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5 Best Family Mediators in Logan Square, IL

Below is a list of the top and leading Family Mediators in Logan Square. To help you find the best Family Mediators located near you in Logan Square, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Logan Square’s Best Family Mediators:

The top-rated Family Mediators in Logan Square, IL are:

  • Jacobson Mediation Group – a practice dedicated exclusively to mediating family law and matrimonial issues.
  • Shared Mediation – a peaceful, quick, inexpensive path to divorce.
  • C.E.L. & Associates, Inc. – find lasting solutions and a better way to divorce with professional mediation services for all couples.
  • Jerald A. Kessler – is a skilled mediator based in Illinois who assists his clients in achieving a harmonious resolution.
  • North Shore Divorce Mediations – get a better divorce settlement by getting a better divorce.

Jacobson Mediation Group

The Best Family Mediators in Logan Square

Jacobson Mediation Group is a practice singularly focused on mediating family law and matrimonial matters. J. Alex Jacobson is the visionary behind the Jacobson Mediation Group. As a skilled mediator, Alex’s mission is to guide you and your family toward lasting, innovative, and conclusive agreements without the need for courtroom battles. Alex is committed to facilitating crucial decisions about your family and your future in a manner that is confidential, non-adversarial, and cost-effective. With the utmost discretion and flexibility, he tailors his approach to meet your unique needs, ensuring a more peaceful and amicable resolution to your family law matters.

Mediation-arbitration, parenting coordination, child support, spousal support, property division, pre-and post-marital agreements

Address: 212 West Superior Street, Suite 203, Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: (312) 877-5092
Website: jacobsonmediationgroup.com

Alex is great and very reasonable in billing.  I would highly recommend her services for people who want to be rational in divorce.  Mediation is the way to go otherwise the broken court system will cost you a fortune. – Mark Salvatore

Shared Mediation

Top Family Mediators in Logan Square, IL

Shared Mediation offers a unique approach that prioritizes peace, speed, and cost-effectiveness. Their goal is to provide you with a complete divorce agreement that is meticulously crafted through thoughtful and constructive conversations. Unlike traditional divorce processes, where conflict can escalate, Shared Mediation focuses on ensuring that both parties can reach a fair and satisfactory resolution.

With their experienced guidance, you can expect a step-by-step walkthrough of the divorce process. They are committed to simplifying the complexities of divorce, making it as straightforward and stress-free as possible for you. Whether you are looking for an amicable separation or need assistance in reaching an agreement, this service is dedicated to helping you achieve a peaceful, quick, and cost-effective divorce that respects both parties’ interests.

Divorce mediation

Address: 1509 W Berwyn Ave, Chicago, IL 60640
Phone: (773) 837-6096
Website: sharedmediation.com

Brianna did a great job leading our mediation session! She came up with a strategy that worked best for both parties. She is great at communicating quickly & effectively. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again in the future! Thank you, Brianna! – Thomas Woytus

C.E.L. & Associates, Inc.

Professional Family Mediators in Logan Square, IL

C.E.L. & Associates, Inc. provides professional mediation services specializing in Pre and Post-Divorce, Never-Married, and same-sex mediation to bridge the gap between conflict and resolution. Their experienced team guides couples through the complex divorce process with ease and affordability, focusing on finding lasting solutions. With their expertise, they aim to provide a more peaceful and cost-effective approach to divorce, making the transition from conflict to resolution smoother and less stressful for all couples.

Pre/post-decree divorce mediation, marital family mediation, co-mediation services

Address: 1641 N. Milwaukee Ave., Suite 12 Libertyville, IL 60048
Phone: (224) 441-2203
Website: yourdivorce.org

Brian and Ellen were great at guiding my ex and me through the process of mediation leading up to our final divorce date. They helped us feel prepared to present our case without individual legal representation. Highly recommend it if you and your ex are amicable. – Veronica Mora

Jerald A. Kessler

Reliable Family Mediators in Logan Square

Jerald A. Kessler offers his wealth of experience and expertise and is dedicated to helping his clients achieve harmonious resolutions to their pressing matters. Mr. Kessler leverages his skills in communication, negotiation, and legal knowledge to mediate and facilitate mutually beneficial resolutions for all parties involved. Whether you’re navigating a complex divorce with an estranged spouse or dealing with post-divorce disputes, Jerald is the trusted professional who can transform confrontational encounters into productive meetings. For all your divorce mediation needs in Libertyville, Northfield, and Chicago, IL, reach out to Jerald A. Kessler today and let his experience work for you.

Mediation, divorce

Address: 20 N Upper Wacker Dr Ste 3200, Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (847) 367-4500
Website: kesslermediation.com

Mr. Kessler is a highly skilled mediator and a very nice person.  Both are very important qualities.  He is compassionate and artful.  He was a pleasure to work with.   So happy we chose to work with him. – TC Barr

North Shore Divorce Mediations

Reliable Family Mediators in Logan Square, IL

North Shore Divorce Mediations offers the path to a better divorce settlement. When it comes to divorce, achieving a better settlement starts with having a better divorce experience. North Shore Divorce Mediations & Family Law, LLC understands the importance of a smoother divorce process, and they are here to guide you every step of the way. Take the first step towards a brighter future by contacting North Shore Divorce Mediations & Family Law, LLC today. Their team of experienced professionals is ready to provide you with a free consultation to help you navigate the complexities of divorce and family law. Don’t settle for less; choose North Shore Divorce Mediations & Family Law, LLC for a better divorce experience and a brighter tomorrow.

Divorce mediation

Address: 8170 N McCormick Blvd Suite 219, Skokie, IL 60076
Phone: (847) 213-0201
Website: northshoremediations.com

Easy to see why attorney Lisa Wiemken’s divorce mediation services are in demand. She provides a prudent path out of problematic situations for reasonable people that want to safeguard resources and privacy. Thank you, Lisa. – Jay C.