The 3 Best Employment Assessment Test Suppliers

Best Employment Assessment Test Suppliers

Oftentimes screening potential employees can feel like an impossible challenge. There are a number of theories and old-school mentalities that simply take too long for the modern workplace. Recruiters and companies in the stages of hiring have begun to see the light and have employed the use of intuitive online assessments that assist them in screening and understanding a candidate in more ways than ever before.

There is a wide array of options available to employers these days; personality tests, skill-based tests, industry-specified examinations, and general stress and workload tests. The big question one needs to ask in this is, how does one determine the best and most scientifically backed methods to the madness?

The following providers of online assessments for employers and recruiters were chosen based on their scientific credentials, the cognitive significance of their examinations, overall efficiency in their stated goals, and their general reputation.

Top Rated Employment Assessment Test Suppliers

1) TestGroup

TestGroup kicks off the list with industry-leading and completely unique ideology and scientific execution in its online tests. The company is renowned for its scientifically validated Bridge tests and online personality assessments that are available in 20 languages and utilized around the world.

For over 15 years TestGroup has proven that experience matters in this field, and with 250,000 annual participants, it’s hard to deny their ability and cognizance in providing the best quality online assessments for recruiters and companies.

2) TestGorilla

TestGorilla is one of the newer kids on the block and have a little more tailoring and bespoke options in their arsenal for high-quality assessments. The platform and sheer number of options available are astounding and allow for an instantaneous result to be produced.

This allows employers and recruiters to compare candidates instantly. The combination of tailored assessments and instant results that are scientifically backed lends us to keep a close eye on what the company will bring forward as it grows.

3) Maki

Maki rounds out the list with a well-intentioned and simple interface. Focusing more on the recruiter market, Maki has a wide array of industry-specific tests that cover the gamut from Administration to Hospitality. This level of specificity allows employers and recruiters specially to filter candidates with a more exact nature.

While very focused on certain industries, they give recruiters a fairly robust and efficient means for finding the right candidates.