5 Best Corporate Lawyers in Oakland, CA

Best Corporate Lawyers in Oakland, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Corporate Lawyers in Oakland. To help you find the best Corporate Lawyers located near you in Oakland, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Oakland’s Best Corporate Lawyers: 

The top-rated Corporate Lawyers in Oakland, CA are:

  • The Nieves Law Firm – assists people in criminal, contempt, and corporate cases
  • Gutstadt, Professional Corporation – strongly represents its clients in the legal industry
  • Lamano Law Office – handles every legal matter efficiently
  • Muñoz Workers Compensation Law Firm – helps clients get the legal results they need
  • Ratto Law Firm – has an incredible track record of full-service legal assistance

The Nieves Law Firmskilled Corporate Lawyers in Oakland, CA

The Nieves Law Firm assists people in criminal, contempt, and corporate cases. They provide quality legal consultation and service to over 1,000 clients yearly. Furthermore, their team is founded to help clients stuck in the complex legal system. Their friendly and accommodating team helps clients navigate through the system while protecting their rights. They are also known for their hard work and attention to detail in every case. In addition, they strive to achieve positive results for every case.

The firm delivers a variety of certified corporate practice areas. Their practice areas include court litigation, estate planning, and worker’s compensation. Moreover, they also handle theft and white-collar crimes.

Products/ Services:

corporate lawyer, court litigation, estate planning


Address: 160 Franklin St Ste. 210, Oakland, CA 94607,
Phone: (510) 892-3215
Website: thenieveslawfirm.com


”Nieves Law is professional, polite, and precise! The only other ‘P’ word I’d use to describe the team is perfect! They were accommodating throughout the entire process and met all of my needs! ” – Paul Neven

Gutstadt, Professional Corporation

reliable Corporate Lawyers in Oakland, CA

Gutstadt, Professional Corporation strongly represents its clients in the legal industry. The firm is home to skilled corporate lawyers who advocate for inclusive legal assistance. They are also dedicated to providing clients with efficient and caring legal assistance. Moreover, they are known for their tenacity and efficiency when handling complex legal matters. Their team also cares for their clients as they listen carefully to their appeals. In addition, their goal is to offer inclusive and respectful legal service.

The firm specializes in active and convenient services. Their practice areass include SSD claims, SSDI appeals, and court representation. Furthermore, they also offer SSI disability appeals and social security.

Products/ Services:

business planning, corporate lawyer


Address: 614 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610
Phone: (510) 451-8370
Website: richardgutstadt.com


”It was clear to us that our beloved relative could no longer work. But government roadblocks thwarted our every move. We then contacted Mr. Gutstadt. His team provided the shining light, and navigated us thru a very troubling time with expertise and compassion. I highly recommend this law firm and Mr. Gutstadt.” – ME McCrea

Lamano Law Office

professional Corporate Lawyers in Oakland, CA

Lamano Law Office handles every legal matter efficiently. The law firm represents its clients effectively in court as it protects its client’s rights. In addition, they aim to be a premier provider of legal assistance to all employers and employees. With over 23 years of experience, they have the skills and knowledge to fight for their client’s corporate rights. Moreover, their team works tirelessly to ensure a positive and efficient outcome of every case.

The team features a broad selection of legal practice services. Furthermore, their practice areas include white-collar crimes, warrant preparation, and property crimes. They also handle theft and company offenses.

Products/ Services:

court representation, corporate lawyer


Address: 505 14th St UNIT 901, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 842-0750
Website: lamanolaw.com


“Givelle is both down-to-earth and whip-smart. I’ve known Givelle professionally for years and recently went to her about a personal legal issue. She was able to quickly direct me to a solution that I hadn’t considered and in turn, saved me a lot of time and money.” – Linda Ledwith

Muñoz Workers Compensation Law Firm

experienced Corporate Lawyers in Oakland, CA

Muñoz Workers Compensation Law Firm helps clients get the legal results they need. The law firm takes pride in helping clients receive the compensation they deserve. Furthermore, they are highly skilled in providing quality legal service for all types of corporate legal practice areas. They are also known as the premier worker’s compensation injury law firms. In addition, their team is highly skilled in representing and advocating for their client’s rights.

They provide a wide range of specialized corporate practice areas. These include business planning, worker’s compensation claims, and workplace discrimination. Moreover, they also handle estate planning and tax preparation.

Products/ Services:

corporate lawyer


Address: 825 Washington St #211, Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: (510) 257-4141
Website: francomunoz.com


”Steve Franco is a very knowledgeable and powerful attorney. I am so grateful to have had Steve and his team on my side throughout my case. I would highly recommend Steve Franco to anyone in need of a workers comp attorney.” – Rosie Rivera

Ratto Law Firm

impressive Corporate Lawyers in Oakland, CA

Ratto Law Firm has an incredible track record of full-service legal assistance. Their team provides employees and employers equal legal representation fit for all their legal needs. In addition, they work collaboratively with their clients as they navigate through every legal process. Furthermore, they guarantee hassle-free legal assistance. Their lawyers are also dedicated to ensuring their client’s emotional comfort through their services.

The firm presents a large selection of legal practice areas. Moreover, their practice areas include construction injuries, worker’s comp claims, and heart claims. They also offer legal representation services.

Products/ Services:

corporate lawyer, legal representation


Address600 16th St, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 444-4600
Website: rattolaw.com


”I would like to acknowledge Yavanna Davis who took on my case not only as my lawyer but as of now a friend. She looked after my case and made sure I got the help I needed. Whatever stress I had she made sure to take it on for me head on . ” – Jose Dias