3 Best Fleet Tracking Software

Best Fleet Tracking Software

Managing and tracking your fleet effectively is essential for your business. With these 3 best fleet tracking software, you will be able to quickly and easily connect to your vehicles and view and manage them wherever they are.

3 Best Fleet Tracking Software

#1 autocavo

Good Fleet Tracking Software

autocavo offer some of the most innovative fleet tracking software on the market. Although the technology used is some of the best, it is also some of the most affordable for you. autocavo is a cloud based software designed with small to medium businesses managing large fleets in mind.

The GPS system can be installed and activated in minutes and then allows you to access your fleets wherever you are, even on your mobile device.

They are known for their commitment to customer satisfaction with a commitment free monthly subscription of only $11.95 per device. The technology they use is innovative yet accessible and will help you track and manage fleets of any size much more effectively.

#2 Fleetio

Top Rated Fleet Tracking Software

Fleetio believe that outdated fleet software and spreadsheets do not allow you to take full advantage of fleet management. The software that they provide is new and innovative and creates a streamline process for managing your vehicles and equipment from anywhere.

With Fleetio, you will gain full visibility into your operation. This will help you track fleets, manage your team, and make decisions based on data that you can actually see. Fleetio is one of the most trusted fleet tracking software.

#3 Samsara

Samsara are one of the leaders in the field of digital transformation for operation. Their integrated fleet tracking platform, allows you to view and manage your fleets wherever they, and you, are.

They utilize AI powered video technology to protect your fleets and, of course, your employees. Their tracking services can help you address safety risks in real time.

The services that they offer include AI dash cams, driver safety and coaching, and site visibility. With Samsara, you will have the peace of mind that your employees and your fleets are protected and working efficiently. The software is easy to use and is some of the best fleet tracking software available.