5 Best Doggy Day Care Centre in Miami, FL

Best Doggy Day Care Centre in Miami, FL

Below is a list of the top and leading Doggy Day Care in Miami. To help you find the best Doggy Day Care located near you in Miami, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Miami’s Best Doggy Day Care: 

The top-rated Doggy Day Care in Miami, FL are:

  • Doggie VIP Miami – specialized pet care center that is dedicated to all furry friends
  • Somi Pet Resort & Dog Daycare – home to a luxury pet boarding experience
  • Dog House Downtown – strives to make dogs and owners happy at all times
  • Dog Kingdom Miami – creates a place where dogs and pets can have fun while learning
  • Dogtown Brickell – dedicates its effort and love to dogs

Doggie VIP Miami

accommodating Doggy Day Care Centre in Miami, FLDoggie VIP Miami is a specialized pet care center that is dedicated to all furry friends. The team keeps guests indulged and entertained in a comfortable and convenient place. Furthermore, they accommodate and welcome dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds. The team ensures the best services are given. In addition, they regularly update the owners with pictures of their pets.

The center offers a full range of active and dynamic daycare offerings. Moreover, these include dog boarding, haircutting, grooming. They also have a playpen and dental cleaning available.

Products/ Services:

dog boarding, haircutting, grooming, playpen, daycare


Address: 1756 N Bayshore Dr #123, Miami, FL 33132
Phone: (786) 615-8853
Website: doggievip.com


”I’m so happy I found this place for my coco!! Super friendly staff and makes you feel like family. My little Maltese was so happy and they send pictures which is so relieving because I was nervous! But now I have a go to spot for boarding !” – Fabiola Noel

Somi Pet Resort & Dog Daycare

professional Doggy Day Care Centre in Miami, FLSomi Pet Resort & Dog Daycare offers a luxurious pet boarding experience with state-of-the-art facilities. With luxury suites and a variety of snacks and activities, they are second-to-none. They guarantee to keep every pet in their care entertained, relaxed, and well-taken care of. Furthermore, they ensure to keep each pet active and engaged. They have a team of educated and well-trained staff attending the furry guests.

They specialize in offering luxury and premium daycare services. Moreover, they offer chemical-free pools, private dog parks, and multi-room condos for pets. They also offer private walks, office duty, and group plays.

Products/ Services:

daycare, pet resort


Address: 2950 SW 71st Ave, Miami, FL 33155
Phone: (305) 504-8255
Website: somipetresort.com


” From beginning to end this place was absolutely amazing!! They pampered and lived our doggies, even when they were timid to meet new people. They went above and beyond to make this experience phenomenal for all involved!!” – Mary Cooper

Dog House Downtown

reliable Doggy Day Care Centre in Miami, FLDog House Downtown strives to make dogs and owners happy at all times. They ensure to have everything a dog may possibly need or want at arm’s reach. The daycare center is a secure and fun place for every dog while its owner is away. Moreover, their grooming services are personally-curated to provide comfort and ease to every dog. They are happy to offer their services at budget-friendly prices.

They offer a variety of cost-efficient daycare services and retail products. These include daycare, grooming, and dog boarding. Furthermore, they provide dog collars, dog foods, and toys.

Products/ Services:

grooming, daycare


Address: 1304 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132
Phone: (786) 953-6668
Website: doghousemiami.com


“We love Dog House Downtown! Our dog, Rumi, goes to daycare four days a week and it is absolutely her happiest place. She plays all day, gets great exercise and has lots of fun.” – Jackie Abril

Dog Kingdom Miami

efficient Doggy Day Care Centre in Miami, FL

Dog Kingdom Miami creates a place where dogs and pets can have fun while learning. The team wishes to offer unique and special care to each dog that enters and surrounds them. Furthermore, they accommodate dogs of all breeds and sizes. The dogs are kept in a laid-back, relaxed, and pressure-free environment. They ensure that they feel loved and well-taken care of.

The team specializes in offering dog school services and grooming. Moreover, their services cover cognitive-emotional approaches in dog training. The dog trainers work with the dogs with individualized training plans.

Products/ Services:

daycare, training


Address: 317 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL 33137
Phone: (305) 200-5985
Website: dogkingdomco.com


”Best place ever! My dog Marley loved to stay and they kept us posted every day! The staff is the best. They really care about dogs! My dog already stayed 3 times and he came back always happy! I recommend it 100% .” – Mariana Mitroga

Dogtown Brickell

supportive Doggy Day Care Centre in Miami, FLDogtown Brickell dedicates its effort and love to dogs. They have over 20 years of experience with dogs. The daycare has skilled staff employing hands-on services. They create a place where both the owners and the dogs feel comforted and relieved. Furthermore, they ensure to provide the best of the best for comfort and care. The facility is equipped with a complete line of dog essentials.

The daycare center offers full-service care amenities. Furthermore, these include daycare, outdoor walking, and dog washing. They also have grooming services like nail trimming and teeth cleaning.

Products/ Services:

dog washing, pet care, daycare


Address: 1100 Brickell Bay Dr #115, Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (305) 448-5225
Website: barkfetchrun.com


”I have been taking my dog Chiqui to Dogtown Coconut Grove for 3 years now. Bianca is her groomer and she is AWESOME!! We are always so happy because she does a excellent job on chiqui. Everyone there is very friendly and super nice. I recommend Dogtown, coconut grove to everyone.” – Yordy G