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5 Best Credit Repair Companies in Pennsylvania🥇

No matter how you got into the circumstances of poor credit, it is very important to be able to repair your credit score. Banks and lenders use your credit score in order to evaluate the risk of lending money and loans to you.

If your credit score is poor, it is not likely that they will lend you money. As a result, the opportunities that many others may be able to access will be denied to you. It is obvious why repairing your credit score is important, and these are the 5 best companies to do so.

Top credit repair services in Pennsylvania:

The top and best credit repair firms are: 

  1. Life Designers – lifestyle and financial management solutions
  2. Quality Credit Repair – over 20 years’ experience
  3. Cure My Score – custom verification and dispute process
  4. Philly Credit Mechanic – customize a plan based on your goals
  5. Credit Blueprint – premium credit repair coaching program


  1. Life Designers

Life Designers - credit repair company

Website: www.lifedesignersllc.com

Life Designers specializes in lifestyle management, specifically through credit and financial planning. Life Designers is primarily a finance and lifestyle management business, and offers each member a financial manager.

They also offer free credit repair for their members with a lower than 60k annual income, believing in helping disenfranchised communities.

Life Designers are a reputable business with reputable owners, and thereby make this list.

  1. Quality Credit Repair

Website: www.qualitycreditrepair.com

Quality Credit Repair offers credit repair and debt counselling services to individuals with a range of simple or complex financial problems. The consultants at Quality Credit Repair are professional, highly trained and experienced in the finance industry. They conduct thorough assessments of your situation, then will go through with you debt settling etc.

  1. Cure My Score

Cure My Score - credit repair company

Website: www.curemyscore.com

Cure My Score is run by reputable business owner Chris McConville and is operated by a team of workers who share a passion for helping consumers to repair their debt and take control of their finances, in order to keep their future stable. Not only do they offer credit repair and debt guidance services, they also offer the unique identity theft protection service, which is important in this day and age with the rise of identity theft crime.

  1. Philly Credit Mechanic

Philly Credit Mechanic - credit repair company

Website: phillycreditmechanic.com

Philly Credit Mechanic works with 3 credit reporting agencies in order to repair their client’s credit scores. They are one of the best rated credit repair companies in the area, and have helped numerous clients increase their credit scores from 75-200 within short time frames. They are 94% recommended, and deserve a spot on this list.

  1. Credit Blueprint

Credit Blueprint - credit repair company

Website: www.creditblueprint.net

Credit Blueprint offers two credit repair programs, from the premium credit repair coaching program to the basic credit repair coaching program (most popular choice). Credit Blueprint works by starting with a 15 minute consultation, then a choice between the plans and then disputes start immediately in order to repair your credit score. Credit Blueprint is definitely a good choice to repair your credit.

Repairing your credit score is important for your future and to open opportunities to yourself. These are some companies which can help to do so in the Pennsylvania area.