5 Best Dog Grooming in Boston, MA

Best Dog Grooming in Boston

Below is a list of the top and leading Dog Grooming in Boston. To help you find the best Dog Grooming located near you in Boston, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Boston’s Best Dog Grooming:

The top rated Dog Grooming in Boston, MA are:

  • Dewberry Dogs Spa – is a family-owned providing  dog grooming services since 1987
  • Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa Boston – owned and operated full-service pet care shop
  • Snippers Hair Club For Dogs – has groomers with over 12+ years of experience
  • Laundromutt BYOD– was the first self–service dog wash in the Greater Boston area
  • Boston Dog Butlers – Boston’s pet care specialists

Dewberry Dogs SpaDog Grooming in Boston

Dewberry Dogs Spa, since 1987, has been a family-owned business providing grooming services. They enjoy caring for and bonding with animals, as well as building long-term relationships. They treat your pet as if it were their own, grooming and pampering it to perfection. Their team consists of highly-trained specialists that have years of experience working with animals.

They are enthusiastic about what they do, whether it is making your pet look great or simply providing pet guidance. They take pride in keeping their salon clean and giving excellent and courteous service to their customers.


Dog Grooming


Address: 357 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127
Phone: (617) 269-1507
Website: www.dewberrydogs.com


“A great place with great staff. I always bring my dogs in for the nail trimming and although they both hate it everyone here makes sure to make them as comfortable as possible and get it done quickly and professionally.” – Nick M.

Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa BostonTop Dog Grooming in Boston

Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa Boston is a full-service pet care business run by a family. Despite the fact that they are a small company, they are focused on expanding and adding new sites so that they may continue to give the finest in pet care. With the launch of their flagship store in the Greater Cincinnati area in 2007, the “Red Dog” brand began. They provide five-star service to all furry members of the family. Overnight accommodations, upgraded private suites with music and TVs, villas with outdoor patios, and larger “family” accommodations are all included.

With the addition of Red Dog Mason in Ohio in 2014 and Red Dog Northshore in Massachusetts in December 2017, the Red Dog brand has continued to expand. The Red Dog team will have cared for over one million pets by the year 2020, and they are very happy to establish their first store in Downtown Boston.


Pet Resort and Spa


Address: 274 Southampton St, Boston, MA 02118
(617) 427-2220


“I left my dog and cat for an extended stay, and they were both in good shape and good spirits when I picked them up. I would recommend signing up for special services like swimming as early as possible as these services fill up early. This is a very good and reliable boarding option.” – Sandra L.

Snippers Hair Club For DogsDog Grooming Boston

Snippers Hair Club For Dogs groomers with more than 12 years of experience make up their workforce. Finally, their mission is to give expert grooming while also treating your dogs with the care and attention they deserve. Snippers is a pet-friendly day spa. They aimed to make an environment for your pet that was both enjoyable and appealing.

Snippers is a pleasant, energetic, and fun place to be. They won’t put your dog in a kennel unless he or she is aggressive or has specific needs. They keep their business open so that all processes may be seen at all times and your dog never feels alone. It is certainly a dog-friendly environment.


Hand Scissoring, Hand Stripping, Hydro Surge Bathing, Flea Treatment, Medicated Baths, Skunk Baths, Anal Gland Extraction, Teeth Brushing, Nail Trims, and Grinding


Address: 99 Savin Hill Ave, Boston, MA 02125
Phone: (617) 269-9600
Website: www.snippersgrooming.com


“My Virgil is a 12-year-old tank of dog and he has never looked so good smelling great and mani-pedi as good as it gets, Dino is the sweetest guy and even Virgil’s former groomer saw him and complimented on how great he looks, I would never take my dog anywhere else.” – Macomber C.

Laundromutt BYODGood Dog Grooming in Boston

Laundromutt BYOD is a family-owned and controlled company, with Elizabeth at the lead. The first self–service dog wash in the Greater Boston area was Laundromjutt. Maya, her first German Shepherd, was an inspiration to her. Maya struggled with skin problems like rashes and hotspots caused by allergies for the better part of her eleven years. Frequent, medicated baths were one of the most effective treatments for her skin problems. Groomers were an expensive alternative, bathing Maya in the claw and ball bathtub at home was a dirty and back-breaking one, and holding her under the cold–water hose in the backyard was a no-no.

Elizabeth noticed the necessity for a self–service dog wash as a result of her struggles with Maya’s skin problem. As a result, the goal of LaundroMutt (and now BYOD Dog Wash) became clear: to promote dog health and wellness through regular washing, a balanced diet, plenty of mental and physical stimulation, and ongoing training.


DIY Bath, Drop-Off Bath, Grooming


Address: 617 E Broadway, Boston, MA 02127
Phone: (617) 765-4800
Website: www.laundromutt.com


“Indoor dog washing/drying. You can’t beat that. The staff is always great and helpful. Love that I can go there without an appointment and be in and out in 20 min with a clean dog.” – Kristen G.

Boston Dog ButlersOne of the best Dog Grooming in Boston

Boston Dog Butlers started in 2017 by two lifelong pet owners who set out on a mission to give the Boston pet owner community peace of mind. The pet care staff at Boston Dog Butlers understands what it means to treat clients’ pets as family members, with a daily promise to provide exceptional playtime and care for their clients’ dogs, as well as top-tier client connections.

Their pet specialists are highly trained and continue to hone their pet care abilities in the field every day thanks to Sasha Prasad, their lead animal behavioralist, who developed continuing education programs.


Dog Grooming, Dog Walking, Park Play, Boarding & Pet Sitting, Dog Training, Pet Products


Address: 643 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02118
Phone: (617) 712-2082
Website: www.bostondogbutlers.com


“The nicest dog professionals I have come across in the Boston area. Personable, compassionate, and genuinely excited to do the work. I have a 10-month-old Samoyed pup who can be a piece of work, but they were more than optimistic and achieved incredible results, he’s never looked better. Definitely would recommend it to anyone with long-haired dogs having trouble finding groomers. Thanks again for your hard work guys.” – Shannon R.