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5 Best Delivery Restaurants in Tampa, FL

Below is a list of the top and leading Delivery Restaurants in Tampa. To help you find the best Delivery Restaurants located near you in Tampa, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Tampa’s Best Delivery Restaurants: 

The top-rated Delivery Restaurants in Tampa, FL are:

  • Mei’s World Pizza Salads – offers delicious dining and takeout options
  • Heights Pizza – hits the perfect spot as customers take a bite of their pizza
  • Pizza Famiglia – creates each pizza and pasta dish with love and dedication
  • Mangia Bene Pizzeria – remains one of the most popular pizzerias in Tampa
  • Eddie And Sam’s N.Y Pizza – brings authentic New York-style pizza to its customers

Mei’s World Pizza Salads

personalized Delivery Restaurants in Tampa, FLMei’s World Pizza Salads offers delicious dining and takeout options. The restaurant has been recognized for its outstanding pizza selections and excellent services. Moreover, their friendly staff is ready to assist every diner with their orders and deliveries. They are also known for their modern interpretation of classic dishes. All of their dishes are made with fresh ingredients.

They serve dishes that are uniquely theirs. Furthermore, they deliver chicken BBQ pizza, pepperoni pizza, and New York-style pizza. They also have french fries, breadsticks, and cheese loaves of bread.

Products/ Services:

delivery, food takeaway


Address: 2592 E Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33613
Phone: (813) 977-1688
Website: meisworldpizzasalads.com


”Excellent taste, high-quality ingredients, lowest priced pies, and superior customer relations. This establishment has become my pizza parlor of choice. I encourage and plea with viewers to try it.” – Bharat Maharajh

Heights Pizza

delicious Delivery Restaurants in Tampa, FLHeights Pizza hits the perfect spot as customers take a bite of their pizza. Their delivery and takeaway service is superior and offered at affordable prices. They also have reliable staff that makes sure every food is served hot and fresh. Furthermore, they go above and beyond to provide customer service. The team aims to exceed its client’s expectations with tasty pizza. In addition, they are passionate about sharing their love for pizza.

They carry a broad selection of affordable yet creative pizzas. Moreover, they serve Mediterranean pizza, Alfredo pizza, and shrimp scampi pizza. They also have options of Hawaiian pizza, supreme pizza, and pickle pizza.

Products/ Services:

sandwiches, takeaway, pasta


Address: 7504 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33604
Phone: (813) 644-7130
Website: heightspizza.hungerrush.com


”I’m not a huge pizza person, but Heights Pizza really hits the spot! The Heights Chicken is a beautiful, flavorful delight. I get it almost every time. The staff are also super friendly. Their pizza seems to be more of a New York style in the sense of thin and widely cut.” – Tiffany Crosby

Pizza Famiglia

cheap Delivery Restaurants in Tampa, FL

Pizza Famiglia creates each pizza and pasta dish with love and dedication. For over 3 decades, their chefs have been serving classic and affordable dishes. In addition, they are delighted to create memories with every food they serve. The team is happy to make a quick and fast pizza delivery and takeaway service. Furthermore, they serve dishes with large servings of savory sauce.

Their chefs create a variety of tasty meals offered at cost-efficient prices. Moreover, they make calzones, Gyro, and American pizza. They also have garlic knots and breadsticks perfect for dipping.

Products/ Services:

takeaway, food


Address: 1402 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33612
Phone: (813) 975-0024
Website: pizzafamigliaflorida.com


“Both the wings and the pizza were top-notch excellent! Got the special with a few wings and pizza and a drink… a good deal. The owner was nice, and correct, that it’s hard to say whether the wings or pizza are better. After trying both I still wasn’t sure either because they were both awesome.” – G Gibson

Mangia Bene Pizzeria

impressive Delivery Restaurants in Tampa, FL

Mangia Bene Pizzeria remains one of the most popular pizzerias in Tampa. Its fresh offerings include classic and personally-made pizzas. They also share their love for pizza as customers immerse themselves in the culinary scene. Furthermore, the restaurant has been a Slice partner for 8 years and counting. Their pizzas are made with the best ingredients and juciest meats.

They offer a broad selection of great-tasting pizzas and pasta. Moreover, these include Thick Crust Sicilian pizza, Bianca Pizza, and Pizza Margherita. They also have cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza.

Products/ Services:

American cuisine, delivery


Address: 1811 N 15th St UNIT D, Tampa, FL 33605
Phone: (813) 248-2929
Website: mangiabenepizzamenu.com


”I can only speak for what we have had. The food was well packed and on time. For now, this will be one of our main choices for pizza and wings. Both times my order came correctly. Hopefully, we continue to have a good experience.” –M. H.

Eddie And Sam’s N.Y Pizzatasty Delivery Restaurants in Tampa, FL

Eddie And Sam’s N.Y Pizza brings authentic New York-style pizza to its customers. They personally import New York waters in order to bring New York pizza. They have been serving mouthwatering slices ever since 1998. Furthermore, their chefs have been following recipes passed down to generation after generation. They are delighted to offer the best pizza they can serve. In addition, they have wide and foldable pizza slices with flavorful crusts.

They make and serve a wide selection of tasty pizza selections available for delivery. Moreover, these include Italian pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. Their dishes are available for takeout and delivery.

Products/ Services:

delivery, food, pizza


Address: 203 E Twiggs St, Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: (813) 229-8500
Website: eddieandsamspizza.com


”WOW…Best pizza I’ve had in a long time! Fir The crust was perfect, the sauce flavorful and not too much and the toppings were fresh. Especially enjoyed the REAL Italian sausage that was on it. There’s something for everyone on the menu.” – Mike Shaw