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5 Best DOT Compliance Companies in the US

DOT compliance is essential to fostering the safe transport of heavy cargo through trucking companies. A DOT Audit ensures they are following rules and regulations mandated by the FMCSA. Understanding DOT guidelines is key to promising that each and every driver on the road is DOT compliant and will pass any DOT Audits.

DOT Driver fitness is a primary concern for Trucking Companies. Making sure you are DOT compliant prevents any potential risks of the FMCSA putting you out of service. For this reason, more and more businesses are turning to reliable and effective DOT compliance companies. With the ever-changing FMCSA and DOT Clearinghouse regulations having a trusted compliance specialist on your team has never been more needed than now.

For those who want to make sure their Trucking Company and Drivers are in compliance with the FMCSA regulations and Department of Transportation, here are the top 5 DOT compliance companies in the US.

Top and Best DOT Compliance Companies:

#1 Purcell “We Grow Your Business”™

DOT Compliance Company

Number one on the list is Purcell, Purcell is paving the way for trucking businesses across the US. Their certified specialist are dedicated to educate and assist you with FMCSA and DOT Clearinghouse regulations. Their services include DOT background screening, DOT online driver fitness files, DOT audits, DOT audit Caps, DOT Clearinghouse registration, freight and more.

The unique service Purcell offers is not only do they keep you DOT compliant they offer business coaching. Trucking businesses invest $6,000 to $15,000 in compliances, insurances, and paperwork (not including their equipment) to be in business. Trucking companies begin to fail due to high operational costs, low-paying freight, and being put out of service due to not understanding FMCSA/ DOT regulations. That is a lot of money to invest only to have your business fail.

Purcell won’t let you become a statistic. Purcell offers solutions to every problem a trucking business goes through. Starting with buying the correct DOT compliances, managing drivers, and providing business coaching solutions.

Purcell is easily becoming the #1 DOT Compliance company that trucking companies rely on.

#2 Foley Services

DOT Compliance

Running second place is Foley Services, an all-round provider catering to businesses in need of administrative assistance.

They have great DOT compliance technology for background screening and making sure you have the right driver for the right destination. Jump along for the ride with their versatile, up-to-date, and customer prioritized service, keeping your company afloat.

#3 J.J. Keller & Associates

DOT Compliance Companies in the US

Taking the bronze medal is J.J. Keller & Associates, passionate about providing a safe and effective workplace for driving companies across America.

It is their main mission statement to guarantee every highway and worksite is kept protected and operating to the best of its ability.

Offering some of the  finest regulatory and safety compliance alongside their administrative support, they can help make a difference to the working environment.

#4 Evilsizor & Associates

DOT Compliance Company USA

Next on the list is Evilsizor & Associates with an interesting background as an ICC special agent prior to its switch as a DOT compliance company.

They provide one of the leading administrative and regulations services for brokerage firms and trucking companies.

Spanning almost 30 years of experience in the field, they have since made safety regulations more understandable among their clients.

#5 DOT Operating Authority

DOT Operating Authority

Lastly, DOT Operating Authority provides one of the first-rate filing and consulting services in the US. They are intent on providing their clients the most priority, making sure they are properly filling out their registrations.

They are passionate about making sure the driving space is safe and operating efficiently for all workers, ensuring employers are well informed on regulations.