3 Best Digital Inventory Management Applications

Best Digital Inventory Management Applications

In the modern world of logistics, eCommerce, and digitization of insights and data – there have been a rise in the number of elegant and efficient inventory management solutions presented to help businesses keep up.

Logistics and supply chain management has always been a little old school in its approach, however, the pandemic and subsequent increase in demand for accurate and widespread insight into inventory management has become more prevalent. There has also been the rising number of smaller and medium sized businesses entering the eCommerce and deliverables sectors which has necessitated modern and trustworthy solutions.

Digital inventory management platforms and applications are plentiful, however, not all are created equal. The following list of the top digital inventory management platforms was collated and based on factors surrounding the user interface, intuitive features, affordability, and overall trustworthiness.

The Top 3 Digital Inventory Management Applications

1) Ventory

Ventory kicks off our list with a pitch perfect mix of user interface simplicity, and wildly intuitive features for small-medium sized businesses. The application was developed by logistics and IT software veterans who have seen first-hand how the supply chain and inventory management can be enhanced and perfected with the utilization of technology in the right facets. The application works perfectly with the associated platform and gives real-time insights and quick updates across a variety of locations with ease.

The cloud-based SaaS solution is leading the charge in field inventory management and has the affordable cost, consistent updates, and overall best experience by far.

2) Inventory In The Wild

Inventory In The Wild is one of the newer kids on the block that is showing some decent promise and some interesting partnerships. The name says it all, their specialty services are tailored for non-fixed and difficult-to-control environments where stock control and inventory management can be painful or difficult with traditional methods.

The application and platform allow a quick and accurate depiction of stock levels as well as intuitive management of project materials, high-value assets, and general inventory in the field with or without connectivity. While still young, the company has a lot of promise, and we look forward to see what it does next.

3) Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite rounds out the list with a reliable albeit older approach to field inventory management. As a more general ERP-based software solution, the Oracle features aren’t quite up to the same standard as the other two on this list, but, the overall intuitive user interface and reliability of the platform makes this an easy 3rd choice.

As a consolidated solution, there are a number of features embedded in the platform that give it an edge – a trendsetter which monitors stock and market trends that could impact a business is a wonderful addition, as well as detailed visibility into inventory levels.