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5 Best Divorce Attorneys in Buffalo, NY

Below is a list of the top and leading Divorce Attorneys in Buffalo. To help you find the best Divorce Attorneys located near you in Buffalo, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Buffalo’s Best Divorce Attorneys:

The top-rated Divorce Attorneys in Buffalo, NY are:

  • Anthony J. Cervi, Attorney at Law – leveraging nearly two decades of experience to help clients achieve their legal goals
  • The Rossi Law Firm – provides results-oriented and client-focused representation.
  • Gabriele Law – is a boutique law firm led by Vanessa Gabriele, a family law & divorce lawyer in Buffalo.
  • Venzon Law Firm – helps clients navigate challenging issues involving family law and divorce.
  • Wesley Clark & Peshkin – one of NYS’s most experienced law firms focused on divorce, family law, and estate planning.

Anthony J. Cervi, Attorney at Law

Divorce Attorneys in Buffalo, NY

Anthony J. Cervi, Attorney at Law offers expertise, vigorous representation, and a wealth of experience to Buffalo clients. Irrespective of the legal challenges individuals encounter, they collaborate closely with clients, comprehending their objectives and crafting a robust strategy to facilitate the attainment of the most favorable outcome. The Law Office of Anthony J. Cervi is deeply committed to securing optimal resolutions for clients’ legal matters, considering them more than mere ‘cases’ but rather as causes they passionately champion.

Divorce, matrimonial law, family law, wills and estates, business law, criminal defense

Address: 43 Court Street Suite 822 Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: (716) 856-5223
Website: cervilaw.com

Mr. Cervi has handled several matters for me and I have been extremely satisfied with his services. He is a well-knowledged attorney who puts his clients first and handles matters in a timely fashion. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family. – Christine Zelaski

The Rossi Law Firm

Prominent Divorce Attorneys in Buffalo, NY

The Rossi Law Firm is a Buffalo-based legal practice that is unwavering in its commitment to providing competent, compassionate, and cost-effective legal services to the residents of western New York. With a history dating back to its establishment in 1981, the firm has built a strong reputation for delivering dependable legal support across a spectrum of areas, including divorce, child custody, and significant personal injury claims.

At The Rossi Law Firm, the dedication to securing the optimal legal solutions for clients is paramount. Leveraging more than four decades of successful litigation experience, the firm diligently prepares each case meticulously and thoroughly, with a readiness for trial even when it may not be the ultimate path.

Divorce, asset division, prenuptial agreements, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, family law

Address: 68 Niagara Street Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: (716) 854-5555
Website: rossilawfirm.com

The Rossi Law Firm is a class act and a very professional law firm. They do their best to satisfy your every need and constantly ensure that their work is satisfactory. I highly recommend their firm. – Ted Lee

Gabriele Law

Top Divorce Attorneys in Buffalo

Gabriele Law’s primary focus centers on divorce, mediation, child custody matters, prenuptial agreements, and more. Vanessa Gabriele has diligently served families across the Buffalo and Western New York Area, establishing an outstanding reputation for her unwavering commitment to tackling challenging and intricate cases with the utmost dedication and respect for clients When clients select Gabriele Law PLLC, they become integral members of a collaborative team working alongside their family and divorce lawyers to optimize their goals and achieve favorable outcomes

Divorce and separation, divorce mediation, adoption,  child custody and visitation, prenuptial agreements

Address: 392 Pearl Street Suite 400 Buffalo, New York 14202
Phone: (716) 242-7200
Website: gabrielelawpllc.com

Vanessa is a great lawyer. She is upfront and honest, gives you true advice, and doesn’t make promises that she can’t keep. She follows through and responds quickly to any questions you have. – Jen Venti

Venzon Law Firm

Trusted Divorce Attorneys in Buffalo

Venzon Law Firm has been empowering its clients with resilience throughout the divorce process since 1984. The key to this resilience lies in knowledge. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the process and its potential outcomes, individuals can make informed decisions. The firm’s wealth of knowledge and extensive experience becomes the bedrock of the strength clients need to safeguard their interests during this challenging phase.

With decades of expertise in divorce settlements and trials, Venzon Law Firm PC stands apart. Unlike many divorce lawyers who avoid trials, leaving clients to seek new legal representation when settlements falter, this firm has a formidable track record in handling trials, including those involving children. While the majority of cases find resolution through settlement, their team is fully prepared to champion your case through the entirety of the legal process when amicable settlements are unattainable.

Divorce and separation, property division, spousal maintenance, paternity, child custody, child support, family court

Address: 300 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: (716) 899-1401
Website: venzonlawfirm.com

I could not have asked for a more dedicated team of qualified and passionate legal professionals. Chad, Jeff, and Catharine have always been attentive, receptive, and caring in my time as a client, and I would highly recommend Venzon Law Firm to anyone in need of family attorneys. – Glenn Robert

Wesley Clark & Peshkin

Effective Divorce Attorneys in Buffalo, NY

Wesley Clark & Peshkin specializes in family law and estate planning, boasting a rich history of expertise and innovation. Their core areas of focus encompass divorce litigation, collaborative law, mediation, and the critical measures necessary to safeguard one’s estate and family. Over time, the firm’s commitment to delivering top-notch client service has driven it to broaden its offerings, encompassing all facets of family law and estate planning. Today, they take pride in catering to the diverse needs of families, whether they are in the planning phase or navigating unexpected transitions.

Collaborative law, mediation, child custody, child support, litigation

Address: 350 Main St Suite 2405, Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: (888) 222-4996
Website: wcplaw.com

Daylyn was absolutely amazing, supportive, and communicative throughout the entirety of my service. Very pleasant to work with and had my best interest always. Very fair and helpful. I would highly recommend using this law firm and Daylyn! I am an extremely satisfied client. – Spencer Murray