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5 Best Family Mediators in Pittsburgh, PA

Below is a list of the top and leading Family Mediators in Pittsburgh. To help you find the best Family Mediators located near you in Pittsburgh, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Pittsburgh’s Best Family Mediators: 

The top-rated Family Mediators in Pittsburgh, PA are:

  • Cook Law & Mediation Services – carefully assess your specific scenario and let you know what to expect
  • Michael J. Betts LLC – listed as an authorized mediator and ADR neutral for the United States
  • Notaro Epstein Family Law Group, P.C. – provide you with mediation procedures
  • Law Offices of Scott L. Levine, LLC – possesses training in collaborative law and is a certified mediator
  • Susan DiGirolamo Attorney at Law – has years of expertise in mediating family law conflicts and is a qualified mediator

Cook Law & Mediation ServicesFamily Mediators in Pittsburgh

Cook Law & Mediation Services, Working together with their clients to deliver the outcomes they require makes them proud. Most of their cases are resolved outside of court and in private. They think that the best course of action for your legal requirements is typically a friendly discussion. But they won’t think twice about going to court if necessary.

Being a well-established legal practice, they are able to give their clients reasonable expectations for their situations. Even though every person’s circumstances are unique, they will carefully assess your specific scenario and let you know what to expect. Furthermore, they take the time to answer your queries, remarks, and worries right away. Cook Law & Mediation Services is prepared to offer you and your family knowledgeable legal representation.

Products/ Services:

Mediation, Divorce, Child Custody, Estate Planning, & More


Address: 9380 McKnight Rd STE 106, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: (412) 366-8980
Website: www.pittlawyers.com


”Amanda Cook was my attorney and she was excellent. She was extremely professional and kind. She was very prompt at returning phone calls and made my experience much easier for me. I would highly recommend her.” – Cindy M.

Michael J. Betts LLCTop Family Mediators in Pittsburgh

Michael J. Betts LLC, In the course of his legal career, Mr. Betts has handled hundreds of lawsuits and arbitrations involving a wide range of disputes. These have included business disputes, employment discrimination, litigation involving trade secrets and restrictive covenants, banking litigation, claims resulting from the sale of insurance products and variable annuities, litigation pertaining to securities and investments, and FINRA arbitrations.

Mr. Betts is listed as an authorized mediator and ADR neutral for the United States. Pennsylvania Western District District Court. The Court has also given him permission to act as an E-Discovery Special Master. Additionally, Mr. Betts is certified by FINRA Dispute Resolution to serve as a national arbitrator in consumer and commercial cases by the American Arbitration Association.

Products/ Services:

Mediation, Arbitration, Early Neutral Evaluation, Commercial Litigation, & More


Address: 235 Alpha Dr Suite 301B, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone: (412) 935-7073
Website: www.bettsllc.com


”When I first met Michael he seemed very nice and honest and and would do his very best to help me. I had called several people looking for someone to help me without costing me a fortune and he seemed like he could, by coming to me instead of me going to find his office. I never did have to go to his office, he always came to meet me, which was great. I get nervous in the city. He knew exactly what we needed and what to do. I had to leave it all up to, Michael and he was great. Helped me a lot.” – Regina S.

Notaro Epstein Family Law Group, P.C.Family Mediators Pittsburgh

Notaro Epstein Family Law Group, P.C., office offers skilled representation in family law cases ranging from high net worth, contentious, and litigated disputes concerning child support, alimony, custody, and asset distribution to mediation and negotiated settlements. When dealing with a significant legal issue that affects your family, you need the assistance of a committed divorce attorney Pittsburgh locals trust.

Unlike other legal practices, Notaro Epstein Family Law Group, P.C. does not aim to be a one-stop shop for all legal requirements but is pleased to limit its concentration to family law. Their Pittsburgh family law attorneys have all handled numerous Pennsylvania family law cases, from adoptions to divorces. They can provide you with mediation procedures advice because they recognize the value of private negotiation in resolving family law disputes.

Products/ Services:

Mediation, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Annulments, & More


Address: 310 Grant St Suite 1125, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: (412) 281-1988
Website: www.pittsburgh-divorce-lawyer.com


”Danielle was very kind & knowledgeable about a difficult situation I was going through. I appreciated that she was able to look over some documents I had & give me some piece of mind & honest answers & feedback. I would definitely recommend her & will be using her in the future. Thank you so much again.” – Amanda L.

Law Offices of Scott L. Levine, LLCGood Family Mediators in Pittsburgh

Law Offices of Scott L. Levine, LLC, offers straightforward, reasonably priced legal counsel for all Pittsburgh family law cases. He thinks it’s important to have a well-defined plan of action and to handle his cases quickly and skillfully. Mr. Levine takes great satisfaction in being approachable and accessible to his clients. He also always gives his clients’ goals and chances of victory in court an honest assessment.

Mr. Levine is not only an expert in all facets of conventional family law litigation, but he also possesses training in collaborative law and is a certified mediator. Mr. Levine has pursued his interest in assisting people at all stages of litigation and protection by representing many individuals and families in and around Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in a variety of family law situations.

Products/ Services:

Mediation, Collaborative Law, Spousal Support, Divorce, Estate Planning, & More


Address: 6425 Living Pl suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: (412) 303-9566
Website: www.pghdivorce.com


”If you’re looking for an attorney stop now, and look no further! Scott Levine is absolutely the best choice there is, and I say so without hesitation or question. He’s extremely thorough and knowledgeable and made the rigorous custody and support battle a much more manageable process. I didn’t choose to become a single mom, but I did choose Scott. While things are amicable and fairly calm for me now, I’ll know where to turn should I need future assistance.” – Hilary D.

Susan DiGirolamo Attorney at LawOne of the best Family Mediators in Pittsburgh

Susan DiGirolamo Attorney at Law, has years of expertise mediating family law conflicts and is a qualified mediator. She can support you and your partner in reaching the choices that will lead to a future with greater peace for your family. Susan dedicates a large portion of her practice to assisting clients in the Collaborative Divorce Process. She has helped clients with many of the concerns associated with negotiating custody, support, and divorce proceedings by using the approach with success.

Susan frequently meets with prospective clients so they can talk to her about their legal choices, whether they are just thinking about getting a divorce or are in the middle of the process. Her knowledge and expertise allow her to help people navigate these options when mediation or collaborative divorce is feasible.

Products/ Services:

Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, & More


Address: 1386 Old Freeport Rd Suite 3BR, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone: (412) 281-1499
Website: www.susanlaw.com


”Susan did a wonderful job for me. She always responded to any questions that I had in a very timely manner. I always felt like she was working hard for my best interests. I am very grateful to Susan for helping me through my divorce. She is extremely knowledgeable which helped to ease any fears that I had going through the divorce process. I wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Susan DiGirolamo.” – Ellie H.