5 Best Dry Cleaners in Colorado Springs, CO

Best Dry Cleaners in Colorado Springs

Below is a list of the top and leading Dry Cleaners in Colorado Springs. To help you find the best Dry Cleaners located near you in Colorado Springs, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Colorado Springs’ Best Dry Cleaners:

The top rated Dry Cleaners in Colorado Springs, CO are:

  • Spring Clean Laundry – offers a full-service laundry collection
  • European Dry Cleaners – use only the highest quality odorless solvents
  • Tide Cleaners – 70 years of following best laundry practices
  • Super Quality Cleaners, LLC – they treat your items as if they were their own
  • Summit Cleaners – does not use any harmful chemicals

Spring Clean LaundryDry Cleaners in Colorado Springs

Spring Clean Laundry is more than just a laundromat. They are clean, and comfortable and have the fastest machines in town. They also offer a full-service laundry collection and delivery service. There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and dirty laundry.

They can help you with the laundry. Their Electrolux appliances come with advanced features like the 200g washer-extractor and tumble dryer reversing drum to get your laundry done faster.


Dry Cleaning & Delivery, Electrolux Washers & Dryers, Wash/Fold/Dry, & More


Address: 622 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Phone: (719) 354-8566
Website: www.springcleanlaundry.com


“I love this laundry mat and any time that I’ve attempted to try another place, it never went well so I always come back to Spring Clean Laundry. They have huge washers and dryers and are always doing great deals and taking care of their customers. They never give any attitude and I love that they do drop off laundry and make it so much easier for those of us who need a little more help. Thank you guys for being such a caring and great company and I’ll continue to go here as long as I need to.” – Kaylyn L.

European Dry CleanersTop Dry Cleaners in Colorado Springs

European Dry Cleaners, their services include a professional cleaning process based on what works best for your particular garment. They use only the highest quality odorless solvents that are more environmentally friendly than traditional dry cleaning chemicals.

From business shirts to uniforms, they use high-quality detergents and finishing agents with excellent whitening and coloring properties. They use the HygeniClean™ process that not only cleans but sanitizes each garment.


Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Household, & More


Address: 802 Arcturus Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Phone: (719) 473-7476
Website: www.eurodrycleaning.com


“Great people great work.” – Deborah F.

Tide CleanersDry Cleaners Colorado Springs

Tide Cleaners begins with their attention to detail. They think about the little things, from reminding you of your personal preferences to replacing a broken knob, so you don’t have to worry. Each Tide Cleaner is locally owned and operated by a team of cleaning professionals with years of unmatched garment care experience. Their Tide-trained professionals have over 70 years of following best laundry practices based on experience. Tide Cleaners use GreenEarth® cleaning solvents.

GreenEarth® Cleaning is the world’s largest eco-friendly dry cleaning brand. The GreenEarth® brand name refers to a unique, eco-friendly dry cleaning process that replaces petrochemical solvents traditionally used in dry cleaning with liquid silicone. Liquid silicones are colorless, odorless solutions that make excellent detergent carriers, have ideal fabric care properties, and are better for the environment.


Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry, Wash & Fold Laundry, & More


Address: 4730 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Phone: (719) 278-9186
Website: www.tidecleaners.com


“Tried Tide Dry Cleaners for the first time and it was an awesome experience. My clothes looked great and the staff are super friendly and helpful. Great experience and the prices are great for the service they provide. I found myself a new cleaner.” – Ashley L.

Super Quality Cleaners, LLCGood Dry Cleaners in Colorado Springs

Super Quality Cleaners, LLC is your trusted one-stop dry cleaning service. Super Quality Cleaners’ commitment to service isn’t just about your clothes, it’s about you. If you are not satisfied, they will fix it. Super Quality Cleaners is a family-run, full-service cleaning company that has served 8 convenient Colorado Springs locations since 2001. At Super Quality Cleaners, they treat your items as if they were their own.

Whether it’s a delicate item that needs extra care or a stubborn stain that needs extra care, they will refresh and restore your item to the highest quality standards. They use the latest dry cleaning equipment to ensure you always receive high-quality cleaning. Each item is then hand-finished and ironed, so your garment is clean and fresh when you pick it up.


Dry Cleaning, Wedding & Formal Dress Cleaning, & More


Address: 2340 Montebello Square Dr Suite A, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Phone: (719) 278-2643
Website: www.sqcleaners.com


“Excellent service, good cleaning, friendly management and workers.” – Stephen S.

Summit CleanersOne of the best Dry Cleaners in Colorado Springs

Summit Cleaners is dedicated to making a difference in Colorado and the environment. It all starts with their exclusive GreenEarth® cleaning process. It does not use any harmful chemicals and is non-toxic to the environment, making it safer for people and the environment. Their eco-friendly technology is one of many ways to become an eco-friendly dry cleaner.

Their odorless GreenEarth® dry cleaning process treats your clothes like a mineral bath, so it’s not only clean, it’s rejuvenated. The fabric becomes soft, supple, and silky smooth again. you look good too GreenEarth doesn’t damage fibers or leeches like traditional cleaning, leaving your clothes looking newer and longer.


Dry Cleaning, Alterations, Same Day Service, & More


Address: 8710 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: (719) 282-8203
Website: www.summitcleaners.com


“Great Cleaners, been a customer since they opened years ago. They have customer-oriented employees and provide fast and dependable service.” – Paul F.