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Top 5 Best Designer Swimsuit Brands This Summer

With summer here and ushering in hot weather and white water surf across all beaches, it is undeniable that we also have to have the most stylish swimwear brands.

With summer coming up, and beachy babes nation-wide gearing up for hot days on the sand, swimwear brands have been working overtime to release some of the best designs ever to be made available. Featuring one pieces and bikinis in all different styles, the swimsuit market has never been so diverse in its range of designs and fashion styles.

But with so many different swimwear brands on the market, it can be hard to make decisions during those late night online shopping sessions.

Well suffer no more; we have the cure to your indecision, with the top 5 best designer swimsuit brands to keep an eye out for this summer.

Here are the top 5 designer swimsuit brands:

  1. Myra Swim

Myra Swim
Myra Swim


The MyraSwim team outdid themselves this year, releasing products expressing minimalist vibes intertwined with more complex and unique designs, whilst keeping the wearer looking beach ready and sexy. The simple designs are modern in their form, but keeping the colour scheme as one shade brings an air of modern simplistic fashion to the products. Further, the simplicity adds versatility to the outfit, as outfit combinations are easy to create. Many products have a modern feel, asserting chic fashion style in its design. This is visible in the popular swimsuit “The Ford”, using a one-shouldered strap, bold in its design and unique in its look and feel. This style of one strapping swimwear is unique to the past couple of years, and is making a big hit on the beaches.



  1. Triangl


Website: https://triangl.com 

Minimalism to floral print to wild animal print. Triangle has an interesting and very wide variety of choices for your swimwear outfits this summer. Boasting a huge range of products, the minimalist designs are usually paired with raunchy and empowering thong swimsuit bottoms and top to match. The simple colours contrasted by tanned and sun kissed skin looks incredible, as demonstrated by the Triangl girls. The floral print is retro, and a throwback to a simpler time but the look being rocked in this day is amazing. And perhaps the coolest of them all, the wild animal print really bringing out the wild side with zebra and tiger print swimwear designs.

Love it.

  1. Jadeswim


Website: https://jadeswim.com

Jadeswim has produced this year with some of the finest minimalist designs on the market. Their designs are simple, modern and absolutely stunning. With one pieces, one-shoulder strap swimsuits and minimal bikinis, Jadeswim has a diverse range of designs with similar styles and colours. Our favourite looks include the micro collection, which aims to be as minimalist as it gets. The design boasts a blend of bungee cord straps with sleek cuts, which can be used as beachwear or as every day wear. The ring collection look continues the minimalist trend, with gold and mother of-pearl toned accent rings attached to the straps. Beautiful.

  1. Frankie’s bikinis


Website: https://frankiesbikinis.com

Frankie’s bikinis consistently creates products that are on the Instagram trends, ensuring you will always have access to newly fashionable products. Whether that be terry cloth, tie dye, cloud prints and much more, Frankie’s has got it. Styles and designs are created at random here, and each one looks better than the next. Our fav from this one is the ‘Monica top’. It looks absolutely eloquent that it almost doesn’t seem like its swimwear.

  1. Solid and Striped.

Website: www.solidandstriped.com

Solid and Striped were one of the first bring back the one-piece swimsuit back in 2014, and its popularity has only increased from there, with people rocking the one-piece worldwide in 2020. But even in 2020, Solid and Striped is striving to bring back more vintage retro vibes from the 70s to now. With the release of their one-piece swimsuits mixed with a jacket and complete with a gold belt, the vibes are definitely old school but it just looks so good! Not only the one-piece swimsuit, but the designs are retro too, with the release of leopard print swimsuits being the most notable.

It can be tough to choose a swimsuit brand for the summer, but we hope this list makes the decision easier, with our 5 favourite brands for this summer.