3 Best Cryptocurrency Websites to Follow

Best Cryptocurrency Websites to Follow

The cryptocurrency industry is one that continuously fluctuates. Because of this, it is important to stay up to date about everything that happens, particularly if you have investments of your own.

These are the 3 best cryptocurrency websites to follow to ensure that you are always informed of anything that happens in the industry.

Top Rated Cryptocurrency Websites to Follow:


Cryptocurrency Website

GTOT is known as the heart of cryptocurrency. This website details every update about the industry and provides the most accurate and relevant information to its followers. No matter what cryptocurrency you invest in or where your interest in the industry lies, GTOT covers it all.

For the most up to date information on everything concerning cryptocurrency, GTOT is the best cryptocurrency website to follow.

#2 CoinDesk


CoinDesk is a platform made for the global cryptocurrency community. An integrated platform for news, data, research and more, CoinDesk is trusted by countless readers for information regarding all thing crypto.

A team of leading journalists manage CoinDesk and are dedicated to quickly yet accurately providing the latest updates on the industry. CoinDesk even host events and webinars for those interested in cryptocurrency. Their well-rounded approach to reporting has made them one of the best cryptocurrency websites to follow.

#3 Cointelegraph


Cointelegraph was founded in 2013 and is one of the leading cryptocurrency websites to follow. An independent publication, they have built a reputation as a team that is on top of everything that happens in the industry.

They cover news relating to blockchain technology, crypto assets, emerging fintech trends, and much more. They strive to deliver unbiased news that informs their audience as thoroughly as possible. Their commitment to honestly and reliably delivering crypto news is what makes Cointelegraph one of the best and most trusted cryptocurrency websites to follow.