5 Best Dance Instructors in Portland, OR

Best Dance Instructors in Portland, OR

Below is a list of the top and leading Dance Instructors in Portland, OR. To help you find the best Dance Instructors located near you in Portland, OR, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Portland, OR’s Best Dance Instructors:

The top-rated Dance Instructors in Portland, OR are:

  • A-WOL – embodies the mission of aerial without limits
  • Steps PDX – a dance school that focuses on quality
  • Vitalidad Movement Arts and Events Center – has been an integral part of the multicultural movement arts landscape in Portland for more than 5 years
  • Ecdysiast – specializes in pole dancing and was established in 2008
  • Vega Dance+Lab – a great excellent drop-in dance studio in Portland


A-WOL in Portland, OR

A-WOL specializes in aerial dance. They present world-class performances and offer educational opportunities that are open for everyone. Their mission defies expectation, ignites inspiration, and fosters creativity. The artists grow in this dance and art community, striving and enhancing their quality of life. Furthermore, they offer training, membership, private lessons, and financial aid. They have summer camps and workshops for aerial. Their dance instructors are reliable and professional, assuring that their artists make the most out of their time with them while having fun in what they do.


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Address: 513 NE Schuyler St, Portland, OR 97212

Phone: (503) 351 5182

Website: awoldance.org


“Best instructors, classes, shows, everything. There are classes for every level of dancer/aerialist, and A-WOL instructors facilitate spaces where students can grow at their own pace. I’ve been a student for years and still remember how welcomed I felt in my first classes; that’s why I keep coming back.” – Kayla B.

Steps PDX

Steps PDX in Portland, OR

Steps PDX is a dance school offering high-quality studio and dance classes. They specialize in youth and pre-professional classes for anyone interested. Their classes focus on developing artistry, building strength, and perfecting techniques. Furthermore, they highlight the quality of movement in every dance. They curated their curriculum that challenges the physical and technical abilities of their dancers. Moreover, they ensure that their dancers grow in a safe and positive environment. Some of the many forms of dance they offer include but are not limited to ballet technique, contemporary technique, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Character.


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Address: 522 N Thompson St, Portland, OR 97227

Phone: (971) 400 0713

Website: stepspdx.com


“I take intensive ballet classes here, as well as Ellové technique and contemporary, and I must say all the teachers are impeccable at what they do, and all of them are so kind! It is truly apparent they care for their students, so it’s nice being a part of a community that is so accepting and passionate about what they do. I’ve been to several other ballet schools, and by far, this is probably the only school I’ve ever truly felt a part of.” – Charysma N.

Vitalidad Movement Arts and Events Center

Vitalidad Movement Arts and Events Center in Portland, OR

Vitalidad Movement Arts and Events Center, more known as VMAC in your locale, has been in the Portland multicultural movement arts scenery for more than 5 years. They are an integral part of the community, providing classes in cultural dances and movement arts. Their variety of dance and movement classes strive to reach the inner dancer or fitness enthusiast within you. Hence, they help you build and love a life-long relationship with the movement arts. Their instructors are highly experienced and professional, always present to teach you and help you with your goals.


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Address: 116 SE Yamhill St, Portland, OR 97214

Phone: (971) 266 3935

Website: vmacpdx.com


“Such a wonderful dance studio! Great teachers and community!” – Rebekah R.


Ecdysiast in Portland, OR

Ecdysiast is one of the best pole dance studios in your locale. They specialize in pole dancing. Besides pole dancing, they offer classes for various non-pole dancing. Their dance lessons include but are not limited to pole dance, pole fitness, contemporary pole, flexibility, handstands, chair dance, and movement development. Furthermore, they offer private training and private parties for those interested. If you are interested in pole dancing but want to have your own pole in your own space, you may avail of their pole for sale or rent. Moreover, they are a community that champions the fluidity of love and movement.


Pole Dancing, Dance Studio Amenities, Dance Instructors


Address: 316 SW 11th Ave #300, Portland, OR 97205

Phone: (503) 231 2542

Website: ecdysiaststudio.com


“This studio is absolutely my happy place. I’ve taken a variety of classes from different instructors, and they’re all kind, talented, and encouraging people. The other studio goers are just as fun, and I love the energy of my classes. Can’t recommend enough!!” – Nicole C.

Vega Dance+Lab

Vega Dance+Lab in Portland, OR

Vega Dance+Lab is highly known as a drop-in dance studio near you. Their dance instructors always teach a routine from the beginning, no matter if it is the first time, the second time, and so on being taught. Hence, their clients can start dance classes at any time. Furthermore, you can attend anything on their schedule anytime. Their instructors are professional and talented, ensuring that you get the most out of the class and have fun. Besides in-person classes, they offer online classes featuring great dance instructors throughout the Portland area.


Hip Hop, Jazz, Dance Instructors, Dance Studio


Address: 1322 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Phone: (503) 235 1400

Website: vegadancelab.com


“Fantastic dance, awesome workout. A great supportive environment for beginners.” – Ben U.