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5 Best Delivery/Takeaway Restaurants in Arlington, TX

Below is a list of the top and leading Delivery/Takeaway Restaurants in Arlington. To help you find the best Delivery/Takeaway Restaurants located near you in Arlington, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Arlington’s Best Delivery/Takeaway Restaurants:

The top rated Delivery/Takeaway Restaurants in Arlington, TX are:

  • Genghis Grill – accommodate a range of dietary needs
  • Cane Rosso Arlington – has gained a sizable and devoted following in the Dallas area
  • Chicken Express – the delivery operation was very effective in spreading the word and product
  • New York Eats – several delivery choices thanks to their partnerships with Grubhub
  • Thai Texas – provides some of the best authentic Thai food

Genghis GrillDelivery/Takeaway Restaurants in Arlington

Genghis Grill is an entertaining and engaging Mongolian stir-fry dining experience that has been around for more than 20 years and is known for its fresh, hot, and healthful food. With their Mongolian grill, you get to be the inventive chef and design your bowl any way you like. At their Fresh Market Bar Buffet, select from more than 80 fresh veggies, meats, spices, and sauces before letting their Grill Masters prepare your dish to perfection.

They cater to specific tastes at Genghis Grill. You may assemble a bowl that will delight your taste buds and sate your appetites, whether you’re in the mood for Japanese-style cuisine, Mongolian BBQ, or the sweet flavors of Chinese stir fry. Their Asian eatery creates its bowls to accommodate a range of dietary needs.


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Address: 4000 Five Points Blvd #189, Arlington, TX 76018
Phone: (817) 465-7847
Website: www.locations.genghisgrill.com


“Good place in an excellent atmosphere, very good and fresh food, excellent service. little expensive to me but it was worth five stars.” – Fernando R.

Cane Rosso ArlingtonTop Delivery/Takeaway Restaurants in Arlington

Cane Rosso Arlington was created during the owner Jay Jerrier’s 1995 honeymoon in Italy. He was a former corporate executive who had a revelation after eating his first authentic Italian pizza and realized he had discovered something exceptional. When Jerrier eventually found himself in Dallas, Texas, he wanted to recreate the experience he had in Italy, so he built a wood-burning oven in his backyard and trained with Master Pizzaiolos at the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), a group that promotes and safeguards the true art of Neapolitan style pizza. In 2009, Jerrier introduced a mobile catering oven. Since then, the company has gained a sizable and devoted following in the Dallas area and won numerous awards from the media.


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Address: 200 N East St, Arlington, TX 76011
Phone: (817) 533-3120
Website: www.canerosso.com/arlington


“First time here. A friend of mine goes to the fort worth location where they have a Parmesan Tot on the menu. They didn’t the tots, but we tried some other yummy appetizers. Super good. Was full before the pizza came out and loved the outdoor seating.” – Derica B.

Chicken ExpressDelivery/Takeaway Restaurants Arlington

Chicken Express, the owners of Chicken Express started the brand in March 1988 in Benbrook, Texas, and in October 1988 in Mineral Wells, Texas, the company’s headquarters, after nearly ten years of operating under a different franchise. Their tagline, “Our Chicken Can’t Fly, So We Deliver,” comes from the family-owned Chicken Express, which is based in Mineral Wells.

The delivery operation was very effective in spreading the word and product, so until 1994, all new franchisees utilized the dine-in, drive-thru, or “delivery” idea. The primary consumer base now that store locations have been extended includes a drive-thru, dine-in, and carhop at some locations, particularly catering for any occasion or tailgating event.


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Address: 1606 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76013
Phone: (817) 462-4607
Website: www.chickene.com


“Great drive-thru service moist crispy chicken is delicious.” – Crystal R.

New York EatsGood Delivery/Takeaway Restaurants in Arlington

New York Eats, Fast food costs, but not quick food components or quality. All-natural chicken, falafel cooked from scratch, 100% beef burgers, gyros made with lamb meat, and more. Where else can you find a dish with the ideal balance of sauce, rice, and meat flavors? To order, everything is freshly prepared.

Place a delivery order for New York Eats from the convenience of your home. You have several delivery choices thanks to their partnerships with Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash. Depending on the delivery partner selected and the distance from their restaurant, delivery fees may change. All of the meat at New York Eats is hand-cut Zabihah Halal, including chicken, gyros, and beef.


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Address: 604, B, Doug Russell Rd, Arlington, TX 76010
Phone: (682) 593-1428
Website: www.newyorkeats.net


“I’ve been visiting this place for the last 4 years and have never been disappointed. Their falafel over rice platter is really good and their white and red sauces are amazing. My absolute favorite.” – Priyanka J.

Thai TexasOne of the best Delivery/Takeaway Restaurants in Arlington

Thai Texas provides some of the best authentic Thai food you will ever eat at their family-run Thai restaurant. The Chef developed her expertise throughout the more than 40 years that she operated her own restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, located across from the Nike Factory.

Her cuisine is a combination of science and art in terms of the tastes and spices she uses. She will cook your dinner any way you want it, from quite mild to extremely wild. They have been locals for about 12 years, residing in the Arlington region. They are happy to serve their neighbors and are glad to call Texas home. Stop by, unwind, or call for free delivery or easy takeaway.


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Address: 5736 SW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76017
Phone: (817) 870-6057
Website: www.thaitexas.info


“At the risk of sharing one of the best-kept secrets in Arlington, this place is just outrageously good. They often get busy on the weekends and have up to an hour to two-hour wait to do takeout, but the staff is always fantastic and the food is delicious. Not to mention, they’re a locally owned business and I love supporting them. It’s always worth the wait. Try the chicken pad Thai with tofu & the chicken fried rice.” – Shannon F.