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5 Top Executive Coaching Services in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is otherwise known as ‘The Steel City is a destination known for its overload of steel-related businesses and an exorbitant amount of bridges. It’s leading the way in manufacturing and electronics, providing materials such as aluminum, glass, petroleum, and technology. In addition to pioneering these industries, there are dozens of industries including healthcare, engineering, robotics, and even, harboring some of the largest banks in America.

With a population of almost 2.5 million people in the metropolitan area alone, it’s no wonder more and more people are looking to start their work in the city of Pittsburgh. In this case, it is essential to be at your best in your job in order to find yourself in a stable and powerful role as an executive. Don’t find yourself in the ‘pitts’. Here’s a guide on the top 5 executive coaches in Pittsburgh.

5 Top Executive Coaching Services in Pittsburgh

1# Leadership Coach Group

First on the list is The Leadership Coach Group which is a team of highly trained and friendly coaches whose mission is to bring out the best in you. Are you feeling a sense of imposter syndrome? Do you want to move ahead in your career? Do you feel you are letting down your colleagues?

The Leadership Coach Group is the solution to all your problems, offering the finest quality programs, dedicated to helping you make a change and become the leader you have always wanted to be. They have a variety of coaches across a wide range of industries, surely helping you find the right mentor that suits you.

Their clients are their first priority, making sure they are aware of their strengths and areas they need to improve to ultimately grow as a professional. With their carefully executed advice and action plan, you will have the steps to know just how to get ahead in the business. By the time they are through with you, you will be a leader made of steel.

2# Heidi Sadecky Coaching & ConsultingExecutive Coaching in Pittsburgh

You can’t hide from Heidi Sadecky Coaching & Consulting. She is a coach with more than 30 years of experience in the field of executive coaching. She leads a team of other highly experienced mentors, all from different backgrounds who will understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes because they’ve been there.

Shaping leaders into who they are meant to be is Heidi’s bread and butter, passionate about getting you to the next stages in your career path. Ranging from her experience in retail, design, financial services, logistics, and many more, you can definitely help her.

3# JL Nick & AssociatesExecutive Coaching Pittsburgh

3rd on the list is JL Nick & Associates, whose experts are some of the brightest in the field of executive coaching. Transformation is key to their work, providing any employee at any level of the business to move forward to reach their desired goals. With their intensive plan and program, they are made with the intention of getting you to the top. You will find yourself growing and improving, molding into the perfect leader to take the business to success.

4# Coach MoniqueGood Executive Coaching in Pittsburgh

Coach Monique offers a unique or should we say, ‘Monique’ approach to the imposter syndrome complex. She specializes in not just executive coaching but training in areas of emotional intelligence, performance, and hypnotherapy. With their background in Business, Communications, and Hypnotherapy she has her own approach and tailored methods to get you from zero to hero.

She has a range of tools and tricks up her sleeve, in order to not only change your behavior but change your mindset to make you realize and understand your true potential. Lead the pack with the help of Coach Monique at your side.

5# DLJ & AssociatesOne of the best Executive Coaching in Pittsburgh

DLJ & Associates has a wealth of knowledge to help you get ahead in the business. It is one of a kind as it is run by an African American female, who knows her way around the operations of the managerial field, offering solutions to those in academic, corporate, and NFP fields.

With an extensive background in Human Resources, she knows just what it is that makes people tick. No problem is too big or too small. Their consulting approach focuses on tailoring the program based on their client’s specific experience and field of work.