5 Best E-Commerce Growth Agencies

Best E-Commerce Growth Agencies

E-commerce businesses are highly lucrative, especially in 2022. But you can get even more bang for your buck by partnering with an e-commerce growth agency. These agencies assist e-commerce business owners in scaling their operations by utilizing social media marketing and creative advertising tactics.

Our list is compiled of agencies that are tried-and-true by e-commerce industry standards. We evaluated our decision based on each company’s measurable results, client satisfaction and reviews, and their company values.

Read on to discover our top five firms to help you grow your e-commerce enterprise.

Top Rated and Best E-Commerce Growth Agencies

#1 Shopanova

Shopanova is a modern growth media buying agency for eCommerce shops. They have been able to grow their clients’ monthly revenues from 5-figures all the way to 7-figures and beyond.

The agency uses their Brand Velocity framework to create more money for their online retail clients, utilizing advertising, marketing, and creative services across all social media platforms and various channels.

Shopanova has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg Business, NBC, and more. They have a robust case study page with plenty of happy clients that got real results with their help — making them an easy choice for #1 on our list.

Additionally, Shopanova holds itself to a high standard of morals and values, best illustrated by Founder Robby Switzter and Daniel Stafford’s podcast on Conscious Capitalism.

#2 Common Thread Collective

Common Thread Collective

Common Thread Collective, an e-commerce growth platform, has a dreamy outlook on business with a streak of hardcore reality. It personalizes its scaling campaigns based on the individual with a results-oriented focus.

They specialize in working with direct to consumer (DTC) businesses and entrepreneurs with two to 30 million dollars in annual revenue.

They have worked with Colourpop, Lululemon, The North Face, Wilson, and more.

#3 Actital


Actital is an e-commerce growth company that utilizes Facebook ads to create funnels that foster growth for its clients. The company is eight years old and was an early proponent of influencer marketing.

It specializes in online marketing and data analysis with a particular focus on Facebook advertisements.

They also use Google ads, search engine optimization (SEO), email automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and Amazon to improve their clients’ results.

#4 Activ


Activ is focused on helping entrepreneurs who are inexperienced or two busy to grow their e-commerce business themselves.

They specialize in traffic, conversions, and retention, meaning they drive customers to your business, convert them into customers, and retain those customers as repeat buyers.

They employ SEO, email and text marketing, social media influence, creative campaigns, and subscription services. Additionally, they can help polish off your Shopify to create the best end-user experience.

#5 Stryde


Stryde claims first and foremost that they can grow your business by at least 40%, so if numbers is what you’re really after, this might be the company to choose.

They specialize in a more-tech based direction, using leading artificial intelligence, SEO, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

They have worked with the likes of IHG, Better Body Foods, GroVia, and IdealShape.