M.L.K. Jr Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30311
Phone: (404) 691-3810
Website: alfonsodawsonmortuary.com


“My mother passed the day after Christmas. Mrs. Ushery and her team we’re extremely caring and thoughtful throughout the entire process. My family is christian and jewish and being at their Chapel made us feel very welcome. The Reverend was very kind, warm and joyful and all staff members were extremely helpful. They even said a few words at my mothers burial and presented us with multiple gifts that I’ll cherish for the rest of my days. I highly recommend Alfonso Dawson Mortuary and thank them for their services.” – Dana Tzegaegbe