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5 Best Dog Grooming in Austin🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Dog Grooming in Austin. To help you find the best Dog Grooming located near you in Austin, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Austin’s Best Dog Grooming:

The top rated Dog Grooming in Austin are:

  • Mod Mutt Salon –a contemporary full-service dog and cat grooming salon for the discerning pet owner
  • Hair O’ The Dog Pet Salon –a full-service dog grooming salon
  • As the Fur Flies -a day spa for pampering pets
  • Bravado Dog Grooming -a small salon that offers a variety of service for both puppies and senior dogs
  • Mud Puppies -a grooming shop that also offers play care, boarding, and a self-service dog wash experience

Mod Mutt Salon

Mod Mutt Salon
Mod Mutt Salon. Source: Screenshot from www.modmuttsalon.com

Mod Mutt Salon is a quality pet grooming by appointment, AKC Safe Certified Salon where you can bring your pooches for a different kind of grooming experience at great prices. Opened June of 2017, they boast themselves of groomers that are certified in Pet CPR & First Aid through the Pet Health Academy so you can be assured that your pets are in good hands while they receive the pampering that they deserve.

Located in Lamar Boulevard, at the corner intersection of Morrow, this modern salon is for modern pet owners that acknowledges the fact that grooming goes beyond the aesthetic side but for the health and wellness of their pets the most.


Hand Bathing, Hand Blow Drying, Nail Trimming & Filing, Ears Cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Trimming


Address: 7600 N Lamar Blvd, Austin TX 78752
Phone: (512) 436-8398
Website: www.modmuttsalon.com


“Tonto’s mohawk looks amazing! The staff is so friendly and accommodating! Ranger’s nails look great! Our dogs give it four paws out of four paws and five stars to boot! Highly recommended!!!” – Jill Bingamon

Hair O’ The Dog Pet Salon

Hair O' The Dog Pet Salon
Hair O’ The Dog Pet Salon. Source: Screenshot from www.hairothedogsalon.com

Hair O’ The Dog Pet Salon is a local, family-owned business established in 2015. This salon ensures its pet-friendly atmosphere by exercising grooming practices that assure security and convenience for both the dog and groomer.

Found in North Austin, this local salon finds satisfaction in being an active member of their community and takes pride in partnering with local rescue organizations to ensure that their rescued dogs will have a better chance of adoption.


Full Shampoo and Bath, Full Shampoo and Bath, Anal Gland Expression, Ear Cleaning, De-shedding, Teeth Brushing, Flea Bath, Nail Grinding, Nail Painting, Hair Color


Address: 13497 Research Blvd #500, Austin, TX 78750
Phone: (512) 258-9195
Website: www.hairothedogsalon.com


“Quick, reasonable prices, so so friendly! They did so great with my sweet pittie puppy. I will definitely be back! Thank you!” – Briana Hennington

As the Fur Flies

As the Fur Flies
As the Fur Flies. Source: Screenshot from www.asthefurfliesaustin.com

As the Fur Flies is a day spa found in the heart of Austin that offers personalized services that will ensure the comfort of your dogs without compromising the health and safety of your pet.

Boasting highly skilled and well-trained staff, they ensure that all services are tailor-made to the preference of the owner and the behavior of their dog. Their commitment is to ensure that your pets are protected and they will feel great after each session.


Dog Bath, Dog Haircut, Tooth Brushing, Nail Cutting and Filing, Semi-permanent Color, De-matting, Training Consultation, Training Session


Address: 2801 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702
Phone: (512) 502-5112
Website: www.asthefurfliesaustin.com


“Cherie did a great job on my older dog, taking extra time with him. She is
patient and makes Riley look handsome. Highly recommend.” – Shiela S.

Bravado Dog Grooming

Bravado Dog Grooming
Bravado Dog Grooming. Source: Screenshot from www.bravadodoggrooming.com

Bravado Dog Grooming is a locally owned, family-operated small salon that offers a variety of services to puppies and even senior dogs. With your furbaby’s best interest in mind, they ensure to accommodate your dogs as soon as you walk in and proceeds on giving them the quality service that you require and your dog needs.

Located in the heart of North Loop, this salon prides itself on groomers that have over 10 years of dog grooming experience and expertise. They also have an open floor environment so if your puppies and dogs love to mingle with other pooches, then they would surely enjoy the experience here.


Luxury Bath, Full Body Haircut, De-matting, De-shedding, Sanitary Cleaning, Nail Trim


Address: 19 E North Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78751
Phone: (512) 769-8898
Website: www.bravadodoggrooming.com


“The team at Bravado Dog Grooming is A++. My 85lbs German Shepherd literally hates getting her nails clipped, but the team is so nice and keeps her calm. We’ve developed a teamwork strategy (troubleshooting together what works and doesn’t work) and we get it done every time; it’s awesome. Seriously HUGE love for this groomer– highly recommend them!” – Vivvi Britton

Mud Puppies


Mud Puppies is a play care, boarding, grooming, and training shop. Started as a dog wash business in 2004, it expanded to a full-service dog business and has two branches in Austin.

Located in the North and South parts of Austin, they prided themselves in providing a clean, fun and safe environment for your dogs. Their staff are well trained not only with dog grooming but an expert as well in terms of dog behavior so you will be assured that your dog is in good hands.


Bath And Style, Gland Expression, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Tooth Brushing, Hypo-allergenic Tearless Shampoo, Fluff Drying By Hand, Hand-scissored Finish


Address: 12233 FM 620 N. Suite 110-A Austin, TX 78750
Phone: (512) 249-2498
Website: www.mud-puppies.com


“They do an amazing grooming job. Even brushing the dog’s teeth. Plus, the greeting your dog gets from the groomer is so exciting the dog loves it.” – Cathy Chatty