5 Best Dance Studios in Boston, MA

Below is a list of the top and leading Dance Studios in Boston, MA. To help you find the best Dance Studios located near you in Boston, MA, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Boston, MA’s Best Dance Studios:

The top-rated Dance Studios in Boston, MA are:

  • Arthur Murray Dance Centers – dance lessons for singles and couples located in the heart of Boston.
  • Urbanity Dance – exists to inspire, engage, and empower individuals and communities through the art of dance and movement.
  • Integrarte – pre-professional ballet training in Boston.
  • Mass Motion Dance – offering quality dance training to all ages and abilities in a positive learning environment.
  • Gilded Studio – a community-focused pole dance and fitness space on a mission to make pole dance more empowering.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers

5 Best Dance Studios in Boston, MA

Arthur Murray Dance Centers is a dance studio that specializes in ballroom dancing. This dance studio provides students and dance enthusiasts to learn a variety of dances. Arthur Murray Dance Centers not only teaches you the art and craft of dancing but gives you confidence as well. You can be part of a supportive community where you can meet new friends while improving as a dancer. They offer classes for weddings, group classes for social dance, competitive ballroom dancing, and adult dance lessons. Their dance instructors are experienced and have the expertise to provide some of the best lessons in Boston. So, if you are looking for an amazing dance studio to learn how to dance, Arthur Murray Dance Centers is an excellent choice.

Wedding dance lessons, social dance lessons, competitive dance lessons

Address: 20 Park Plaza #330, Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 426-3335
Website: arthurmurrayboston.com

I’ve been taking lessons at the studio for over a year now and really enjoy the level of instruction I’ve received. I can see I’ve made real progress in my dancing and enjoy it even more! Thanks, AMDSB! – Ron Akanowicz

Urbanity Dance

The Best Dance Studios in Boston, MA

Urbanity Dance is a dance studio in Boston that inspires and empowers people by teaching the art of dance. This dance studio is a non-profit organization that assists individuals in the Boston area if they want to learn the art of dance. Urbanity opened in 2011 and has since become one of the go-to destinations in Boston to learn how to dance. They have a team of dance instructors from a variety of dance styles that are more than capable of teaching you the right way. If you live in or around Boston and want to start learning how to become a dancer, Urbanity Dance is one of the best options you have in Boston.

Early childhood, youth, adult, summer intensive, private lessons, masterclasses

Address: 1180 Washington St. #100 Boston, MA 02118
Phone: (617) 572-3727
Website: urbanitydance.org

Great location! Excellent for more than just a rehearsal space. The atmosphere and intimacy add to the experience of whatever you’re working on. Will definitely use this space again. – Shawn Fitzgibbon


Best Dance Studios in Boston, MA

Integrarte offers a wide variety of dance lessons to people in and around Boston. This dance studio has a “Marley” styled dance floor as well as other dance amenities perfect for students of all kinds of dance styles. Intergarte’s mission is to provide the Boston community a haven for people where they can learn the beauty of dance. They have an excellent team of dance instructors who has the expertise and experience to make every lesson fun and meaningful. Dance classes are available for ballet, essentrics, jazz, hip hop, Zumba, and more. So, if you are looking for an excellent dance studio in Boston to hone your dancing skills, Intergarte is a top-tier choice you should consider.

Amalgamado movement, ballet, baroque dance, essentrics, gyrokinesis, hip hop, jazz, Zumba

Address: 85 Seaverns Avenue Boston, MA 02130
Phone: (917) 501-1149
Website: integrarteusa.com

My daughter just finished two weeks of summer intensive training at Integrarte, and we could not have chosen a better place. She found great ballet classes taught by Carlos Molina and Erica Cornejo, as well as an engaging jazz class. I highly recommend Integrarte. – Maria Berte

Mass Motion Dance

Boston, MA Best Dance Studios

Mass Motion Dance provides top-tier dance programs for people of all ages and experiences. This dance studio offers a variety of dance lessons in a relaxed and amazing atmosphere. Mass Motion Dance specializes in modern, jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, and other dance styles. They have a group of experienced dance instructors who are considered some of the best dancers in Massachusetts. These dance instructors will go above and beyond to teach each student the fundamentals and joy of the art of dance. So, if you want to experience amazing dance classes while being on your way to becoming a great dancer, Mass Motion Dance is a premier destination in Boston.

Ballet, modern, tap, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, Irish step

Address: 100 Holton Street Brighton, MA 02135
Phone: (617) 562-0550
Website: massmotiondance.com

We love Mass Motion Dance! I have three kids that take dance classes at Mass Motion in Medfield and they all love it. The people here are fantastic. I can’t say enough great things about this place. – Glen Thompson

Gilded Studio

Boston, MA's Best Dance Studios

Gilded Studio is a dance studio that is focused on growing the community into learning the art of dance. This dance studio specializes in pole dancing and has a roster of amazing dance instructors. Gilded Studio offers students, group classes, where they can learn with fellow students. They can also opt to have personal training where you can experience a more one-on-one lesson with a dance instructor. These dance instructors are some of the best pole dancers on the East Coast and are amazing teachers. So, if you want to learn pole dancing, there is no better place in Boston than Gilded Studio.

Group classes, personal training, private pole lessons

Address: 540 Tremont St Suite 6, Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 903-7653
Website: gildedstudioboston.com

Jessica is sharp-eyed when it comes to proper form and clear-eyed about assessing needs and planning regimens. She’s motivational, but also fun. I highly recommend her. – Dale Conour