5 Best Courier Services in Louisville, KY

Best Courier Services in Louisville, KY

Below is a list of the top and leading Courier Services in Louisville. To help you find the best Courier Services located near you in Louisville, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Louisville’s Best Courier Services: 

The top-rated Courier Services in Louisville, KY are:

  • Bee Line Courier Services –  company on a mission to prove that delivery expenses can come with prompt professional service
  • Today Delivery Services – strives to provide the finest delivery and courier services
  • Now Courier, Inc. – offers the leading healthcare organizations courier partner with every delivery
  • On Time Courier Service – invites its clients to an exemplary logistics company
  • Zip Express – company that delivers experience and trust with every delivery they handle

Bee Line Courier Services
reliable Courier Services in Louisville

Bee Line Courier Services is a company on a mission to prove that delivery expenses can come with prompt professional service. They make sure to provide safe and quick logistics services to all clients. Furthermore, they have a customer service department that is staffed 24/7/365. Lastly, they are mainly focusing on medical dispatches covering a wide range of areas.

There are various industries they serve from hospitals to parts houses, ad agencies, and even printing companies. They ensure that each delivery is made right for every client. Moreover, they provide direct updates with clear communications. They also offer independent contracts and on-time deliveries. In addition, they have online appointments for the convenience of their clients.

Products/ Services:

delivery, courier


Address: 5613 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville, KY 40228
Phone: (502) 964-9969
Website: beelinecourier.com


”As a contractor with them for over a year now it’s by far the best job I’ve ever had (and I worked for 2 great companies prior for 15 total years). ” – Christopher McEnnis

Today Delivery Services

hardworking Courier Services in Louisville

Today Delivery Services strives to provide the finest delivery and courier services. They have a hardworking team ensuring every delivery is handled right. The company has served the Louisville and Lexington metro areas for over 20 years. Furthermore, they emphasize dedication and passion in every project they do. In addition, they make sure to provide timely and safe package deliveries.

They have a well-managed and quick delivery application. They also offer comprehensive services to please every single client. Moreover, they value all their client’s packages like their own. In addition, the company is a TSA-certified company.

Products/ Services:

courier, 24-hour delivery


Address: 1017 Industrial Blvd, Louisville, KY 40219
Phone:  (502) 961-9228
Website: todaydeliveryservice.com


“Great service and prices for all delivery needs. They are a professional in the industry” – Mimi Andme

Now Courier, Inc.

specialized Courier Services in Louisville

Now Courier, Inc. offers leading healthcare organizations a courier partner offering tailored services. They are a specialized medical delivery logistics company dedicated to every customer. Furthermore, they have a talented team of specialists that assist and sort each delivery with efficiency and speed. They are also home to award-winning services offering flexible and weekly deliveries.

They offer various courier delivering styles that best fit their customer’s packages. Moreover, they offer a routed and dedicated delivery with charter services ready. They also provide package pickup and delivery right at every client’s doorstep.

Products/ Services:

delivery, packaging, courier


Address: 4433 Kiln Ct, Louisville, KY 40218
Phone: (502) 895-4777
Website: nowcourier.com


”Perfect Service, quick easy and worked out perfect !” – Reinhard Sauter

On Time Courier Service

exemplary Courier Services in Louisville

On Time Courier Service invites its clients to an exemplary logistics company. Moreover, they provide a safe and thorough service for every customer to benefit from. Furthermore, their aim is to create the finest customer satisfaction they can provide. They have professional, dependable, and experienced staff ready to give a timely pickup and delivery.

They offer delivery selections from same-day delivery to fast shipping and chartering for long distances. Moreover, their team is reliable and ready to assist cleints with every step of the way. They also have their own scheduling so as not to mix up any delivery.

Products/ Services:

courier, delivery, chartering


Address: 1939 Goldsmith Ln Suite 233, Louisville, KY 40218
Phone: (502) 314-1505
Website: ship-ontime.com


“Not only did the medication get picked up before the pharmacy closed on a holiday weekend, but the dispatcher also kept me posted when it was picked up and when the driver was 7 minutes from the barn destination. The first dose was administered within 2 hours of my call!!! Exemplary Service. Professional.” – Carol Jetzer

Zip Express

trusted Courier Services in Louisville

Zip Express is a company that delivers experience and trust with every delivery they handle. It is their goal to ensure that every delivery reaches its destination in a timely manner. They have a variety of the finest selections of delivery services. Moreover, they have long-term expert drivers and cross-trained employees. Zip Express ensures a successful delivery ensuring a satisfied and happy customer.

Furthermore, they offer their services for any type of package guaranteed to be taken care of properly. They also offer TSA-custom deliveries, next-day deliveries, and tax document deliveries. There are additional services for pharmaceutical orders and auto-truck parts.

Products/ Services:

tracking, courier


Address: 4617 Allmond Ave, Louisville, KY 40209
Phone:  (502) 515-6590
Website: zipexpress.com


“I really appreciated all my coworkers in zip Express thank you so much being in hard work” – Suleiman Mohamed