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5 Best Dietician in Orlando, FL

Below is a list of the top and leading Dietician in Orlando. To help you find the best Dietician located near you in Orlando, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Orlando’s Best Dietician: 

The top-rated Dietician in Orlando, FL are:

  • Long Term Care Nutrition – concentrate on creating suitable solutions for particular clients
  • New Moon Nutrition and Wellness – work together with their clients to empower, educate, and support them
  • Nutrition Wellness LLC – educate people on the value of nutrition, macronutrients
  • Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc. – provides solutions for health and wellness
  • Nutrition Awareness – help you achieve your objectives, whether they be to reduce weight

Long Term Care NutritionDietician in Orlando

Long Term Care Nutrition, Their staff members stay up to date on the most recent healthcare trends, relevant state laws, and federal regulations. Their company’s core competencies are to concentrate on creating suitable solutions for particular clients based on their particular needs and to tackle each and every task with a commitment to go above and beyond client expectations.

Their team of consultants has experience in staff training, nutrition, counseling, menu creation, food management, and food safety. For clients who want to improve food quality, food safety, production, and delivery with the aim of assisting your facility in improving customer satisfaction and promoting positive outcomes while staying within budget, their team of chefs, food safety experts, and CDMs is always available to provide culinary expertise and guidance.

Products/ Services:

Food Service Management, Clinical Service, Menu Development, Training & Quality Assurance Program


Address: 2308 Longmoore Ct, Orlando, FL 32835
Phone: (407) 312-8517
Website: www.ltcnutrition.com


”Full body cleanse. Amazing, Highly recommend it.” – Daniel J.

New Moon Nutrition and WellnessTop Dietician in Orlando

New Moon Nutrition and Wellness, treats every customer as a whole person with particular needs. Relationships that are solid, trustworthy, and understanding are the cornerstone of their work. They work together with their clients to empower, educate, and support them on their path. This enables individuals to use their inner guidance and internal bodily cues as a path to long-term physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

They support an approach that is weight-neutral, non-diet, and body-positive. Their main goal is to alter behaviors in order to support long-term health and well-being. The first step toward leading a healthy, meaningful, and purposeful life in line with your own values is finding peace with food and your body.

Products/ Services:

Individual Dietitian, Corporate Wellness, Joyful Movement, Yoga


Website: www.newmoonnutritionandwellness.com


”I started seeing Georgeanne Little at the beginning of 2022. I needed to heal my relationship with food and I realized I couldn’t do it on my own. My stubbornness was leading to an unhealthy lifestyle and I was referred to New Moon Nutrition and Wellness by a friend. I immediately felt welcomed and safe with Georgeanne. She listened to everything I was and had gone through with my relationship with food and how it works in my body. It was really convenient that there was a virtual option too. Never had to wait for replies, always worked around my schedule, and was super friendly and professional. For sure would recommend New Moon Wellness.” – Matt S.

Nutrition Wellness LLCDietician Orlando

Nutrition Wellness LLC focuses especially on assisting adults and teenagers to become the “best versions of themselves” through dietary counseling. Nutrition Wellness’ main goal is weight loss, with a strong emphasis on healthy food and living. Nutrition Wellness aims to educate people on the value of nutrition, macronutrients, and how they affect general health.

You can materialize your ideal self because you are the co-creator of your world. Healthy eating and living go hand in hand. To balance one’s mental, spiritual, and emotional well, it is essential to take excellent care of one’s physical health. With the correct information and resources to set you on the right path, you may realize your aspirations and lead the most fulfilling life possible.

Products/ Services:

Weight Loss Solution, & More


Address: 111 N Orange Ave Suite 847, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 698-3121
Website: www.nutritionwellness.org


”Nutrition Wellness is a wonderful and beautiful service that gives you the relief, relaxation, healing, and health that everyone truly needs. Maria’s reiki sessions are beyond exceptional and give you the very best. I love it so much. I’ve been going to her services ever since she began and would never even consider going to anyone but her because for starters she really is the best at the best what she does offering great reiki energy sessions, health, and wellness, and makes you feel truly at your best whenever you visit her to use her services! I strongly advise and recommend anyone to be using her services because she is amazing at what she does and I love going to her so much. An awesome dietitian, nutritionist, coach, teacher, healer, spiritualist star seed empath. Everyone should go see her and see the beauty of all that she does.” – Josiah B.

Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc.Good Dietician in Orlando

Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc. is a neighborhood-based, nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization established in 1995 to inform at-risk, culturally diverse groups on nutrition practices to avoid diet-related diseases. The Partners of Hebni created educational materials and intervention programs like the “Soul Food Pyramid” and “Sisters: Take Charge of Your Health” at the beginning of their work to help groups that are at high risk for poor health outcomes.

The communities served by Hebni’s initiatives may be at risk for diabetes, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions. Hebni provides solutions for health and wellness that are specifically geared toward motivating and energizing workers.

Products/ Services:

Corporate Wellness, Nutrition Resource Center, Dietetic Internship, & More


Address: 2009 W Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32805
Phone: (407) 872-1333
Website: www.hebninutrition.org


”My first experience with Hebni Nutrition was during my lunch hour when a coworker asked if I would go with her to a cooking class. I thought and said why not? Sounds cool. I love cooking after hours. Well to my surprise, I loved it,  Not only do the instructors teach wellness and nutrition but you are hands-on and the food was on point. Absolutely tasty and so easy that my boss (who also attended) took the recipe home and her family enjoyed it. What Hebni is doing in the community is a wonderful thing. I hope they keep up the good work.” – Nykki G.

Nutrition AwarenessOne of the best Dietician in Orlando

Nutrition Awareness, High-level executives, young professionals, amateur and professional athletes, nurses, teachers, vegetarians, and more have all benefited from the expertise of their registered dietitian nutritionists.

With the proper nutrition, they can help you achieve your objectives, whether they be to reduce weight, instill healthier habits in your family, or build some muscle. They work with customers locally in the Orlando region as well as nationally through the phone and the internet.

Products/ Services:

Coaching & Rated, Daily Accountability Program, & More


Address: 1011 Virginia Dr Suite 104, Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: (407) 720-8636
Website: www.orlandodietitian.com


”Had my first meeting with Kait and was above and beyond happy. I have always yo-yo dieted and this is the first time I feel like my issues were seen, understood, explained to me, and addressed properly. Very happy with the service I received and would recommend to anyone.” – Tiernan W.