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5 Best Distilleries in Memphis, TN

Below is a list of the top and leading Distilleries in Memphis, TN. To help you find the best Distilleries located near you in Memphis, TN, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Memphis, TN’s Best Distilleries:

The top-rated Distilleries in Memphis, TN are:

  • Old Dominick Distillery – offers full distillery tours, tastings, retail shops, and event space.
  • B.R. Distilling Co. – the oldest licensed distillery in Memphis.
  • WISEACRE Brewing Company – high-quality and uniquely flavorful beer available in Memphis.
  • Memphis Made Brewing Co. – great beer made in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Crosstown Brewing Company – a true original with a wide variety of influences, tastes, and personalities.

Old Dominick Distillery

5 Best Distilleries in Memphis, TN

Old Dominick Distillery is one of the biggest distilleries in Memphis that offers tastings, tours, and more. This distillery also has a retail store where you can purchase all of its products. Old Dominick Distillery also provides a space in their premises for events like birthdays, weddings, and more. This distillery also has a full-service bar that will satisfy all your cravings. Their staff are very friendly and will serve and assist you in any shape, way, and form. They will go above and beyond to make sure your experience is fun and memorable. Looking for a distillery in Memphis that has some of the best drinks? Old Dominick Distillery is a great option.

Distillery, whiskeys, gin, vodka

Address: 305 S Front St, Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: (901) 260-1250
Website: olddominick.com

A great tout with Jordan, and of course, enjoyed the tasting the most afterward. It’s cool learning the history of the distillery and how they founded the spot. – Corinne Wurden

B.R. Distilling Co.

Best Distilleries in Memphis, TN

B.R. Distilling Co. is the oldest and most respected distillery in the Memphis area. This distillery offers a wide assortment of craft drinks that will surely make any party better. B.R. Distilling Co. is known for its two flagship drinks that have been distributed across the country. These two drinks are always available in bars, liquor stores, restaurants, and other establishments. They create some of the best drinks made from the best ingredients. Their staff is among the best in terms of customer experience. They will always go above and beyond to make sure everyone is having the time of their lives. So, if you want to experience Memphis’ best distillery, B.R. Distilling Co. is absolutely a must-visit.

Blue Note straight bourbon whiskey, Riverset straight rye whiskey

Address: 802 Royal Avenue, Memphis, TN 38107
Phone: (901) 522-4471
Website: brdistilling.com

Great bourbon whiskey! Their Blue Note barrel selection process rivals that of the bigger known names. Riverset Rye is great neat/on the rock/or in a cocktail. I can’t wait for a tasting room or more public events post-pandemic. The BR Distilling crew is doing big things in Memphis! – Joel Martin

WISEACRE Brewing Company

Best Distilleries in Memphis, TN

WISEACRE Brewing Company is a brewery and distillery that produces and offers top-shelf products. This distillery and brewery showcase amazing flavors made from the best ingredients available. WISEACRE Brewing Company has a team of customer service experts that will always go the extra mile to make sure everyone is having the time of their lives. Their products are among the most popular that are produced in Memphis. For years WISEACRE has produced drinks consistently making them one of the go-to sources for craft drinks in Tennessee. So, if you are looking to go on a tour of a distillery while testing their drinks, WISEACRE Brewing Company is a fun destination you should try.

Beer, drinks, brewery

Address: 2783 Broad Ave. Memphis, TN 38112
Phone: (901) 888-7000
Website: wiseacrebrew.com

Loved this place. The atmosphere was great and the food truck was really good. The weather wasn’t great the day we were there but on a great day, the outdoor section would be wonderful. This is a gem that I highly recommend you visit. Oh, yeah, the beer is great too! – James Truett

Memphis Made Brewing Co.

Memphis, TN Best Distilleries

Memphis Made Brewing Co. is a modest brewing and distilling company based in Memphis that offers some of the best beers available. This independent distillery and brewery produce hard seltzers, beers, and seasonal brews. Memphis Made Brewing Co. is very focused on producing consistently good brews so people can enjoy and appreciate them. These brews are made from the best ingredients available and are made by their professional team. These professionals have been in the brewing industry for years and provide constant consistent quality work. So, if you want to experience amazing drinks while supporting a local business, Memphis Made Brewing Co. is one of the companies you should keep an eye on.

Beer, drinks

Address: 768 S. Cooper St. Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: (901) 207-5343
Website: memphismadebrewing.com

Visited at the start of Covid-19 times, the bar was still open but people were a little worried. They turned an old warehouse into an interesting space. Friendly staff, and many varieties of beer. – David Schuster

Crosstown Brewing Company

Memphis, TN's Best Distilleries

Crosstown Brewing Company is one of the most popular breweries and distilleries in Memphis. This brewing company produces some of the tastiest and most fun drinks. Crosstown Brewing Company started off in a backyard when two partners who have a passion for beer decided to start their company. Years later they now run one of the best brewing companies in Tennessee. Their products are amazing and personnel hardworking. These are the reasons why Crosstown is considered one of Memphis’ best destinations for drinks bar none.

Beers, taproom

Address: 1264 Concourse Ave. Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: (901) 529-7611
Website: crosstownbeer.com

This place is great! We had a few tasters and all were delicious. The guy behind the bar was super helpful and friendly! The space is great for indoor or outdoor seating. The Concourse building and all it has to offer is a great concept. – Nicole Burns

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