5 Best Dog Grooming in Sacramento, CA

Best Dog Grooming in Sacramento

Below is a list of the top and leading Dog Grooming in Sacramento. To help you find the best Dog Grooming located near you in Sacramento, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sacramento’s Best Dog Grooming:

The top rated Dog Grooming in Sacramento, CA are:

  • Pet Stylista – offers a wide selection of dog and cat grooming services
  • Petco Dog Grooming – provides a wide range of treatments
  • Animal Den – makes every effort to give the grooming services
  • Grateful Dog Daycare – they currently offer dog walking services
  • k9 Cosmetology Mobile Pet Grooming – is a family-owned and operated enterprise

Pet StylistaDog Grooming in Sacramento

Pet Stylista in its peaceful spa environment, offers a wide selection of dog and cat grooming services. They are also aware that their clients may have pet grooming emergencies. They include your pet rolling in something filthy, de-skunking, and, of course, surprise visits from your mother-in-law.

They are pleased to “groom green” by employing natural products, recycling, and reused decor. They adore dogs and cats and enjoy grooming them. Check out their boutique and spa setting to ensure your favorite pet has the best experience possible. Pet Stylista donates to a number of local animal rescues and charities.


Haircut Groom, Nails and Ears Service, Paw Plus Service, Shed-less Bath Treatment


Address: 2717 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: 916-266-1835
Website: www.petstylista.com


“ The whole team is amazing. They did an amazing job with my puppy. His previous groomer hurt him so he was very anxious. They were very patient and gentle with him. My baby came home with the best haircut that he’s ever had and looked so handsome. Loved them so much that I booked my next 4 appointments” – Harmeet D.

Petco Dog GroomingTop Dog Grooming in Sacramento

Petco Dog Grooming provides a wide range of treatments, including washing, grooming, and special upgrades to pamper your pet. Walk-in services for dog nail clipping, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and other services begin at $5. Bring your pet in to get groomed by licensed stylists that adore what they do. Whether customers come in for a tailored service or a consultation, you can see each stylist’s passion in action.

Many Petco locations near you also provide a quick and low-cost self-serve dog wash to help keep your dog or puppy clean without the trouble and mess of bathing at home. Cat grooming is also available in some locales. Call your local Petco Groomer today to see whether services are available in your area or to schedule a grooming appointment.


Dog Grooming, Veterinary Services, Pharmacy, Dog Training, Pet Insurance, Dog Adoption, Vital Care


Address:1878 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: 916-923-1082
Website: www.stores.petco.com


“This groomer was extremely helpful and pleasant. I usually take my dog to get groomed at the Petco by my house but there hadn’t been any openings, and now I’m glad I chose this one. My usual salon never provided any kind of pet report card or feedback on how my dog was nor offer to set up regular appointments for grooming upkeep, so getting those here was a pleasant surprise. I think I’ll be coming to this salon from now on” – Emrys L.

Animal DenDog Grooming Sacramento

Animal Den makes every effort to give the grooming services asked and wants you to be satisfied with the results. They prefer to go through specifics with you to ensure they get the outcomes you want. Their groomers are available for one-on-one consultations during your appointment time to inspect the state of your pet’s coat and offer any necessary recommendations. Visits to their professional groomers on a regular basis help maintain your pet’s coat all year.

They can recommend a grooming program to keep your pet’s coat in good condition throughout the year. Having your pet trimmed immediately before they return home from boarding or daycare is the greatest way to assure a fresh, clean arrival. Finally, they can provide you with an approximate completion time so that you can arrange your pick-up accordingly. Pets must be picked up within one hour of their call time, or daycare fees will be applied.


Dog and Cat Boarding, Doggy Daycare, Swim Center, Grooming


Address: 4060 Power Inn Rd, Sacramento, CA 95826
Phone: 16-456-4720
Website: www.animaldenpetresort.com


“The best in my experience. My biggest regret from moving away from Sacramento is that Animal Den is such an incredible place to bring a dog. The staff is kind and knowledgeable and the prices are much lower than in the Bay Area. I like how they seem to treat their employees well. And good luck finding a pool as they have at Animal Den, at least in San Jose it’s hard to find” – Kevin N.

Grateful Dog DaycareGood Dog Grooming in Sacramento

Grateful Dog Daycare is conveniently located at 17th and E Street in midtown Sacramento. Their passion for dogs and desire to improve their quality of life inspired the creation of Grateful Dog. Healthy social connections and frequent exercise make for a happier companion. They are glad to give you the knowledge that your dog is sleeping, playing, and being loved in a safe and stimulating environment.

They are pleased to provide a full-service dog grooming salon to keep your dog looking and smelling terrific. See their services and charges page for more information. Are you pressed for time? Allow Grateful Dog to walk your dog for you. They currently offer dog walking services from the comfort of your own home for those occasions when you need to work late or simply need a helping hand.


Dog Walking, Day Care, Boarding, Pick and Delivery


Address: 430 17th St, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: 916-446-2501
Website: www.gratefuldogdaycare.com


“I take my 40lb doodle dog to get groomed here and they do an amazing job, every time! They even have a little slab with four lengths so you can visualize ideal lengths for the cut. It helps me out A LOT. My pup comes out looking great no matter which groomer he sees. He’s also quite nervous but they take good care of him while he’s there” – Sarah K.

k9 Cosmetology Mobile Pet GroomingOne of the best Best Dog Grooming in Sacramento

k9 Cosmetology Mobile Pet Grooming is a family-owned and operated enterprise. Iris, the founder, had over 8 years of experience in the pet sector and envisioned a service that would provide clients with a convenient and high-quality service. Today, K9 Cosmetology has won the trust and faith of pet owners who are looking for the best service for their pets. Their pet groomers are certified and enthusiastic pet owners who must meet your high expectations.

Their objective is to make your visit as comfortable, memorable, and delightful as it is for your pets. You can also select from their more alternatives, and be sure to inquire about offers when scheduling your pet’s visit. They are more concerned with the pet’s well-being than with generating a profit by overcharging people. They place as much emphasis on the pet’s grooming as they do on the client’s budget. This is undoubtedly what has allowed them to provide the greatest pet care for so many years.


Nail Trim and Ear Cleaning, Combing and Brushing, Clipping Fur and Haircut


Phone: 916-530-9993
Website: www.k9cosmetology.com


“Highly recommend. She understands animals and recognizes small things that owners need to be aware of. And she beautifies my westie” – Kevin K.