3 Best Dental Flosser Brands On The Market

Best Dental Flosser Brands On The Market

Flossing is an incredibly important part of your routine that you shouldn’t skip out on. While it can be a tedious chore, there are electronic flosser devices out on the market that are putting back the fun into your toothbrushing schedule.

But when it comes to choosing the right oral care products, it can be hard to decide. With the large number of options available, this can leave you feeling deflated. To help you out we’ve instigated a list of 3 of the best flosser devices out on the market.

1. BOP Water Flosser

Number one on the list of flossers to purchase is the BOP Water Flosser. If you’re looking for a high-tech, advanced, and extensive tooth cleaning solution, this product is perfect for you. No one likes to floss – but with the BOP Water Flosser, you can enjoy toothbrushing and flossing once again.

It has 9 different cleaning and soothing modes, to effectively eradicate all the dirt and plaque build up from your teeth and gums.

A major pro that makes this flosser stand out from the rest is that it has a professional whitening feature, with its whitening essence product capable of making your teeth radiate within the span of 14 days!

It’s cordless too, allowing you to take it with you wherever you need it.



Next, we have LUX SKIN – the premier choice for flossing. While it requires a USB plugin for charging, this product helps to make the flossing process a little bit easier.

It has only 3 modes for cleaning, from gentle to strong to suit all dental conditions.

For a thorough clean, LUX SKIN is perfect for you.

3. Waterpik


Lastly, Waterpik offers a prestigious quality which is why it has been on the market for years upon years.

With its nozzle applicator, it allows you to effectively clean your teeth from top to bottom. You can’t go wrong having this product in your oral care routine!