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5 Best Dance Instructors in Oakland, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Dance Instructors in Oakland, CA. To help you find the best Dance Instructors located near you in Oakland, CA, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Oakland, CA’s Best Dance Instructors:

The top-rated Dance Instructors in Oakland, CA are:

  • In the Groove Studios – Bay Area’s top hip hop dance studio since 2010.
  • East Bay Dance Center – has supportive teachers, and a friendly staff teaching kids the art of dance.
  • Danspace – cultivating creativity with dance technique in Oakland.
  • Oakland Pole + Dance – we offer classes in pole dance, pole tricks, heel choreography, and more.
  • Trilliant Studios – a dance studio committed to providing top-tier training in the bay area.

In the Groove Studios

5 Best Dance Instructors in Oakland, CA

In the Groove Studios is one of the best hip hop studios located in the Bay Area. This dance studio has some of the best hip-hop instructors in California. The Groove Studios has been serving Oakland for over a decade. They have committed themselves to teach kids and teens the beauty of hip hop. These dance instructors will help you achieve your goal. They want you to become the person you want to be. They have the experience needed to properly mentor you in dance. These dance instructors specialize in hip hop, jazz funk, Kpop, Chicago footwork, and more. Are you looking for a dance instructor that knows hip hop? Check out In the Groove Studios and their excellent history of providing the best hip-hop dance classes.

Hip hop, Chicago footwork, Vogue, choreography, jazz

Address: 580 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 834-5800
Website: inthegroovestudios.org

Super fun, great workout! I’m not the best dancer in these beginning lessons. But I have so much fun and leave feeling super healthy. Also, probably the best value for a guided fitness routine I’ve found. – Hank Wolfe

East Bay Dance Center

The Best Dance Instructors in Oakland, CA

East Bay Dance Center has been helping kids become confident for the past 30 years. This dance studio specializes in dance classes for kids to teens. East Bay Dance Center offers a warm, nurturing, and safe environment for your kids to learn dance. They have supportive dance instructors and friendly personnel. These dance instructors are some of the most experienced dancers in California. Classes range from pre-school to pre-teen, and teen classes. They also offer dance classes for adults. Other activities such as camps and afterschool programs are available as well. Are you looking to sign up your child for a dance class? Let East Bay Dance Center’s dance instructors guide them into the wonderful world of dance.

Pre-school, child/pre-teen, teen recreational, teen performance, adult

Address: 1318 Glenfield Ave, Oakland, CA 94602
Phone: (510) 336-3262
Website: eastbaydancecenter.org

My daughter has attended summer camp here for 2 years and loves it! She learned so many new dance techniques, jazz, tap, hip hop, and ballet. The performance was so fun to watch, and she will be returning next year! We love this place! – Erica Needham


Best Dance Instructors in Oakland, CA

Danspace aims to build the community through dance. Their dance instructors strive to cultivate confidence and creativity through fundamentals. Danspace supports experienced and novice dancers alike. Their roster of dance instructors is passionate and driven. They will go the extra mile to provide the best possible experience. These dance instructors care deeply about teaching each student the ins and outs of the craft. Classes range from adult classes to children, youth, and more. They specialize in ballet and offer other activities like ballerina birthday parties. Do you want your child to learn ballet? Danspace is a top-tier option you can consider in the bay area.

Children’s and youth classes, adult classes

Address: 473 Hudson St, Oakland, CA 94618
Phone: (510) 420-0920
Website: danspace.com

The instructor, Lisa, is wonderful. She helps adults to understand how children learn and experience music. And she is super fun. It’s a great class for small people and adults! – Megan Williams

Oakland Pole + Dance

Oakland, CA Best Dance Instructors

Oakland Pole + Dance will help you explore the limits of your strength through pole dancing. This pole dancing studio provides classes for people who want to learn the art of pole dancing. Oakland Pole + Dance has a variety of skills and techniques taught to students. This includes active flexibility, handstands, pole tricks, aerial silks, and more. The dance instructors are very hands-on and patient. They work closely with each student and provide the adequate attention they require. Services include in-studio classes, individual classes, private lessons, and much more. Are you planning to try out pole dancing? Check out Oakland Pole + Dance in Oakland for their amazing pole dancing programs.

In-studio classes, workshops and series, on-demand courses, performance series

Address: 366A Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610
Phone: (510) 309-3778
Website: poleanddancestudios.com

This studio is awesome! The staff is professional and welcoming. I am completely new to pole dancing and all aerial arts, but this is a great place to learn as a beginner. Also glad the studio follows public health safety standards. I feel much safer attending classes here. – J. Kim

Trilliant Studios

Oakland, CA's Best Dance Instructors

Trilliant Studios is committed to helping students realize their potential in dancing. This dance studio aims to offer the best dance training available in the bay area. Trilliant Studios is a destination and was home to various dance clubs. Their goal is to execute the most effective dance programs for students. The dance instructors strive to bridge the gap between art and current modern technology. These dance instructors are highly competent and creative. They will work with each student closely and give them the mentorship they need. Trilliant Studios offer group dance classes, workshops, and dance practice. Other services such as private parties and corporate events are available as well. Planning to learn how to dance? Let Oakland’s Trilliant Studios train you to reach your full potential as a dancer.

Group dance classes, dance practice, workshops

Address: 130 Linden St, Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: (510) 205-1623
Website: trilliantstudios.com

Spacious. Great lighting and dance floors. Amazing service with coffee and tea and snacks. It feels very good to dance here, I took a second time a workshop… Directions: it is best to GPS if you are not familiar with the area. – Edith Kaplan