5 Best Dance in Tucson, AZ

Best Dance in Tucson, AZ

Below is a list of the top and leading Dance in Tucson. To help you find the best Dance located near you in Tucson, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Tucson’s Best Dance: 

The top-rated Dance in Tucson, AZ are:

  • Tucson Dance Academy – the premier dance studio fostering honesty and passion
  • The Drop Dance Studio –  non-profit dance organization that manifests various dance forms
  • Gotta Dance! – offers its clients and its students a safe, supportive, and nurturing dance studio community
  • Danswest Dance Studio – has been teaching high-quality dance education to all its students
  • Dancing In the Streets AZ – non-profit organization that uses the excitement and discipline of ballet

Tucson Dance Academy

preferred Dance in Tucson, AZ

Tucson Dance Academy is a premier dance studio fostering a passion for dance. The academy priorities the nurturing of its students within a dedicated and creative atmosphere. In addition, they ensure that their students grow while showcasing their growth. Their dance teachers make sure to keep a track record of all their students. Moreover, they showcase kind, dedicated, and respectful dancers.

They feature thorough and must-try dance class options. They offer classical dancing, tap dancing, and rhythmic dancing. Their studios have sprung floors to ease all the user’s joints.

Products/ Services:

dance classes, dance studio


Address: 2850 W Ina Rd, Tucson, AZ 85741
Phone: (520) 744-6882
Website: tucsondanceacademy.com


“The experience and training of the owner are the best in town. Her drive to teach children to become the best they possibly can be is unbelievable. She is certified by many professional dance organizations and a member of many prestigious dance organizations. I only trust her and her staff to train my children. She will make your children’s weaknesses stronger and motivate them to succeed. She has the knowledge and experience to train male dancers properly. I never have to worry about my children’s training. Her family is one of the best dance family’s in Arizona.” – Tyler Regnier

The Drop Dance Studio

award-winning Dance in Tucson, AZ

The Drop Dance Studio is a non-profit dance organization that manifests various dance forms. It is their mission that education of street and club-style dancing would provide a meaningful culture. Furthermore, they aim to provide a space for the community to inspire and manifest a new generation of dance artists. They open all their classes to dancers of all ages and backgrounds. In addition, they are open to friendly competition.

Their studio offers a large selection of dance classes for modern dancing. These include locking, whacking, and popping with a mix of hip-hop classes. Moreover, they offer their services to children, teens, and adults.

Products/ Services:

dance classes, hip-hop dance class


Address: 716 E 46th St, Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone: (520) 971-8020
Website: thedropdancestudio.com


”This studio is amazing! The instructor Ruben (5-8 yr old hip hop) is so great with the kids. They just get to move their bodies and feel the beat and at their own ability. Our daughter was gleaming afterwards! Love it!” –Rosemary Nance

Gotta Dance!

leading Dance in Tucson, AZ

Gotta Dance! offers its students a safe, supportive, and nurturing dance community. Furthermore, their aim is to provide their dancers with a positive and uplifting community. In addition, they are excited to welcome all their new and returning students into their outstanding studio.

They specialize in providing tailored dance classes to develop the skills of their students to higher levels. Moreover, their classes include beginning classes, intermediate classes, and advanced classes. They also provide live performances for the story of The Nutcracker every year.

Products/ Services:

ballet class, dance class


Address: 7878 E Wrightstown Rd UNIT 100, Tucson, AZ 85715
Phone: (520) 722-8000
Website: gottadancetucson.com


”After almost 3 years with the Gotta Dance! Family, we couldn’t be happier! My daughter loves her teachers and they take care of all the kids as if they were family. So amazing! Thank you Gotta Dance!” – Linda Eamick

Danswest Dance Studio

welcoming Dance in Tucson, AZ

Danswest Dance Studio has been teaching high-quality dance education to all its students. For over 40 years, their dancers have been appearing in a variety of shows and theatres. They continue to teach professional and beginning dancers. Moreover, their dance teachers take pride in their innovative choreography and dare to be different. They foster love and attention to detail in all their dancers. In addition, they let their students learn and grow uninhibited.

At their studio, they offer a wide variety of dance classes with a variety of genres. These genres include classical dancing, jazz, and tap with recreational professional training. Furthermore, their classes include an introduction to hip-hop.

Products/ Services:

studio, classical dance class


Address: 5633 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: (520) 721-9477
Website: danswest.com


”I feel the owners have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome. We have not had the easiest time with our technology. Ms Megan talked me through, what I consider to be, a high-tech issue with our sound settings. Considering we finished our last dance season at our old school out via Zoom, I was very impressed. I am so happy that this studio is providing us with options that build on what my daughter already knows and challenge her to a new level. We feel that we will be very happy and at home here.” – Stephanie Zuckerman

Dancing In the Streets AZ

reliable Dance in Tucson, AZ

Dancing In the Streets AZ is a non-profit organization that uses the excitement and discipline of ballet. Furthermore, they guide their child dancers in achieving life skills with their dance classes. They continually provide high-quality classical ballet training. What makes them different is their commitment to all their student’s dancing career success. In addition, they invest in their students with quality education and formation.

The company features a wide selection of activities that showcases the dancer’s skills. Moreover, they offer live performances like Snowflakes, Sword Fights, and Dancing dolls. They also feature The Nutcracker ballet live.

Products/ Services:

ballet school


Address: 88 W 38th St, Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone: (520) 867-8489
Website: ditsaz.org


”We love the Dancing in the Streets family. My girls just did their first performance in Nutcracker and were so excited to be part of such a fun and inclusive show. Parents are very involved and Joey and Soleste are fantastic teachers that make ballet fun, especially for the little ones. This is a non-profit and they are extremely supportive of all the kids they teach.” – Kacey Ernst