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5 Best Football Prediction Sites

If you are unsure of what decisions to make when betting on football outcomes, our top 5 football prediction sites are here to help.

Based on the knowledge of industry experts and the use of reliable statistical data, these sites offer football predictions for a range of betting markets.

Here are football prediction websites:

#1 IgoBETs

For football predictions that are accurate and informed, IgoBETs is the best of the best. Connecting the highest authority experts and tipsters from around the world, this site consistently delivers precise tips for football fans and punters. A carefully curated selection of experts aim to improve your successes in betting and earn you profits. The soccer predictions cover various markets, ensuring that you can find expert advice for whatever betting market you are interested in. Every football prediction made by an expert on IgoBETs is first locked and scored as accurate by the site so that you can be sure nobody is claiming false results. The selection of experts is made by the punters based on data and performance so that the power is in your hands.

#2 FreeSuperTips

FreeSuperTips offer football tips for each match, all predicted by industry experts. With years of experience, this site aims to help everyone, from seasoned sport fans to new punters. Using statistical analysis and an understanding of football leagues they provide betting tips and insight from a multitude of betting angles. Also providing tips for a variety of other sports, FreeSuperTips are an all-rounder that you can trust.

#3 FootballPredictions.com

FootballPredictions.com is an independent website operated by a passionate and experienced team of sports columnists, writers, analysts and football lovers. Offering genuine and transparent information, they aim to help fellow football lovers get the most out of their predictions and bets. They want to help casual football fans transform into passionate experts of the game that they love and also make a bit of money from it.

#4 Forebet

Known for their slogan, “football is mathematics”, Forebet are expert predictors of football. Utilising infallible statistics, the site offers predictions for each of the world’s leading football leagues. The mathematical algorithms used ensure that the highest probable outcome is calculated for each prediction. Their database includes the football data of more than 200 leagues for the past 15 years and it is this data that is used to provide the most likely and accurate statistics.

#5 Infogol

With millions of data points being analysed each day, Infogol provides football predictions that have proven accurate and effective. The football analyst at your fingertips, Infogol uses expert insight to create football predictions that will assist you in your betting endeavours. There are a variety of features on their website to assist you in determining your bets and ensuring that you achieve a profitable outcome.